The Infernal Dungeon

by PossiblyKillua

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Dungeon High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Villainous Lead

On a vast planet named "Yelda" within the ever-expansive emptiness of space, a civilization existed known as "Humanity." A singular member of this race being know as a "Human," these Humans had taken over the planet in a matter of mere millenia. It was not without struggle, however, as the beasts that roamed the lands were viciously more powerful than these Humans. Many beasts, such as the "Ifrit" blessed by the power of Hellfire, or the "Goblin" scourged by weakness, were able to rip these humans to shreds no matter if they were weak as dirt or tremendous as a star. 

So how did "Humanity" arise from the ashes of never-ending war, victorious? It was all because of a single thing. Something that happened so suddenly, so quickly, that the beasts never had a chance to retaliate. Every single beast, no matter their power, disappeared one day. On that day, exactly 184,578 gigantic structures arose from Yelda, one for each of the beast races, excluding "Humanity." "Humanity" was spared from the sudden disapperance, blessed to roam Yelda without fear of being decimated by the beasts, freed from starvation at the hands of decimated crops and poisoned livestock.

The reason these structures arose was unknown until a brave group of Humans had decided to enter one. At the very moment that they walked through the door, cheered on by the supportive kingdom behind them, a voice rang out inside the head of every last Human on Yelda. What it said enlightened them, and they heeded its orders. After a mere day, every single human was now unrecognisable from before, as they were far more powerful now. They had unlocked the "Runic System."

This was the first of many gifts from this tremdous structure that shook the heavens and ravaged the earth. Only one name could suit this emperor of structures, sovereign of terror, king of rewards. It was hence named, on 23rd January 2218 according to the human calendar, The Infernal Dungeon.

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