Its the year 2025 in what was formerly known as the united states. Now its just a mass of human garbage, called mega cities. With the coming of the gates in a disaster known as "The cataclysm", the states were thrown into a state of turmoil as the predatory creatures from beyond laid waste to the surrounding areas. Those lucky enough to escape congregated into the 4 corners of the country as most of the interior was bombarded with nuclear warheads. Four mega cities were created from the congredating people; 1 in the west around california, 1 in the south around texas, and 2 in the east around NY and Washington D.C. . Known as the four mega cities respectively, where the weak are left to die and strong thrive. The cataclysm did allow those who survived to evolve, causing those with power to gain influence and authority. 

 In the outskirts of megacity 4, in a small poorly maintained house in a mostly destitute area, a ebony skinned woman with dark green hair and eyes is having a harsh home birth labour. Next to her in a dirty medical garment is Mel a former nurse assistant. 

" Push, push, your almost there Delia I can feel the head coming out. One more good push and your done." Said Mel. 

Delia, the woman in labour, gives it her all to give one last good push; then, she hears the sound of a newly born baby which causes her to finally relax and slip into unconsciousness. Mel is left standing there with a child with shining clear eyes in an stupor.  Unbeknownst to Delia her son has been born with a very special set eyes, thanks to his ability.


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DaruneAlbane @DaruneAlbane ago

Good start felt a bit light but has potiental

A T @A T ago

Thanks for the chapter. Keep up the good work.