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A note from Aztracity

Late as fuck but I have my reasons. The largest one being I wrote this chapter twice because I could not get the feeling I wanted out of it. The way I'd made Alsha out to be might make some think she's nothing but a brute, and in some ways she is but she also no some idiot so I tried my hardest to show her nonrampaging side. Still not happy with the chap but I couldn't keep delaying it. 

This I super real promise that I will write another chapter within the next 24 hours to release as a sorry for being so late on this one. Also the prologue will end with the next chapter as Its time for out little mcs to go out into the world. Comment if you wanna chat with me, Rate if you like the story!

Tits, boobs, breasts, badunkadunks, they are called by many names and the few I just named are but a drop in the bucket. They hold sway over us men quite unlike anything else in the world.

It's weird to think when you look at it logically, that their just a pair of meat sacks on a woman's chest; sounds gross when stated like that right? Yet, the power they possess over us is abnormally compelling to the point where a sane man such as myself would utter a death sentence simply because I got a beautiful view of Alsha's perfect pair.

Returning to the present, Alsha's crimson serpentine eyes fixed their gaze on me, my existence the only thing worth the entirety of her attention. The brewing chaos within the wells of the predator's eyes looking to explode out, yet in an unexpected move from Alsha, it was held back.

The sticky and soft vinyl floors continued to suck in my sneakers while Alsha remained in an internal struggle. She wanted to speak, her voice looking to escape but it was held back by something else within her. So I took my chance and spoke up.

"Can you at least cover yourself up?" As lovely as the view was I probably should let her know shes baring her chest at a young man.

Pulled out of her deep contemplation Alsha realized her current lack of clothes, but contrary to what I expected, she responded calmly.

"Where are this One's clothes?" Unlike the condescending tone she first used on me, or the wrathful scream from this morning her voice contained a nice husky feel to it. A little rough, like an unpolished diamond hiding its true charm below all its jagged edges. I wonder if this is what her normal voice is like when she's not throwing a tantrum.

"Ask this elf here, she's the one that said your blood acts like acid." Pointing down at Alice who had an aura of defeat, I was ignored as she chose to continue to let her butt leave a nice imprint in the cooling vinyl while gazing emptily at the air.

"A little elfling classifying this One for a lesser of her kind, how distasteful." Alsha's attitude grew as she disdainfully glared at Alice who had been pulled out of her stupor by the obvious insult.

One second Alice is on the floor, the next she's standing straight up pointing at Alsha, a sneer stretching her face.

"If it weren't for my efforts Dragon you'd still be covered in your own blood, hanging by the thread of life for the coming days."

Did all the girls I summoned really have to have such strong egos? We went from a simple question to a battle of who could be more obnoxious.

Like, why can't they be like me, I know I'm awesome, but I'm not in everyone's face about it.

"This One would likely have been better off on her own, considering you weren't even able to tell the true majesty of this One's heritage from her blood." Wrapping the quilt around her torso and hiding away the goods, Alsha stood up to meet face to face with Alice. Well, it was actually more like face to chest.

Towering over Alice by an entire 8 inches Alsha unleashed her might attempting to pressure Alice into slumping down to her knees as she'd done to me previously in the past, the outer edges of what I'm going to start calling her aura, putting a small burden on my body as well.

Now for Alice despite the physical difference between the two, she stood as tall and proud as Alsha, the aura being countered by Alices own.

"How about I turn you into a mount? Though from what I can tell in your polymorphed state you'd make for a terrible ride. How about you change back so I can properly make you submit!"

Isn't that no better than the slavery you hate, I wanted to respond but I kept my thoughts to myself, I'll use this for the next time Alice gets too big for her own pants again.

"This One's mother often told her of the stupidity of the elves though not about how their very heads were full of dung. A True Dragon never submits! Death is a preferable outcome!" Flickering embers left her cutely flaring nostrils as she riled her self up, but unlike the anger she held towards me, she looked at Alice with nothing but contempt.

It was time to stop it at this, I could tell they were but a step from tussling down, and while I'd yet to see what exactly Alice could do, if it was anything as devastating as Alsha was this morning, I'd be sleeping amongst the rubble remains of my home tonight.

"How about you idiots relax with your dick measuring contest. I'm sweaty, my body hurts, and I'm annoyed as hell at the both of you so let's get this shit over with."

Both of the girls turned to me, ready to push me down with their aura's to silence me from their argument but I'd learned one thing so far from experiencing it.

They needed line of sight of their target.

My little trip to the kitchen hadn't been for just a small snack.

"Pocket sand!" I shouted while tossing the contents of my pockets out.

Well, technically it was flour but still, It was quite the sight watching the two of them go wide eyed at my sudden attack, the flour I'd been keeping in my pocket flying straight and true at their faces.

"Are you a child!" Yelled Alice who stumbled back to try and clear her eyes of the gunk now in them.

"Irritating wurm!" Screamed Alsha as a breath of flame left her mouth, the whites of her eyes turning bloodshot from the flower seeping into the moisture within them.

"I fucking told you both to calm down, yet you keep pulling this bullshit of trying to force me down. I already had my chat with Alice so she can get the hell out if she wants but I need to talk to the so-called mighty Dragon." If they thought they could keep trying to bully me they were going to have a bad time. If out of nothing but spite at being so weak, I'll cover their everything with flour.

Standing there rubbing their eyes in pain, they stared at me unwilling to move, which I found to be kind of funny since the only reason I'd manage to hit them was that they were caught off guard. I held no doubts that they could have dodged it if they hadn't been so surprised at someone they saw far beneath them actually attack them.

"Ok, now that you're both not at each other throats, I'll tell you the way things are going to go down."

"This One won't submit…." A whisper left Alsha who scowled defiantly at me.


"You may sick your demon on me, but I'll never submit!" Was she talking about Lucia? Well, I can see the comparison between Lucy and a demon. Both were monsters.

"Weren't you there when Winstone explained that I hold no control over you?" I'm pretty sure they all already knew that, so why was she bring this up again.

The tension rose once again in the room as Alsha and I stared each other down. She was unwilling to listen to my words.

-(Boy did you forget the Miss here was immobile when that happened, and may I add with her front facing the floor?)-

"Your fucking with me, whatever just show it to her then." You're telling me all this extra fighting was just because she thought I was actually trying to enslave her? No, it was also her own fault for being so bullheaded, but maybe I should have tried talking to her while she was still incapacitated. Would have saved me a ton of money, and pain if I had done so.

-(Boy…..)- I could feel Winstone's stern gaze from the text itself.

"Please?" I forced out.

-(Next time I'll leave you to your own suffering boy, remember that)-

Great, everyone had an attitude, and the only person who actually liked me was hiding a serial killer in her brain.

Within a minute of reading what Winstone was sending her Alsha calmed down to the 'peaceful' self, she had been when she first awoke.

"So are you truly unable to return this One back to her home?" A little sadness leaked into her speech, making me think that maybe this crazy girl actually had someone waiting for her back home. She had talked about her mother.

"Yeah, I'm stuck with you, and you're stuck with me. That's why I rather you didn't make this so difficult for me, I already had enough worries on my plate before the lot of you showed up." Gaining the power to get stronger was nice but hell if all this extra stuff I was dealing with felt unfair.

"And you did not intend to summon this one purposely?"

"I didn't specifically try to summon any of you, it was more a fluke than anything if I really think about it." Really wish I had summoned something easier to deal with, like a Griffen, or maybe a unicorn, at least I would have known precisely what I had on my hand.

The room had finally settled around 85 degrees, and the floors were no longer moldable. Alsha had sat back on her bed, immersed in her thoughts, until she eventually spoke up.

"This One claims this room as her new lair. If you seek her, look for her here." Of course, it was yours you idiot, fucking ruined the room, I'm not giving you another one until you pay me back for the damages.

"That's fine, though I need you to remain within the mansion grounds unless you chose to help me out with a few things." I had things I had to do. Illegal stuff at that, so if she wasn't going to help me she wasn't going to be allowed to leave the mansion until I was done.

"Such as?" This time both Alice and Alsha asked.

"Money, We are going to be trying to get a lot of money."

While Alice didn't respond and instead just walked out of the room deciding she'd had enough, Alsha's response was bone-chilling as I witnessed something even scarier than her wrath.

Grinning wickedly from cheek to cheek, exposing canines much too sharp to be on a human, greed, unlike anything I'd ever seen oozed from her persona.

"This One is in need of a new hoard."

A note from Aztracity

MIstakes bad. Kill with fire.

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