Prologue: A beginning that is an end, and an end that is a beginning


"A time before time is also during and after time. Without time, everything has happened, is happening, and will happen. Without time, all things take up an instant, and yet an eternity."

A voice from the void


It looked at its creation with satisfaction. One day, It would become known as the Primordial Chaos by those It had created. As It pondered this idea, It reveled in the beauty of Its creation. One day, It would. A "future." Had created. A "past." It had given some order to the cluttered thing that had been Its existence. And It had only taken a moment, and yet an eternity. It could not wait to see how Its creation grew, and yet It basked in the experience that was waiting. Having properly organized the events to come into a timeline, It was no longer forced to suffer the mind-numbing boredom that was omniscience. How wonderful. How interesting.

How fun.


"I do not remember who I was.
I do not know, do not wish to know, what I was.
I cannot recall how I died.
I have no thought of how I lived.
I cannot ache for what I loved.
I know only the wretched creature before you.
So why would you believe that I deserve to know?

I am a being born from lament.
A being whose misery was from existence.
A being whose life was from suffering
Suffering from the pain of being completely.
And utterly.
So why do you believe that I should be rid of this solitude?

I have not known warmth nor compassion. 
Nor fury nor sorrow nor joy nor regret.
Emotions were a foreign concept, humanity a simple myth.
For myself I felt only emptiness, and for life, apathy.
The hell of agony to end my solitude.
Yet I needed to be cured of life, the state of being alive, the action of liveliness.
So why do you insist that I suffer through it again?
I have preyed upon the lives of hundreds of thousands.
Ripped souls from bodies and annihilated the bodies of souls.
My very presence is enough for the sky to bleed black and lament in a downpour of tears.
My existence makes blood run cold and instills the air with despair. 
I feel no remorse, I feel no pleasure, I feel nothing at all.
I am a monster without, a demon within, and purgatory given form.
So how can you possibly say that there is humanity within me?

I took you from your home, I took you from your friends.
I took you as a captive, and again and again, reminded you;
It is hopeless to hope. It is useless to believe.
I took the people who were your hope and ended them before you.
So why, at the end, do you still reach for me like you care?
I feel my wings burn, but there is no pain.
Ashes we were and ashes we will become, just dust in the wind.
I do not know why but I reach for you, in vain.
Because I turned my gaze to yours, expecting jubilation.
And instead there are tears, glittering bright.
I was the monster that stood for all you hatreds, all you denied. 
So why, as I was fading, did you still accept me?

You showed me the weakness in my strength.
You showed me the fall within my flight.
You showed me how I was broken behind my mithril walls.
You showed me the blindness in my omniscient eyes.
You showed me the heart I never had, buried and beating in yours.
You showed me your brightest light in my darkest time.

The light that I always wanted. 
The light that ever eluded my eyes.
The light that escaped between my fingers.
For I never realized
That in my unnoticed quest
All I had to do was open my eyes.

And now they will close forever, and I will never see that light again.
Do not cry for me. Do not mourn for me.
I do not deserve the small piece of your heart you have given me.
But then again, you have always done what I least expected, what I never saw.
As I turn into ash and ash into dust, my memories of you will fade.
Because beautiful things always fade."



A war to end the world. Ashes of slain deities fell from a crimson sky. Ten golden suns blazed over fields of death, where mortal and immortal alike fought and died.

A titan with a scythe cut through time itself as he met three foes on the field of battle: one wielding the power of thunder and lightning, another with a trident that shook the earth and called the seas, and the third with a helm that inspired terror in the hearts of his enemies, wielding twin daggers and commanding armies of the dead as he flickered in and out of view.

A god wielding a fearsome hammer called on the power of storms as he struggled to the death with a gigantic serpent.

A flaming god shrouded by hieroglyphics was consumed by another tremendous snake, one who seemed to warp the laws of the world around it.

A one-eyed god was devoured by a titanic wolf, who in turn was stabbed in the heart by a second god.

An immortal man with the wings of a bird struck down another bearing those of a bat.

A mortal hero wielding a legendary bow shot down nine golden, three legged crows, suffering terrible burns in the process, only to be burned to ashes by a tenth. As each crow fell, its golden figure dimmed and vanished, followed by the disappearance of a sun from the sky.

As the war raged on, fissures appeared in the fabric of reality itself. Oceans of blood spilled on mountains of corpses, and beings of all shapes and sizes lost their lives.

The sound of something snapping was heard.

And suddenly, all was darkness.


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cryptor @cryptor ago

I'll take this virginity

Josh_Williams @Josh_Williams ago

It's sad that the old chaos was stopped, it was pretty fun. I'm going to be completly honest with you, in the last chaos I had no clue what fenrir was, It was honestly all over the place. He was the child of a demon and an ancient fae? but then it's revealed he might be the wolf fenrir who is known as the god eater in ancient norse mythology? And then it's even possible that he is the primordial chaos? It was very confusing. Anyways I look foward to this reboot, and if I have one suggestion it would be to make fenrir not as naive, or whatever he was in chaos(old). Thanks for continuing!


    Lkjfdsay1 @Lkjfdsay1 ago

    Yep, I was really unclear... the plan was to have him be like the third incarnation of the primordial chaos, with the second being the god wolf, and the original being the... well, the original. I wasn't very organized and never got to the big reveal. (-_-)

    This version will be very different. I might even change his name... Alright yea I'll probably change his name. In this version, naming him Fenrir just wouldn't make sense.