Legacy of Kail

by Eskandar

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Grimdark High Fantasy Magic War and Military

Sixteen years old, with white hair and white eyes, Kail makes an unsual sight. People say he looks like a dead body. Yet Kail is full of life, with a cheerful attitude. He shares a house in the outskirts of the grand city of Yamato, the capital city of the land of Terra Deorum.

Kail is a mercenary, as are most of the people he knows, and he takes on various life-risking jobs around the country in order to make a living. Along the way he meets many fantastical people; the most skilled fighters and people who can use magic. He also meets many fantastical monsters; creatures that seem as if they're born from nightmares. Kail attempts to carve out his own legacy in the land of Terra Deorum.

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