Rain and thunder, lightning hitting the ground so frequently it’s as if the skies have declared their hatred for the land below. The rain hitting the ground so fast and hard that even the best of cover allows the sound of water to pass through. This storm so violent and loud keeps all creatures awake, even the beasts of darkness. Yet one sound not coming from the sky but coming from the ground can shatter even the storms hatred. It’s located in a home full of maids and nurses, in a room full of soft almost candle like light. A TV in the background reporting how bad the rain is in the local area, talking about how everyone should prepare for massive flooding damage and stay alert incase lighting hits near you and starts a fire. Every so often the lights dim to dark and the TV turn off as they both lose power yet after a mere few seconds the come back to life.

Within this room is a women screaming cries of pain as she is about to birth another human life. Her husband by the side holding her hand as it gets crushed under her strong grip. The doctor in the room giving the new mother instructions on how to birth her child grows more panicked as time moves on and the child’s heat beat within its mother seems to slow ever more. 22 hours of straight pain and the doctor could not recommend anything but natural birth in fear for the unborn child’s safety. But alas after the 22 hours the mother finally gives birth, after her tiresome job of bring a new life into this cruel yet bright world she would hear the cries of her first born son and with her husband lead a newer, brighter life while teaching her young how to live through the game if life. But the sound never came, no cries at all, she feared for the worst. Many thoughts came to her head, most were dreadful to think about, she lost her focused and could only see her husband holding the child. She hoped and hoped that maybe she just lost her hearing but then she saw her husband, the one that had spent 15 years of his life with her do something despicable. She saw him throw her baby, her face paled as she saw the child was thrown through the air at a quick pace and SMACKED right into the corner of the room where no light could reach. The child lay there unmoving. Tears rolled down her face and she stared at her son now heavily injured, neck snapped back and arms broken in the worst of ways. Her mind started to break as she thought the most terrible things about her husband. She finally looked at her husband only to see into his hopeless eyes. His face had no joy, no anger, only sorrow, fear and disgust.

*Crack, snap, snap, snap*

Ghastly sounds are heard from that corner and she realized why the child was thrown. Her child’s eyes stared at her while its body within the darkness seemed to quickly fix itself and bring it back to life, the eyes were pitch black absorbing the low light within the room. The eyes looked as if they were dropped into a bucket of pure black paint. They attracted not just light to them but the eyes of everyone in the room, the nurses screamed, the mother simply fainted and the father with a look of regret told the doctor to get rid of this devil. He told the doctor to place it where it would die and no one could ever save it, so the doctor quickly left with the child and went to a very dark forest. The doctor could not drive fore he were more likely to die due to the road conditions in this storm than his boss getting rid of him.

He walked for hours and never once looked at the child. The child also never screamed or cried but instead stayed as calm as the dead, unmoving and barley breathing. The doctor after finding his target location stood and complicated what he was about to do. He was about to leave a child in a forest full of history for being one of the most terrifying places in the world. This forest was said to house ghost of the millions of people who died here due to The Great Pestilence and the many more who have taken their life here.

This was mad but needed to be done, he saw this devil back in the mansion. Something like this monster should never exist for even the story monsters such as ghost and zombies scare people to such an extent that they arm themselves with weaponry and armor of all kinds. What would they do if they knew that this child was an actual monster? The doctor walks into the forest and continues for a few hours, the eerie landscape play tricks within his mind and makes it look like the shadows move, the storm not helping his current mental state makes him simply give up going any further. Every time a bolt from the sky casts light upon the forest the doctor sees the shadows have moved and started to form words he can only think are from the dead wondering souls trapped in this forest. Words such as “Don’t leave us, Stay and play, you’ll die either now or later so why care, what have you got there?” This slowly starts to break him further so he sets the child down and sees new messages in the shadows. The new words truly break him, “Thank you, a child, even if you go back they’ll get rid of you, we won’t let you leave, you are our test subject now.”

With his mind barley able to keep up with his surrounds he runs with all his might. He runs for hours and hours, far longer then what it took for him to get into the forest in the first place. He slipped countless times and has lost his position many times as well. He hears the storms anger get even more violent, it’s so strong that it can even block the rising sun. Light his only escape from this forest is nowhere within sight, his phone is drained of all battery and his flashlight lost within the maze of a forest. He lets out a cry, a yell so bestial in nature it even scares the storm for a moment and silence reigns the surrounding ground. Then the doctor’s mind turns dark and he falls deep into the mud.

A few days pass and while the mother lays asleep, the father gets a report stating that the doctor was found hanging by a rope around his neck in the forest.


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LiZhu @LiZhu ago

I love it. I need more...

Werph @Werph ago

Greatness. Need more...