Untalented Mage Who Found a Magic Book



Chapter 1.2: Grim the Magic Book of Envy


Grim: As you can guess, I’m a magic book that can talk and also fly at the same time.

(*Vayne is confuse*)

Grim: I know you must be shocked to witness a flying book which can talk, but we can take it slowly.

(*Close the book and throw it out through the window*)

Panic and confuse with the situation, Vayne decides to run away from that creepy book. Instantly Vayne leaves his house and head to the backyard where he keeps the firewood stock. Hiding from the mysterious book, he hopes this is a dream and he stays sleep on the bed.

Grim: It a good effort to throw me out, but the contract has already been completed. You can’t run or hide from me.

Grim: I know you were scared about what happened, but let me explain first.

(*Vayne calm himself*)

Noticing that its new owner has finally calmed down, Grim start to explain what actually happens. According to Grim, its origin comes from grand magus of the past. That magus creates Grim in order to keep note of magic which that magus think precious. In other words, Grim is a magic book that can store magic and ability. After the grand magus died, Grim has been kept deep inside a secret dungeon. After several years, a human adventurer found Grim in deep of it slumber, that explorer is the old man that Vayne found yesterday. Grim and the old man have travelled across the whole world and suddenly during the journey, the old man died after a demon beast attacks him.

By using its own mana, Grim summon the old man’s spirit and ask him to take Grim to another person that has a good heart. Then, at the end of their journey, Grim found Vayne. After fulfilling the wish that Grim made, the old man’s spirit is gone to the afterlife.

Vayne: In other words, you just like a notebook which holds a record about magic.

Grim: You can say that, but my story is far from the end. Here is the best part, for each magic that being record in me can be used by the owner. It means if you store a high level of magic, you also can use it.

Grim: But you can only keep 10 types of magic in one time, if you wanted to keep another magic, you need to delete one out of ten magic that already being kept inside me.

Grim: That means, you who have a small amount of mana can use magic that being noted inside me without any problem. That is the reasons why I was named as Grim the Magic Book of Envy. I can copy another person magic and used it to fight them.

(*sound of bell*)

Knowing that he is already late for class, Vayne quickly prepares himself and head to the academy. Grim also follow him by entering Vayne body as a ball of light. During his walking toward the academy, Vayne is being great by the town folk. Some of them giving him a piece of bread for breakfast, Vayne arrived at his classroom on time before the teacher came. Taking his usual seat, Vayne opens up his notebook and do self-revision before the classroom begin. The teacher enters the classroom, today the teacher is a woman with red hair, wearing blue cloth and skirt. She is an expert in summoning magic in the academy.

Teacher: Today lesson is about summoning a monster to fight alongside you. Let’s head to the academy field and begin our lesson.

Teacher: Extra note for all of you, ensure to show some respect to the summoning beast. If not, it might attack you.

The class has begun, Vayne try to summon his first monster but as he can guess it was a failure result. Another student has begun to summon their own monster, there is various type of monster that has been summoned. Some of it looks like wolf, bird, and rabbit, the most unique and strong looking summoning beast belongs to Alex. His beast is a red mane lion with several scars on its body. Everything seems fine, but suddenly the monster that being summon by Alex start to rampage and attacking other summoning beasts. Alex tries to control its but fails due to the the lion still not approve Alex as its owner. After defeating other student beasts, the lion starts to attack the student, everyone starts to panic and run away from the location.

The teacher called her own beast and it is a large brown snake, the snake and lion engage in a serious battle. The snake spill out poison but easily avoid by the lion, then the snake tries to bite the lion’s body but also fail. That lion is much more agile compared to the snake, as the last choice the brown snake uses its skill to change the land into spiking needle in order to pierce through the lion’s body. The wild lion jumps up to the sky and unless it’s magic roar, from its roar 5 big fireballs is created and smash to the snake body. The snake has lost but every student has been running far from the lion except a single female student who is injured her leg during the chaos.

Teacher: This is a really bad situation, I don’t have any strong beast to defeat that lion.

The lion charge toward the female student and the teacher is using her body as a shield to protect her student. The sound of impact is really loud and can be heard from far, but the teacher and the female student is uninjured. Confuse with the situation, the teacher focuses her sight to the smoke area where the lion is being stopped by something. She then sees the reason why the lion is being stopped is because of Vayne, he stopping the lion charge with a big sword.

Grim: Now, let’s begin our first battle, my master.


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Bio: I just writing a light novel for fun only. It might not suitable for those with perfect language and grammar, because I just using free Grammarly LoL.

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