Teacher: That all for today, before you leave the classroom, make sure you have found your teammate and register to participate in academy mock battle.

Teacher: You have until next week to submit your application, those who fail to register shall get deducted of a mark. Each team shall have 3 persons per group and only be formed with a student in the same year.

Mock battle test, it a popular event within the academy, all the student shall enter the battle as a team and display their ability in a fight. They also will be judged by the higher up knight and other important people. In short, those who make a good impact during the event have a higher chance to get hired as a mage by a certain organization. The most important group that student wants to attract is the magic knight, those who are summoned to joint magic knight shall receive a lot of fame and wealth in their life. Even though this event is a battle, students just need to aim at the target mark that is placed at other student bodies. Each team need to collect 5 points to win the match, any sort of magic is allowed in the battle. If the life of the student is in danger, the judge shall use their authority to stop the match.

The student in the classroom start talking and approach each other, they all discuss with themselves on how to find the most suitable person as their team. Each of the students has something in common regarding the team, they need to avoid having Vayne as one of their teammates. Vayne who can hear their whispering and bad mouth about him can’t do anything but remain silent because it is true that he is lack of mana. Can’t bear in listening to all of those people Vayne decide to leave early today and head to his working place, today is his payday so Vayne can’t help but feel a little bit happy. At the hallway, Vayne can see many female students talking to one male student. All of those trying to get him into their team, the male student is the most famous first-year student Alex Script. He is famous due to high fighting power that comes from a royal bloodline as well as being a handsome student, compare Vayne to Alex, it like an ant try to pick a fight with a lion.

(*at bar*)

The name of the bar where Vayne work is Moon Cat, this bar is owned by a muscular man with woman appearances. The name of the owner is Bark Lot an ex knight's captain. Bark's bar is very famous with it drink an ale that tastes juice yet very strong alcohol. Every night this bar is full of an adventurer as well as the knight who came to find good food and drink. Vayne has been working here since him at the age of 10, he did many mistakes and being scolded by the owner during his first month. After several months later, Vayne has grown his serving skill and now he is able to do a proper job. Some of the local customer very fond of Vayne because of his attitude, these adventurers regularly share the story of their mission and journey to Vayne during his break. Besides that, Bark also teaches Vayne on how to do housework as well as cooking. Vayne has thought these adventurer and knight is a part of his family and without Vayne notice, these people always there to provide help as well as acting as his parent.

(*Closing time*)

Tonight, Vayne decide to take a shortcut to reach his home. During his walk, Vayne found the shape of a man lying on the road. Quickly, he approaches that person and tries to help him, that person is an old man with a skinny body. Vayne takes the old man to his house and lets him rest in his house. Vayne also prepares food and drink for that old man. Feeling tired, Vayne falls asleep near his bed. The next morning, Vayne woke up and found out the old man that he helped is staring at him. Based on this old man story, he is a traveller and travels around the world to sell a storybook. As a special thanks to Vayne for helping him, the old men give an old looking book as a gift. The old man told Vayne this book shall help him during the crisis and need. Vayne receive the book and opens it, at first the book seems very thick but it contains only 10 pages with 2 out of page have pictures on it. Vayne tries to ask the old man about the book that he gives to him. However, the old man without a clue is disappears from Vayne’s house. He looks to the outside of his house, but that mysterious old man is nowhere to be found. Only the book that he left is with Vayne, this book looks very old with a thick black cover. Thinking to himself, the book suddenly moved and float in the air.

Black Book: So you are my new master. Nice to meet you, I’m Grim the magic book of envy.


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Bio: I just writing a light novel for fun only. It might not suitable for those with perfect language and grammar, because I just using free Grammarly LoL.

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