Well here is to another day at work. I thought while drinking a hot coffee and walking through the snow going from the living quarters to the science lab. First things first I work in the arctic circle at a hidden research station we are working on splicing DNA with humans so we have to be top secret about it. So why here you ask well that's my fault you see around 14 days ago I was looking into the shifting ice caps around here and I found a cavern that wasn't listed or talked about. So I checked it out with my team and I found a dragon corpse frozen in the cavern perfectly preserved. That's when things got crazy I told some of my old professors and they contacted the government after 2 days they set up a base and tried to take control of it but I refused. Telling them I work with them or I'll take my evidence to the media now I'm working here on the DNA of the dragon. But as a side project, I'm secretly working on fox DNA trying to make a kitsune.


So here I am at my work table with two vials of DNA in front of me one is Fox the other Dragon when all of a sudden something big crashes through the roof and through the floor taking me with it. It rips open my chest and body and the vials smash on me while I'm falling. All I can think is fuck all that hard work down the drain. I hit the ice beside the Dragon corpse and the thing that crashed through the roof turns to dust as I lose consciousness.

2 weeks later

This is fox news we have a report that after a meteorite hit the Arctic Circle 2 weeks ago strange things have happened first everyone saw these blue boxes in front of their eyes. Then people started changing next monsters appeared around the world now things are getting dire some people have powers to fight against the monsters. But we urge everyone to stay in their homes as much as possible. 

In the cavern

urgh why am I so cold..... hold on I should be dead. 




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Zongshen @Zongshen ago

He's going to be a dragon kitsune hybrid