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Not gonna lie didn't expect to write all this. Hung out with a friend a got a little buzzed and somehow wrote an entirely new story when I'm still working on another lol.

This story will contain a harem but with very slow development. I always loved reading well-written romance and want to take my shot at it though I know I'm making it harder on my self by starting with the harem route but fuck it, this is what my buzzed brain wanted so it must be what I want to do as well lol. 

The Summer kissed wind tussled my hair like a mothers hand on a young child’s head. The feeling unmatched when paired with the fact that we were sitting on a steep cliff that gave us a stunning view of New Athens.

Dangling my legs without fear over the potential drop of death, I turned to look at my best friend Evalyne, or Eva as I’ve called her since we met back when we were a pair of brats with a little bit too much energy.

Just as reckless as me, but with the ability to scoff at such worries, a gorgeous girl of 18 with the potential to cause power outages with her emotions alone, gazed at the city with eye’s saturated in melancholy.

The crimson sunset only enhancing her ivory complexion, and fiery hair the color of bright smoldering flames. Iridescent eyes that couldn't seem to decide what color to stay as they turned from the scenery to look at my own, a pleading look filling out otherwise beautiful features of her face.

“Lucas…. Please?”




Her annoyance rises as she takes a bite where it hurts.

“But why not you fucking weeb!”

“Hey!! I stopped watching that shit years ago! That insult isn't justified!”

“We’ve been together since we were four! Why won't you come with me to the Academy? Who cares if you don't have a power, the Heros would never function without the support section of the Guild. Stop being such an asshat!” Her face pouting furiously in vain.

Unfortanly for her, her cute pouting had long since lost it’s guilt-inducing effect on me, especially after I’d seen her electrify a Grade-D Muta Beast until little more than ash remained. Ash that happened to be blown by the wind soon after straight into my mouth.

“You’ll commute you, idiot! We’ll still see each other every other day, I don't understand why you're making such a deal out of it.” Fucking hell she always becomes like this when she isn't getting her way.

Watching me deny her, once again her eyes flashed, as vibrant streaks of power pulsed in waves out of her irises.

Whoa there! No need to jump start! I thought I scooched away slightly as a stray string of lightning stung the stone I had just been sitting at. Getting zapped by that hurt like a bee, as I've learned from past experience.

“I saw your test results, where I would love to point out that you scored within the top twenty for the written Exam…. in the fucking country! Your gonna tell me you don’t have what it takes to become a top tier managing agent? TO BECOME MY AGENT!” Her voice had become husky and if I had to be honest quite sexy, though god I’d never admit that to her. She still teased me about when I called her stunning at our middle school dance years ago.

“I told you already I'm just gonna go to a regular college get a degree in library sciences, I'm not about all the explosions and danger of being a hero.”

Nothing beats working that 9-5 and being able to sleep during it. It's not like anyone below the age of fifty goes the library in this day and age. The ends of my lips curved up slightly at my ideal job.

“That smirk! You always make that face when you want to act like a waste of human potential. If I find out you're doing this to be lazy I'm gonna get my dad on your ass!”

A shiver runs down my back thinking about Evalyn's father, Eric Turner also better known as ShockWave, Rider Of Lightning. A famous man. A Valiant Man. A man totally wrapped around his daughter's little pinky. She says fetch he fetches, she says sit he sits, she says turn that annoying bastard into fast food…. well crispy chicken never goes outta style.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little I admit, but I have seen what happens when you mess with a Rank A Hero’s daughter. God, sometimes in my dreams I can still smell the cooked flesh of that creep that tried to stalk Eva to this day.

I’d turned away to avoid any more additional sparks when I felt a tremor rise inside me as Eva’s arms appeared around my neck wrapping themselves tightly, her cheek coming in contact with my own, leading to a strand of her glowing hair falling over my nose filling me with her lavender scent.

“Please… please………. come with me, Lucas… I...I.. love you.” The tear falling down her cheek till it eventually came in contact with my own. Those words. The three words she said to me a week ago during the after celebrations of our high school graduation. The words that wriggled in my head uppercutting all rational thoughts and leaving me unable to comprehend how things had come to this, and quietly realizing that I felt the same way. Yet I couldn't be allowed such a blissful life.

Her older brother who stood nearby catching our words struck down the idea while Eva ran out of the room cheeks flushed with embarrassment. And the worst part? It wasn't even out of any sort of malice, but out of having been as much of an older brother to me as his own sister over the years.

“I’m sorry I have to ask this of you little bro, but you can’t return her feelings, not if you value both of your well beings. Since I know you’d never blab I’ll let you in on a little secret. Eva happens to be one of the few ever recorded to have a natural Triple SSS grade ability. She’ll have the most imposing foes and make the most magnificent allies. Her enemies would use you as her bane, while her partners would see you as a liability towards her. I know I don’t deserve to be called big bro by you anymore for telling you this, but your safety, as well as my sisters, comes first. I’ve already told my dad and he agrees that this is for the best although mom is still having a fit about it. This doesn't mean your not important to us, our home is still as much yours, but you and Eva just can't be together despite how much I would love to have you as my brother in law.”

Those words struck like a hammer sudden and swift, shattering the illusion that I had already started to picture in my head about my future with Eva.

So this is what it means to fly to close to the sun only to fall down into the murky sea. I had thought darkly at the time.

Unable to enjoy the warmth of her body on me, and with forceful inner struggle reaching the deepest parts of my self I kept a straight face and responded blandly, with a voice hollow and monotone.

“Haha… That's funny Eva now get off me you’ve got to get ready for the Guild's summer camp, I'll see you in a month, Miss Lightning Rod.”

“You idiot…. Why are you ignoring my words…” Her chest pressing down on me tightly in a hug before letting go. With a flash of lightning and roar of thunder, I felt her presence disappear. Looks like Eric taught her his little trick already.

The salty sweet taste of her tear entered my lips as new fresh tears from another source soon followed.


It’s been about a week since I saw Eva, and the summer was now in full swing. Sweaty and lethargic from the intense heat, I laid in my yard with just my boxers using the shade and cool grass as substitute to the lack of AC in my home.

With high fences and a sizeable woodland property, the small mansion I've inherited from my long dead parents existed on the virtual edge of New Athens, barely protected by the security drones, that patrolled the borders of the city's domain.

Wealthy it might seem that I am to own such an extravagant Victorian Era Mansion, yet it couldn't be further from the truth. You see all the taxes, maintenance and utility bills for the next 10 years had been paid with the remainders of the fortune my bitch of an aunt hadn't managed to steal from me.

So here I was living at a mansion with barely enough to go to college for a year as well as a stipend of 1,500$ a month that would soon go away the moment I turned 18 in three months.

I couldn't even rent rooms in my own mansion because of some weird law that my aunt's lawyer had explained to me condescendingly. My aunt fully expected me to eventually sell it to her within the next few years at a low price. That dam cunt.

“Stupid sun why don’t you just wither up and die somewhere.” My whiny carried little vitality.

“Welp Mr. Sweatynuts that would likely lead to the complete extinction of the human race. We already dealt with an apocalypse this century so let's not fill up our plate again. Anywho is this actually what you’ve been doing all summer, shit you're like a moist pickle.”

“Marvin!” The voice of my only other friend raised me from my stupor as I grabbed a towel to cover my boxers. He hadn’t been lying when he spoke of exactly how drenched I was in my own sweat.

“The one and only, here to spread the cheer and joy! HAHAHA!” The young Asian man stood there laughing his ass off as he watched me struggle to get up after lying down for a few hours, legs still responding to me with static.

“Aren't, you supposed to be at camp?” My brain still a little out of it as I took a swig from the water jug filled with ice to my side.

“Really Lucas? Really?” Was all he said before popping out of existence and appearing directly in front of me, scaring me into spitting my water directly at him.

“That's not part of the reaction I wanted when I did that. Now I got weeb spit on me.” Marvin spoke with disgust as he wiped his face of the spit infused water.

Fuck me they’ll never let down the crazy shit I did back then.

“But the camp's like two hundred miles away from New Athens, how the hell did you get here when your limit was three miles not even two weeks ago.”

Marvin was a grade S teleporter, quite the rarity as well as one of the most straightforward jobs to make a profit in. From just deliveries to interplanetary transport, a useful teleporter was always destined to end up at least a millionaire.

“Well let's just say they don't slack around when it comes to helping us learn to utilize our powers more efficiently and in more interesting ways. For example, I learned that teleporting to an area I'd been to hundreds of times before becomes a lot easier as long as I concentrate long enough. Took me 10 minutes of picturing your yard in detail before I could make the jump.”

“That's amazing dude, but how are you gonna get back now?” My interests in abilities and powers were never all that strong even at the height of my infatuation of Japanese entertainment, but hearing Marvin talk about how his ability became stronger really made me happy for him.

“Ah yeah well I’m only visiting because the camp's been shut down for two days because of a villain’s raid. Some random bastard called Grunk the Savage attacked with his posse of beserkers using a portable wormhole. The guild’s pretty sure it was tech that was stolen a few weeks ago from Gaberdine Tech.

“What! How’s Eva! She didn’t get hurt, did she?...... Wait scratch that, Let me rephrase my sentence. She didn't kill anyone, did she?” My original worried thoughts caught in a suplex by the ridiculousness of me worrying about some shitty (D-)-Rank villain even being able to survive a struggle with her.

Roaring in laughter at my words Marvin fell to the grassy ground tears in his eyes at my sudden change in expression.

“God I'm telling everything you just said here to Eva. She’s gonna chew you out and scrape you on the sidewalk next time she sees you. Though I won’t lie, she did take down Grunk and most of his lackeys on her own. She’s already got a following and the year hasn't even started."

At the mention of seeing Eva again, my mood quickly turned somber.

Sensing the shift in my emotions, Marvin stopped his hollering as he gazed at my undercast face.

“I don’t know what's going on between the two of you, but I don't like it. Pair of lovebirds such as yourselves shouldn’t be acting all depressed especially in front of your third wheel friend.”

“Marvin, we've never thought of you like that!” I knew he was just joking, but I couldn't help but retort my friend's accusation.

“HA, look at you so depressed you're getting mopey, that's not the thickheaded, annoying, lazy, fuck that’s been my friend for years.”

“Wow. Just wow. And how the hell I'm supposed to remain your friend after you called me all that shit you walking porn-stash!?”

“That's my boy, let that bite out, embrace your inner brat and show the world that Lucas Rivan isn't anyone to fuck with.” His infectious laugh, bringing light to the dark days I'd been suffering from the last few days, allowing me to make up my mind and accept the things life had brought down on me.

I’d become a respected librarian, and she’d become humanity's shining beacon of hope........Those two are close right?

Ok maybe things haven't settled down quite right in my heart, but hell if Marvin's sudden appearance didn’t help me feel better.

“Anyways Marvin that can’t be the only reason you're here, you always seem to bring something odd with you without fail after not seeing each other for a few days. So what's in your bag this time.”

“Observant little cunt aren't we? Hehe, well as you so nicely put it I always bring wonders from far and wide but today seems to be extra special as its actually a delivery of sorts.”

Strange beside my terrible excuse of a human being that is my aunt I don't have any other connections, and if Eva wanted to give me something she’d do it herself. Even with the current circumstances around our relationship.

“Feast your eyes on this bad boy.” A white leather bound journal appeared in Marvins hand’s, an eerie vibe seeming to radiate off it.

“You feel that Lucas? This is one of the legendary journals of the great intellectual Steward Winstone. Bask in its glory.”

“......Who?” I asked entirely in the dark about who Marvin was praising so strongly.

“The Hero who could make his writing come to life…..”

“There was someone like that?” Honestly, I knew a lot of the older heroes just because it had been Eva’s dream to become a hero since we were kids, so the fact that the name didn't stick meant he must have been at least below Rank-B.

“He went by as the Author of The World, he was Rank/C-, but he had one of the most unique powers ever seen.” It was apparent that this had been a favorite hero of his growing up. Damn bastard made fun of me for having watched anime when he was just as guilty since he was essentially consuming the same type of entertainment but through light novels and regular novels.

“Welp then why’s it a delivery?”

“Ah, this hot chick at a flee market, told me it was my best friends destiny to accept this book.” Marvin's teenage hormones raging at the memories.

“Really?” Doubt filling me.

“For sure, plus she told me if I bought it now for forty bucks she throws in the swimsuit calendar that she modeled in for free. With a gift like that, it would be very stupid of me not to accept her generosity.” There was my buddy, horn dog Marvin, the best of friend anyone could hope for.

Handing me the book he quickly showed me the salespersons swimsuit calendar, but after having grown up around a beauty like Eva who I'd been to the beach multiple times with, I just couldn't appreciate it like Marvin who only cared if the girl had deep curves.


We hung out for a few more hours before he said he still had to go home and talk to his family about the incident. Popping out of existence I was left once again by myself though not as depressed as before.

But that didn't stop boredom from creeping its ugly self near me. With videogames having lost their spark recently I decided to read the strange book I'd gotten from Marvin.

Who knew the wacky shit it could do having been created with such a unique ability.

Opening the covers I was met with a strange title USORMPCMNAT, the letters all out of order in such a way you couldn't mistake it for a different language.

The strong scent of ink assaulted me suddenly causing me to accidentally sneeze on the front page, which in turn caused the letters to fly off the page into the air around me.

“What the hell? I’m pretty sure I haven't consumed any shrooms recently, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume that this is normal.” Talking to myself to calm my nerves I placed the book down on my bed as more of the letters left the journal to fly around my bedroom which happened to be quite small despite the whole mansion thing. I felt safest in this room, so this is where I spent most of my time while at home.

Dancing to a tune I couldn't hear the floating ink letters shook what their mama gave them for around three straight minutes before settling back down in a book, this time resembling the English language albeit a bit Shakespearian.

“ Summoner’s Pact ” Experimental Ability Manifistation Conduit created and Written by yours truly the Great Author of the World. What a humble dude I couldn't help but laugh.

‘Hello to whoever may be reading this, though if it's not you Mister Rivan then may you all die quickly and painlessly as possible within the potential hell that will descend humanity once again.’


Is this some sort of prank! No…. Marvin only pulls pranks if he gets to see my reaction while it happens….. This Steward fellow somehow knew the book would end up in my possession. Maybe his powers weren't as weak as I thought. He sure managed to do something to the book that made it eventually reach me. Either that or I’d somehow lost it…. I think both are pretty scary explanations so I’d put it out mind for now and start reading again.

“Hehehe your likely spooked at how I’d managed such a great feat! Did I not tell you I was great hehe. Well, your insolence is forgiven since you have much to do and this book has little energy left to prolong this conversation with trifles further.”

“This guy just being an arrogant ass now.” Hearing his voice the book actually smacked him before opening up to a new page.

“Arrogance is a coat for those who deserve it brat, and I happen to always dress for the occasion. Now back to the matter at hand. You happen to have a potent ability, something so unique it’s actually almost as impressive as my own although yours is better suited for combat, I will give you this but no more.

“I have a power!? How come the Detectors never found anything then?”

“Hmmff those simple machines never improved even from the time when I was around. They search for powers in a direct manner, useless for those of us that need to use a medium to obtain our abilities. I Can’t even imagine how many wonderfully talented individuals never see the world because of the Guilds shoddy machines. But no more lollygagging, I need you to provide some of your blood on the journal. It will be used as a ummm, way to activate your ability."

“Isn't this a little bit to occult by today’s standards?” Though I was already grabbing a pocket knife I kept in my drawer. This might still be some elaborate hoax, but the potential that I might actually be able to gain strength brought Eva to the front of my thoughts, my emotions swirling in anticipation.

“Excited aren't you brat be glad someone had me make this for you; otherwise you’d never have been able to use your ability."

Did someone tell him to make this for me? Now that's something to note for later.

"Such capabilities leads to it having rigorous requirements to awaken from what I've learned. Anywho, Swear the Summoners act, written below. Your whole worlds about to change."

Odd, I couldn't see the suppose summoners pact… ah, of course, there floating in the air. Still, it didn't dampen my excitement, as I took a deep breath and let out the words.

“By the blood of my heart!

The word of my mouth!

The breath of my Lungs!

I reach across the impossible!

I summon those who have nothing left.

Whose lives I will take responsibility for.

My partners from across the realms.

I Summon you all to alter the fate of....existence?

“KAABOOOM” An explosion of energy sent me flying across the room into my TV completely shattering it and sending a wide range of sparks. Boy did it hurt yet I couldn't help but laugh. Guess I won't be playing any games for a while.

Though my chuckle soon got caught in my throat as strange grey boxes started appearing in front of me.

-(........... Scan complete.....Integrating the system in foreign entity)-

-(Title Gained. Summoner)-

-(System access granted thanks to the Summoned Hero Alice Evergreen)-

-(Title Gained. Unique variant. Interdimensional Hero Summoner)-

-(Title gained. Chaos Beast Summoner)-

-(The Chaos Element has a been partially-transferred from summoned Hero Alsha Drokan to you.)-

-(Chaos Element 50%- The weird and unnatural are attracted to you. Great strokes of luck or bad luck may strike at a moment's notice. Untapped power ready to be harnessed.)-

-(Enhanced Mind Very-Low Gained from Summoned hero Reol Mystic.)-

-(Enhanced Mind Very-Low- A mind is a powerful tool. Sharpen it, and it can be a powerful weapon as well. Reaction time as well as memory retention improved by 5 times the base capabilities of the host's mind.)-

-(Title Gained. Summoner of the Immortal)-

-(Ruler of the Nine Heavens Cultivation method gained from Summoned Hero Xue Huang Hou)-

-(Title Gained. Summoner of the Doppelgänger)-

-(Doppelgänger-1 gained from summoned Hero Lucia Stern)-

-(Doppelgänger-1 - Allows the creations of up to one perfect clone with the host's full capabilities. Lasts 10 minutes. A Less powerful clone can be created to last up to 1 hour.)-

Like straight out of one of those poorly written web-novels Marvin just loved, seeing the strange boxes really freaked me out, but that wasn't nearly as insane as what I saw when the mystical smoke cleared. The danger I felt from the summoning dwarfed every single fight I'd had with Eva in our 14 years.

Thank god she's at the camp, otherwise, I'd have to bid my home adieu in the resulting carnage her jealousy might bring down.....



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