A tall, thin man was walking down a pathway situated atop a hill that looked over the seemingly endless sea to the left and protected the small town on the other side. This man was called Lucas, a self-proclaimed 'Otaku' from the little hidden village on the outskirts of England. He wore a shirt that was an abyss of darkness on the back, but had a picture of two males that were laughing at each other while holding a pint-glass of alcohol in their hands. These males were characters from a popular game at the time, called "Warlock's Woe," and these two were particularly prominent characters within the game. The character on the left was named "Ventus," and he was the Grand Warlock of Wind. He had lengthy white hair that reached down to his shoulders and a great beard that was tied up in braids, piercing green eyes that were ever so slightly covered by flaps of skin created from old age, and wore a suit befitting a Grand Warlock of Wind, being covered in green gemstones that caused a ruckus in the surrounding area's wind which was presented in the waves in the Ventus' drink. The male on the other side was named "Terra," the Majestic Magi of Earth. He had short brown hair that barely reached down to his neck but was compensated by covering large amounts of both the sides and front of his face, his bright yellow eyes invoking a sense of vigour and youth. He was wearing robes that seemed to be made out of a form of black gemstone, which was surprisingly the rarest material that could ever be found in "Warlock's Woe," Onyx.

Lucas himself was nowhere near as majestic looking as these two men, having black hair that barely reached to the bottom of his neck scruffy enough that it could be called a mop and had dull blue eyes that had dark circles underneath them presenting a lack of sleep. He had headphones covering his ears, listening to some music that he couldn't even understand the lyrics of but still enjoyed anyway. In this world, he was a nobody. Other than the people where he lived and the people he knew online, he was not cared about by the billions on this planet. However, at 2:53PM, a being so vastly powerful that it was incomprehensible to even the greatest being that lived on a planet deemed Lucas worthy.

Worthy of being one of the 184,578 people that disappeared from the world that day, taken to Yelda. Back on Earth, Lucas' body was wrapped in a bright, white light, which vastly overjoyed this man, as he thought he knew what this meant. He knew that he was being taken to a different world, reincarnated as a being that would cause the world itself to shake, as almost all reincarnated beings do. After a mere 3 seconds, Lucas was launched through space, able to witness spectacles such as the collapse of planets, battles of gods and even the border of the galaxy he lived within. All of this soon disappeared, replaced by a different, much larger galaxy known to Humanity as "IC 1101," the largest galaxy observed by humanity as of this date, and Lucas eventually collided on a planet within this galaxy.

Correct, this planet was Yelda. And Lucas had collided with the tallest of the massive structures that he had seen rising from this planet. He was absorbed into it, his form getting completely obliterated, sent back to Oblivion itself, while his soul was held within a singular room atop the tower that seemed more like a recreation room than anything else. Directly in front of Lucas' soul, there was a flash of light, and a screen appeared in front of him, reading at the top "Runic System Initiation," and in the middle there was a button that said "Initiate." Lucas' soul moved forward and bumped into the button, which shone with a bright light afterwards.

After around 3 minutes of the bright light, a new form was constructed. It was a short male figure, seemingly human, that looked like it was but a child. This child had long, red hair that reached far down his body, all the way to the back of his knees, and that hair was thick enough that one could bury their hands in it if they so wished. There were two little horns poking out of his hair, but they didn't seem sharp nor large enough to be of any worth until he was older. The eyes of the child were bright red, and shone with the innocence and joy of childhood. His skin was pale, but not so pale that the child seemed to be sick, and he was wearing a dark, red robe that had black stripes on the edges that seemed to be far too long for the child as his hands could barely be seen through the sleeves and his sandal-wearing feet could also be barely seen.

After observing this form for little more than 10 seconds, another screen appeared, this time with a keyboard. At the top, there was a simple marking that said "Name." After thinking for a moment, Lucas' settled with the name of Furious Wizard of Flame from "Warlock's Woe," "Ignis," merely chosen on the fact that Lucas' knew that this child was not a human, but an evolved form of the tremendous flame demon Ifrit, one that took a more human look known as a "Ifritame." After confirming the name, Lucas' memories were completely and utterly erased, changing this from a reincarnation to simply being reborn. This soul, which now belonged to the child Ifritame "Ignis," flew into the vessel, becoming one with it.


The coughing of a child could be heard within the room that poor Lucas' soul had been. On the floor was the new being, Ignis, who had just awoken due to the coughing. After about a minute of coughs, Ignis finally sat up, getting off the near-enough mattress that was his hair. His bright eyes scanned the room with extreme confusion in them, wondering how he got here, who he was, what he was. He tilted his head, making a high-pitched 'Huh?' noise, trying to think everything over. After a while, he simply got bored, and started to wander around the room, patting the walls to see if anything interesting would happen. Unfortunately, nothing did happen. Just when he was prepared to lay back down on his hair and go back to sleep, a voice rang out in his head.

"Morning sleepyhead. You must be wondering whe~ Oh... oh jeez, you look a bit scared, you okay down there buddy?"

Ignis had a terrified expression on his face, and he was trying to cover up his ears, all while curling up into a little ball on the floor. This was only the expected reaction from an 8 year old who suddenly had a random voice appear in their head, despite it seeming calm and nonthreatening. The voice itself was that of a female who had a slightly higher-pitched voice than average, and it had a caring tone in it that made it seem as if it treated Ignis as its very own child. Despite all this, the child was still terrified by the voice.

"Ah... oh well, I'll just have to explain while you're a bit spooked. So, greetings, I'm Magister, and I'm the person who'll be guiding you until you're about a day old. So don't get used to this. Your name should be... let's see here... Ignis, correct? What a suitable name for an Ifritame! That's what you are by the way, an Ifritame, an evolved version of an Ifrit. You're pretty much a god of fire, as long as you're able to control it. You should be able to reach the level of an Astral Ifrit, if not higher. Oh, beasts, or you can call them monsters if you like, are ranked. There are monsters with no titles, such as a "Ifrit." Beyond that is a "Elite Ifrit," after which is a "Special Elite Ifrit." Now here's where things get fuzzy. From a SE, two branches are available. They either become a "Lord Ifrit," or they become a "Guardian Ifrit." Both of these follow the respective systems, going to a "High Lord/Guardian Ifrit," "Great Lord/Guardian Ifrit," and finally a "Grand Lord/Guardian Ifrit." After this stage, a Guardian Ifrit would become a "Paladin Ifrit." They cannot rank any higher than this, but enjoy the privilege of being a guard to one of you, well, to only you, Ignis, since you're the only Ifritame alive. A Lord Ifrit would go on to become a "Astral Ifrit." An Astral is the most powerful being. It can travel to space, but only beings titled as an "Astral" can ever go there. You, an Ifritame who is bound to this place, can never leave."

Ignis was making a confused expression, trying to memorise everything Magister had just said. Little did he know, everything would be automatically recorded down, so he needn't even try to do this.

"Okay, onto the next part. On your left hand, there is a little rune which I doubt a kid like you would have even noticed yet. Touch it."

Ignis did as he was told, flipping his left hand over, pulling back his robe so he could see his hand and found the rune that was embedded in the back of his hand. He scratched a little at it, mumbling "Why won't you come off...." in a whiny tone. The rune itself was a beautiful red gemstone that was marked with a tremendously vicious flame, which was coloured with a lustrous neon orange. When Ignis finally stopped scratching at the rune, he tapped it carefully. Immediately, in front of his eyes, a screen popped up. Ignis fell backwards, landing on his hair which softened the landing ever so slightly. Although it startled him, this screen didn't scare him nearly as much as the voice in his head. There were a bunch of buttons that he couldn't be bothered to figure out just yet, so he tapped the rune again, which put the screen away.

"Alright, that's all the basics. I'll leave you to it, little Ignis. Call my name if you need me."

Ignis' high-pitched and childish voice rang out then. Surprisingly, it even had a little bit of grandeur to it despite all the childish attitude in it.
"I'll never call you! Never! I can do everything myself!"

Magister laughed slightly. "I don't doubt that for a second Ignis. Don't disappoint me, little one. I'll be watching!"

After Magister had actually disappeared, Ignis laid back down, still confused. He decided to have a little nap, closing his eyes and covering himself best he could in his hair.


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