Summoner's Pact



I Summoned a bunch of Heros....Yet I feel in danger.


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New Chapter woot-woot. A little less than 3k words but I did promise a chapter tonight so here it is. I'll try for another tomorrow but I don't think I'll finish it since I want the average length of a chapter to be 3500 words with 3k being the min and 5k the max. Will edit this chapter some more tm.

I'm writing this story extremely casually and not taking to much of amind at how weird it sounds at times because I actually want to advance with it and hopefully return to it in the future for improvements.

I struggled since I'd never introduced this many important characters at once so I'm worried they might come off a little flat. I'll try to fix all that eventually as I said above but ill work extra hard on fleshing out their personalities a bit more.

Sitting on the broken glass, a deep tingling spread throughout my body. What was causing it I could only imagine, but I'm at least confident it wasn't the tv electrocuting me. Eva's little sparks had long taught me what a light electrocution actually felt like.

It came in from five sources, plugging into me like a public charging port though it was me that was being energized.

The smoke had long cleared yet not a single sign of motion could be seen in the dim room.

“Never thought I’d participate in an old fashion Mexican standoff.” I chuckled startling the five girls standing around each other by the remains of the Summoner’s Pact Journal.

Five stunning pairs of eyes became distracted enough from each other to focus in on my pitiful self who sat on the floor, back to the wall.

Now I’d always been proud that I wouldn’t react too strongly to seeing a pretty face after growing up with Eva, but damn every single one of the lady’s staring at me with bloodlust would give even Eva a run for her money in the supernatural beauty department.

“Oof!!! You gals need to tone down the murder vibe you're giving off before I nope out and crawl under the bed to hide.”

None of them responded yet they kept their eyes on each other seemingly having determined I was about as much of a threat as a puppy engrossed on chewing his favorite stick.

The first one to speak was the tallest in the group. Towering over even my decent 6’1,” an Amazonian stood, long curved horns poking through her maroon shoulder length hair wild and unrestrained. With slitted pupils, her crimson irises forced me to look away slightly because of sheer intensity within them. At least 6’4” the stunning bronzed tone muscles of the girl could be seen rippling like a beast in preparation of its first hunt of the night. Her body spoke of unrivaled strength, and her gaze was filled with nonchalant arrogance.

“Weaklings, this One requires you to explain to where she is as well as why she’s stuck in her humanoid form instead of her perfect body? This One recommends you commence your explanations quickly before she turns you all into meat-paste and feeds your liquefied remains to the Viper-raptors.”

Welp… it's a good thing I went to the bathroom earlier in the evening.

“Wild woman, you think I Xue HuangHou would be afraid of you? A mere beast? Someone of my standing doesn't have time for your petty show of power when I require answers as to my current location. My absence from the Tower of Fate could lead to detrimental consequences if I remain away for an extended period of time.”

The next to speak, with an equally arrogant expression, was an Asian beauty garbed in flowing white robes with hair as dark as midnight reaching down to her very, may I add, well-rounded tush. Standing tall and proud at 5'10 that made for a lot of hair. Her smoldering golden eyes looked around with a sense dismay, showing her evident dislike for everyone gathered around her.  

At least they're taking turns talking I thought as the next in line strut her hips in annoyance as she rose a little screen in the air further making the rest of the girls tense up.

If there was ever the ideal image for a short cyberpunk girl, I think this chick would stomp the competition before spitting on the judges face. Neon pink hair so bright it hurt to look at was tied into a 3ft long ponytail, where the extremely tight black t-shirt and shorts covered in circuitry-like connections outlining her lithe figure leaving very little to the imagination. Her irises burned a frosty white which seemed to see through the world itself.

“How about you hussies shut it so I can try to connect to the Prime-Web…”

Shaking her device in the air as though it would help it gain a signal the girl eventually fell still.

“Wa…No way…fuuu………...Nothing.” Finally someone with a somewhat normal reaction, I couldn't help but sigh thankfully, if they all ended up like the first two I’m likely to get killed before they even ask me a question.


Oh, I spoke too soon…... This chick’s even nuttier than the last two.

Then the Elf spoke up. Yeah. Like full on Lord of the Rings elf. Fully clad in very nicely fitting green dyed leather, the platinum blonde with eye’s of emerald forests stood around 5’9”. I couldn't help but admire her face like one might admire a natural wonder of the world.

“My name is Princess Alice Evergreen, and I politely request that we reign in the killing intent we are hurling at each other to discover some answers.”

Smart girl, waiting till near the end to try and settle things peacefully, now she looks like the best one to work as the mediator between the other three girls.

Wait a second?

Wheres girl number four?

“Hey there.” A soft hand settles on my neck, where it slowly wrapped its delicate and long fingers around it.

“Oh, Hai…”

The trickle of sweat that formed as I felt my life hang on the balance was an interesting experience, I felt fear, but there was something else underneath that surface emotion, yet I couldn't quite grasp what it was.

The rest of the girls suddenly realized that the one girl who’d yet to speak up had somehow slipped away from their notice and was now lifting me off the ground like a poorly behaved kitten.

“I think this guy’s got the answers to all of our questions, now don't you…hmmmm. I'm gonna guess you're name's Lucas.”

“Your're on the money pretty lady with the killer grip, now could I at least stand on my own?”

“Sure, though if you don’t calm down the little friend of yours hiding in your pants these girls might just squish it like a bug.”


I've gotten myself in something more wild than I could ever imagine it seems, yet despite all that, my hormones were reacting to being surrounded by all these drop dead gorgeous women. It didn't matter that I knew every single one of them could kill me in an instant my little guy knew what he likes and didn't dwell long on the circumstances.

Though I hadn’t been able to examine the girl behind me properly, I knew she was around my height and shared a similar brunette head of hair. Her last name was also knocked around in my subconscious trying to recognize where I’d heard it before.

“So, um I summoned you all here. That's about it really, though I didn't expect any of you specifically, was hoping for more like a dragon or some other legendary monster.”

I spoke the simple truth of the matter. I had no idea what my summoning ability was going to give me but I sure as hell didn't expect five babes from across the supposed multiverse.

The first to respond was once again the Amazonian, who tensed up at my words more than the rest of the girls.

“THIS ONE IS A DRAGON YOU FOOL! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK A LOWLY WURM SUCH AS YOURSELF HAS THE AUTHORITY TO SUMMON THIS ONE!” She explodeded in outrage, and I could feel her furious gaze now entirely focused on me. It was not a pleasant experience, to say the least. I was unable to react when my bones felt the pressure of the world bring me down causing an audible crack as my kneecap shattered on the sudden impact.

The pain shot up my body, stabbing my brain with pure needles of agony I rarely felt in my lazy days.

“Fucking hell that hurts you stupid dragon!!” How about you calm your damn tits so I can ask this ridiculous System what's going on!”

My previously calm attitude was shattered in an instant as the rising fury broke me free from my normally complacent attitude. God I could not remember the last time I wanted to throttle someone as much as I wanted to this girl. I’m a man who fully believes in gender equality, so if this bitch wants to tussle I’ll fucking tussle!

My brain completely ignoring the fact that this girl in front of me could crack me in two with her thighs alone, and that wasn't bringing into consideration that she also was a literal dragon!

“Beast with nothing but muscle in her brain why don’t you knock it off until we get all our answers out of the bumpkin.” With a wave of Xue's hand, the pressure lightened somewhat, but that didn't change the fact that my kneecap was broken so badly only some of the best-powered healers in the world could fix me without leaving me with a limp.

-(System warning the hosts left leg has been severely incapacitated. Agility has been reduced by 50%. If not appropriately healed the host will receive the lightly crippled debuff permanently reducing agility and stamina by 8%)-


-(Alsha Drakon is intent on killing her Summoner Lucas Rivan.)-


-(Such action has been deemed unreasonable after examination of the recent events. Summoner’s Pact will now be Enforced)-

-(The curse of “The Calming Willow” will be placed on Alsha Drakon until her emotional state has subsided)-

-(The Calming Willow- The target will become incapacitated, unable to move until they have relaxed to an appropriate level. Every hour the target remains under its unstable emotions 10% of its mana will be redirected Towards the Summoner further decreasing their resistance to the curse)-

The messages flashed in such rapid succession, barely giving anyone enough time to read them. Just then, the furious scream of the once mighty dragon girl was muffled as she plunged into the floor face first, her body going limp. Ah, that was satisfying to my ears, and it somehow eased the pain from my knee despite there not being any correlation between the two.

My grin at Alsha’s sudden predicament led all the focus in the room to settle back on me.

“So are we now your slaves human….” A dark glint took over those lovely emerald eyes as the elf’s focus was entirely on me. The hatred that hadn’t been there before rose, hanging on her every word.

“For a lowly mortal to attempt to enslave me, It seems this realm has not learned of how high the heavens truly are.” With a flick of her wrist, a paper-fan appeared in Xue’s hand, the brilliant shine of metal telling me it wasn’t only for fanning one’s self.

“The strange text boxs say we can’t kill him, but it never said anything about torturing him into releasing us….” The cyberpunk girl who’s name I suspected to be Reol, was ready to strike, with a posture like that of a feral cat. Her fingerless gloves having sprung a set of glowing razor-sharp claws, that could tear me to shreds.

“How villainous of you Lucas, hehehe. I'm impressed at your tactics, though I happen to like my freedom so how about you do me a sweet favor and release me first? Pretty please with a nice thick cherry on top?” A warm voice tickled my neck as a shard of glass was held at my throat, so tenderly it could almost fool you into thinking it held no danger.

A wrathful storm brewed within me at all these threats after I had clearly explained everything I knew. I don't give a fuck if they could kill me! They could kiss my ass if they thought their intimidations were going to force me into submission!

“You know what! How about you gal’s all go fuck yourselves!

Fucking hell you all have free reign of my back yard to take some random branch and shove it way up your ass for all I care.

But none of you arrogant fucks are allowed to act all high and mighty in my goddam home!” My voice reaches a volume never before exhibited in my life, my throat tightening in pain at my abuse of it.

The fury came and left as quickly as it had arrived, my inner rage having found its outlet after the constant assault of bloodlust it had been bombarded with.


The silence the room soon held was deafening to the point where I could hear my blood flow in my ears.

A soft chuckle shattered the stillness of the room as the glass shard that had been held against my jugular was pocketed away by the girl who stood behind me.

Lips closed in my ear as she seductively whispered a reply to my insults.

“Be careful who you tell to fuck themselves…. They might just do it hehehe.”

With a sharp wet nibble at my ear was all I felt as the girl twirled around me and I finally got a proper look at her.

Lovely childbearing hips shook with ridiculous amounts of sex appeal as my eyes traced up her slender tall frame.

She had my coffee-colored hair. The same sky-blue glow in her eyes. And lastly the same lazy smug attitude I saw every day in the mirror.

Then it hit me like Truck-chan's older cousin Train-kun.

Lucia Stern The Doppelgänger.

Stern was my mothers maiden name.

Lucia was often considered the female counterpart to the name Lucas.


I Fucking summoned my goddamn self!


“So how about we figure out what exactly what's going on before these girls start with the stabby stabby, my dear twin.” Lucia purred at me.

…...............  My female Doppelgänger just gave me a boner.

This is something I'm going to think about a lot later.



POV - Evalyne Turner

231 Miles away- In the wilderness of what was once New Jersey. Camp Sparta

My lightning exploded outwards, fueled by my emotions as it arched towards my instructor in an unpredictable pattern, only for her to somehow dodge gracefully as though the wind was taking her for a ride.

“Your power’s a cheat!! How are you dodging lightning while moving so slowly!” I couldn’t help but scream at her as I felt her foot kick me roughly on my back sending me tumbling at a tree fast enough that if I didn't righten myself, I'd be taking another visit to the camp's nurse.

My instructor response came soon after I spun on my heels allowing me to grab a smaller tree and fling myself out of harm's way, albeit with raw hands now.

“Little Spark, you move with to much rage and bloodlust; it makes it all too easy for someone as weak as myself to play you like a fiddle.” The petite Japanese lady replied, her steps bringing her dozens of feet forward in a mere fraction of a second.

“Weak my ass! I don’t remember the last time an SS-Ranked Hero was considered weak!” The nerve of this lady to say such bullshit.

I'd been fighting her almost every night since I got to this shitty camp. Something about special students get special treatment. 

Fuck that! I'd rather have the standard treatment if it meant I didn't have to get my ass kicked every night by lady who looked like she never grew past her middle school years.

“Wherever did you get such a foul mouth, it's crude for such a beauty to speak in such a manner. If I ever find out who led such a fine young lady such as yourself astray, I'll teach them a good ole lesson on how to remove a tongue.”

Her words were meant to be a comment to be tossed aside; I knew that I'm not some idiot, yet it didn't matter to me as the thought of someone harming Lucas caused my brain to go white with fury.

The air ignited while the snarling sound of lightning ionizing the atmosphere surely woke up the rest of the camp a few miles away.

Thunder shook the sky as storm clouds formed in the once empty starry expanse.

“Come to me. Enter me. LET THE HEAVENS SCREAM ITS BATTLE CRY! My voice crackled with enough power to light  New Athens for an entire day.


I let it all out! The emotions and unsureness I’d been feeling the last week because of that idiot Lucas!

That shit for brains thinks I never saw how he gazed at me?

Thought I’d never see his sidelong glance of love behind his perpetual smugness. I know him better than anyone else in this world, and he better prepare himself!

When I get back home, I’m gonna drag his head out of his ass then bring him with me to the academy even if it's as my butler!

The woodlands surrounding me were burnt to a crisp in a 100ft radius with my hunched over and exhausted self being at the epicenter.

My heart settled down, while I felt a smile blossom on my face. Just you wait Lucas; you're gonna be the greatest agent/husband to the most powerful hero/wife ever to exist!

Basking in my own self-satisfaction, yet it didn't last long as an irritating voice soon ruined my blissful thoughts.

“Well, that sure was a surprise. You just unleashed an attack comparable to a Rank B Hero. That's quite the achievement for someone your age, you must tell me of this boy that’s got you so enamored to the point where you feel the need to torch Headmaster Edward's Private property to such an extent. Though we will talk about what he’s been teaching you later as well."

Completely unscathed without even a single ashy patch on her pristine lemon yellow dress, my instructor looked down at me from 15ft in the air.

“Come on that's just not fair!!!" I yelled indignantly my instructor,

Nagareru Kaze, She Who Dances With the Wind.

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