Arthur feels sad for Amelia. He couldn’t see her suffering from the cramps due to periods. She had it before too but this time it is a lot more.

Arthur and Amelia are together for the last two years. It all started with hatred and then became love. Arthur and Amelia are now called the cutest couple in the whole school.

Arthur still remembers the first day he saw her.

He had just played a basketball match and lost it. He was already frustrated due to the unfair practices that his opponents used to win. And upon that, his teammates blamed him for not being the best player.

He said that he did his best but they did not care.

So all this anger was caged in him, killing him from the inside.

The sun started to set and it got dark, but Arthur was oblivious of all this. He just talked to himself about how his life sucked.

While he was indulged in talking to himself, a ball hit him on the head. It pained.

All the rage inside Arthur found a way to come out.

He balled his fist, ready to hit anybody he saw. But nobody could be seen for a long time.

He grabbed the ball and looked around.

He heard footsteps coming towards him. He turned towards the sound.

Arthur saw a slim figure running towards him. It was a woman. She was at least a feet shorter than Arthur. He couldn’t see her face because of the darkness that surrounded.

‘Aye... Can you pass the ball, man?’ A very sweet female voice asked. The voice was so soothing that a few minutes of talk could make anybody sleep. But that wasn’t the case with Arthur. He was overwhelmed with rage.

With a fit of temper, Arthur threw the ball at the woman with all his might.

The ball hit the woman.

‘Ouch!’ The woman exclaimed out of pain. She lost her balance and fell on the ground. ‘Are you out of your mind?!’ The woman shouted.

Arthur flipped her off and was on his way home.

He wanted to seek some peace at home but all that night he couldn’t help thinking about the woman he had hurt. He knew how painful it would be to take the force of the ball and being a woman, it would be even worse.

Arthur is a kind-hearted man but his mind doesn’t work when he is enraged. And later he feels bad for his wrong deeds but nonetheless, nothing really changes later.

But this time it did. Later that week he tried to talk to the woman but all he got was hateful looks and a lot of curses.

But the next week Arthur helped the woman. It was a huge help so the woman couldn’t help but thank him. They both got to know each other.

In the next month itself, they both were in a relationship.

At present, Amelia got up from her seat and walked out of the class. And so did Arthur. He followed her to the bathroom.

It seemed like Amelia didn’t really take attention of Arthur coming. She rushed into the Girl’s washroom.

Arthur looked around if anybody was there. He knew that it was wrong to do but his heart kept asking him to go help, Amelia.

He pushed the door and went inside.

His heart pounded from fear. He hadn’t done anything like this before. He also remembered that earlier a guy was expelled from the school after they found out that he sneaked inside the girl’s washroom to shoot videos them.

Well, Arthur wasn’t up to all those wrong things so he made his will stronger and moved forward.

On his left are the ceramic washbasins. In front of him are the urinal cabinets and the bath area.
Arthur steps forward and suddenly he hears a door unlocking.

He pushes a door beside him and peeps from the inside.

Arthur sees a girl, who he recognizes as Rachel, one of his classmates, walking naked towards the bath area. He didn’t know why in the world she did not at least cover herself with the towel that is in her hand, but he thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

She swayed while she hummed an unknown song. As she moved forward Arthur saw a tattoo on Rachel’s butt ‘Fuck me, daddy!’

‘What?’ Arthur exclaimed without her listening to it.

As far as Arthur remembers, Rachel said that her father died a few years ago. And she never told about having a stepdad either. This set Arthur into confusion but then he remembered what he had come for.

After Rachel goes in the wash area comes out and starts searching for Amelia.

He opens the doors and finds most of them empty. There is only one door that does not open and Arthur takes it for granted that it is Amelia.

‘Amelia?’ Arthur asks in a low tone.

Realizing that it is Arthur, Amelia immediately opens the door and pulls him in.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ She asked.

‘Just wanted to make sure that you are all right.’ Arthur said.

Arthur sees a tear roll down her cheek. Her blue eyes looking right at Arthur with grief. He brushes her hair backward and takes her close. ‘Amelia, what happened?’

‘My parents want to get divorced.’ She says and burst into tears.

She buries her face into Arthur and hugs him.

Arthur remembers Amelia saying that her dad had been lately addicted to drugs. She also said that he cheated on her mother.

Arthur didn’t really know what it was to be in Amelia’s situation, because he doesn’t have parents. They died at a very young age and he was joined in an orphanage. From then on it was only possible with the hard work that he has come into the most prestigious high school in the whole country-Silver.

Changing the topic Arthur asks ‘How bad are your cramps?’

‘I am okay now. After that HUG I feel a lot better.’

For a moment Arthur and Amelia looked at each other in silence.

Arthur locks his lips with Amelia before they hear a scream from the outside.

Arthur immediately runs out and sees Rachel on the ground, naked and with a rusted knife sticking out of her arm.

Then Arthur’s attention changes towards a green slimy skinned humanoid thing wearing a loincloth.

‘Goblin!’ Amelia shouts.


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