Runa & Luna

by Zerocrane

Original ONGOING Comedy Romance Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Riel is your atypical NEET. He holes himself in his room all day every day. He doesn’t have friends nor does he have a girlfriend. In fact, he’s never had one since birth. He thinks he doesn’t have any redeeming quality whatsoever. What sets him apart from the ordinary NEET is that he actually works. Yes, he is the author of several web novels; some managed to become hits while some ended up being duds. he isn’t a NEET, but he lives like one. That is until he met those two...



Warning: This story is a slice of life. Conflicts will be rare. This is meant to be read for relaxation after a tiring day. That said, This story does contain bits of realism as it tackles the issues that I myself have experienced and am suffering from. I'm also attempting to approach a certain topic that I believe most people won't be able to relate with. The topic of naming newborns. Despite this story being a slice of life, it deals with a serious topic which I'm unfortunately not very sure if I'll be able to deliver properly. To those who would express curiosity and interest, thank you so much.

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