Rachel’s life was all good until she went to a restaurant with her dad to have dinner. It wasn’t a date; it was just father and daughter eating food at a restaurant without their mother.

But Rachel’s mother didn’t take it that way. Rachel’s mother is a sadist. She tortured Rachel’s siblings, but Rachel was lucky enough to be away from her mother.

Rachel spent most of her time with her dad. She loved her dad twice as anybody could because she thought that she didn’t have a mother.

And her mother took this father-daughter relationship wrongly. After dinner at the restaurant, the father and the daughter returned home and found out that their mother got to know about their so-called ‘DATE’.

Her mother killed her father on spot choking him. She also chased Rachel, but luckily Rachel could go to the police even before her mother caught her.

And as for the tattoo, it was her mother who did it when Rachel was drunk. Even today Rachel wonders how her mother managed to make a permanent tattoo without Rachel even knowing it.

Rachel trembled from fear as she heard a loud sound of something breaking. She sat on the commode, naked.

She hears the Goblin snarl again.

She remembers that Arthur is outside, trying to fight the Goblin. Rachel wanted to help Arthur and didn’t even want a scratch on him, but she didn’t have the energy to.

She glimpses at the deep cut made by the goblin and panics at the amount of blood that came out. She was about to faint when she hears Arthur saying ‘This thing is dead. You can come out now.’

Rachel was glad at the fact that the goblin was dead but she really couldn’t react.

She hears a door unlocking on the right and it is probably Amelia who came out.

They both have a conversation for a while about the Goblin and something about a blue screen.

Rachel also realizes that she is also seeing a blue screen.

On that, it is written that she is losing two H.P. Every thirty seconds. She didn’t really understand what the ‘H.P.’ thing is, but she knew something was off with the world. How in the world did the Goblin appear in front of her when she was taking a shower?

She didn’t know the answer. Neither did she have the energy to ask the question to someone else.

Arthur and Amelia knock the door from the outside and ask Rachel to open but she couldn’t.

Finally, Arthur breaks open the door and Rachel is found sitting on the commode, looking still at them.

Arthur immediately gets a towel and wraps it around the wound. Then Amelia helps her to get on some clothes.

Rachel felt really embarrassed to be naked in front of Arthur. She did have fantasies with him but never thought they would end up like this.

Honestly, Rachel loves Arthur.

It started as a crush a few years ago, even before Arthur met Amelia. Rachel used to go to the basketball court to stare at Arthur. Once she even tried to confess but she didn’t have the guts to do so. And later she realized that she was too late to get him. But nonetheless, she never stopped following him.

Rachel tried to get up but she failed.

The A’s [the students of the school called them the A’s for fun] asked her to rest for some time. Rachel laid down on the floor and in no time fell asleep.

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