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Year 3444: A fledgling colony funded by Lanston-Co, a multi-trillion pound corporation from the United Interstellar Kingdom has set out to colonise the frontier world of PN-40A7823F - Arcadia. The colony headed by an idealistic young man - Adam, the youngest of the Lanston family will seek to settle into a new harmonious existence. Life on Arcadia is bountiful with everything thriving in a complex web of symbolism, the earth readily gives up its fruits and seeds for man to feast alongside the natural beast of the world. As man drives to bend Arcadia to its will as it has done countless times before on thousands of worlds, they will discover the hubris of their actions.




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The Reviewer

Another Glance Review by The Reviewer as of Chapter 2:

Congrats on your start on this novel! The one thing I'd like to point out before I start is that the release schedule is pretty slow. I think 1 or 2 chapters every two weeks? I personally can't stand waiting for that long, but hey-that's just my opinion.

Style and Story:

The style is well done. Many descriptions and the prose is just about enough. The amount of diologue is just write as well. Nice use of adjectives thorughout the few chapters I've read!

I'm not really into Sc-Fi so don't mind the 3 star. I still gotta give you props on your naming sense, they're pretty cool names. I meant the planets, not the humans sadly.

Grammar and Character:

If if wasn't for a few run on sentences, I would've given a 5 star. That's all.

The pace of character development is going well. If you wanted to make the reader know a bit more about Joshua or the other characters, I suggest a few more exchanges of diologue. They help most of the time.

That's it for this glance review. I hope this wasn't demotivating in any way, so continue writing regardless of what others think!

-The Reviewer

P.S. I find the cover simple, and clean yet appealing at the same time.