Yet Another RimWorld

by David The Pawn

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Sci-fi Female Lead Grimdark Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

*Fanfiction based on the game RimWorld*
A more realistic take of RimWorld, where we follow the pawns that must struggle to survive in yet another Rimworld.

Their stories, guided by a particularly playful narrator, will tell the tales of survival, defeat, gains, losses, triumph, and ultimately ruin. Trials faced by people, in places of various circumstances, will be observed and presented to its audience.

What will be presented here are insignificant snippets of history, merely few of the innumerable tales and prospects to be found across this wide galaxy; The things we discover from these pawns, so many yet so few.

Ultimately, they are just more drama meant for enjoyment, albeit in a twisted way.

This is a fanfiction, based on the game "RimWorld". Using my personal gameplays as a basis for this fanfiction, in addition to some embellishments here and there.

Unlike the silly antics that caused grave consequences if you had ever played RimWorld, my rendition will (hopefully) stay more grounded to reality, whereby no one will go beserk and dig up corpses if they can't eat on a table for 3 days in a row. That's all I need to say, you get the point.

I'm writing this for fun. So please expect me to be inconsistent.

Lastly, I am incredibly grateful to Tynan Sylvester for the game he created, "RimWorld", which is loved by many across the world and it will always remain a special place in my heart. For without his game, my work would not exist.

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I've read those three chapters and i can say that except for spacing in paraghraphs (it looks cropped/ uneven spaced) seems good. 

Not a native speaker so can't comment much about grammar.

But I was considering writing something inspired by RimWorld, because I love that game too! 

So keep it up and try your best.

And depending on the difficulty, might as well wish your pawns to stay sane. :))