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The reason for this is to clear up the story and make it far more solid, giving me enough to work with to avoid it feeling like the plot is constantly changing. The overall content shouldn’t be different, although the way it’s told and the sequence of events will change a bit.


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After talking for a few minutes they both said their goodbyes and ended the call. Leo could not help feel lonely. He had been excited to play with Alex again.

After taking a deep breath he once more continued on his journey. He walked towards the west side of the Waste Mines, his goal was to level up in the level 3 part of the zone. Tuliun Forest contains monsters ranging from level 1 to 5. Their locations are fairly linear with the lowest level ones closer to Leomar Town while the higher level ones are close to Rumium Forest and Teliun Mountain Range.

Leo decided to check the forum while walking. The path he walked was constantly patrolled by guards so most monsters avoided getting to close. Even if a monster got close, he had no doubt in his ability to detect it before it could attack.

He was immediately greeted by a plethora of post with the word “Scam”, “Bug” and “Legendary” in the title. Leo was confused. He knew that there was no way that the game could have a bug in it. He quickly opened the top post.

Post title: Hidden quest bugged! Lost my Legendary Ring!! Please help! By [Humble Knight]

After the world announcement that a golden special monster had been killed, me and my guild [Raventhorn] went around to the surrounding zones to see if we could find one our self.

After searching for three hours we actually found one. It actually had a ridiculous amount of health, like 50 000. It took forever to kill it and ten of our tanks died for it, but it was all worth it. It actually dropped a Legendary Ring!

[Ring of Saint Alikar (Legendary Quality {Locked})]
Level requirement: 1 (50)
Class restriction: None
Item category: Accessory
Attack power: 4 (at level 1)

STR + 1 (at level 1)
DEX +1 (at level 1)
Movement speed + 25%
Luck + 2

Special skill [Alikar’s Protection]
Activate to completely negate all damage for 5 seconds.

Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 48 hours


Forged by Saint Blacksmith Liana with Legendary Quality Dragon Scale as its core. The Ring was used by Saint Alikar in the Battle of Saints before falling to Earth, remaining hidden for a thousand years. The ring is locked and needs a Grandmaster Blacksmith along with the required materials to be repaired.

Obviously the ring went to me the Guild leader. We all celebrated this gigantic stroke of luck and went back to town. In the town square a lady suddenly approached me. After talking for a short while she gave me a hidden quest.

Quest: Lumios’ lost staff [Silver Rank]

Luminar Disciple Elise has searched for clues about the lost dagger for years. She surprisingly found a clue about its whereabouts six months ago. Following the clue led her to the seemingly unrelated Isethas Town. After searching for weeks she accidentally found a cave hidden in Deep Wood Forest.

Along the cave walls were scriptures related to Lumios. She walked through the narrow cave and entered a vast open area deep within the cave. Standing in front of a massive door was a huge stone golem. The golem wielded two swords and diligently patrolled around the open area, constantly searching for intruders.
Help Elise get through the door and retrieved the lost staff.

After walking to the cave with Elise we finally found the golem. It was actually level 5 and a Leader class. Luckily it was completely blind. After bringing our entire guild of 300 players we managed to take it down. We lost 90 members along the way. The golem dropped the door key, and we entered inside an armory and I shit you not, a second Guardian stood inside. Its level was so high that all I could see was question marks.

As we were all cursing our own luck, Elise suddenly one shoot the Guardian like it was made of paper. Afterwards she said, and I’m not joking, “It would not be a trial if I did all the work, now would it?”.

We sort of just shrugged it off afterwards. Its not like this is the first time a game has you fighting a monster the quest giver could easily kill.

So here we are standing in the armory, all types of gear littering the walls. We inspected the gear and I swear everything was at least Gold Quality! It even had several Epic Quality gear just hanging on wooden racks.

And before you say anything, yes we tried looting it, didn’t work.

So we walk to this stone table with the staff laying on it. After Elise chanted a spell, she picked up the staff and thanked me for helping her.

So I was thinking, “ye ye, just give me my reward”. This whole quest had been pointless anyway, but the reward should still be good right?

Elise took out two items and told me to choose one. The first was a crappy cloak while the other was, and I’m not making this up, a freaking Celestial Quality Shield!

Obviously there’s no way she would give me the shield. So I asked her if she was for real. Her exact words were, and this is directly copied from the chat log mind you:

“I am indeed serious, if you want the shield I will give it to you.”

Thinking the quest broke or something I took the shield. The second I touched it, we all died. No warning at all! And do you want to know what the worst part was? Not only did I not get the shield, she also stole my ring!

Clearly this quest is bugged! I hope the developer’s quickly fix this mess before I sue!

Leo read through the entire post. It was almost identical to what happened to him. The difference being he wasn’t stupid enough to take the Celestial weapon. He found seven other posts just like this one with the difference being the minor details and location. This was obviously no coincidence.

He thought back to the words Liana said to him after he killed the golem. It all suddenly made sense. The entire quest was a trial to prove you’re worthy of being a Saint Representative. He took a second look at the ring’s description, his face turning into a mix between disbelief and shock. Every ring was made by the same person, Liana.

“She really wasn’t as simple as she looked.” Leo said with a sigh.

Although he knew they both had the same name, he never imagined that they could actually be the same person. You don’t just meet a Saint Blacksmith in the streets of a small town. But after reading through the forum posts he was confident that the Liana he meet was in fact a Saint Blacksmith.

Leo let out a small laugh when he thought about how they will react when they find out that not only did they lose the ring, they also lost their title of Knight and Representative. No ring, no title.

He closed the forum and continued walking. The rest of the night was somewhat uneventful. He killed several level 3 wolves before he leveled up. It did not take long to reach level 2 as he was already close to leveling before arriving here.

System announcement: Congratulations on advancing to level 2!

Leo allocated 6 points to strength and 5 to dexterity before proceeding deeper into the forest. After killing who knows how many wolfs, he finally found something good.

[Basic Spear Dance skill book (uncommon)]

Level requirement: 0
Class restriction: Lancer
Item category: Skill book

Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Cost: 3 rage

Description: Swing your spear in a beautiful dance hitting every target in a 3-meter radius around you, dealing 70% of attack power.

With an AOE ability he can level up far faster. As long as he avoids monsters with ranged or magic attacks, he can easily take on several low-level monsters at the same time.

Leo instantly chose to learn the skill and prepared to power-level. A familiar sound rang out before he could continue the grind.

System announcement: Your listing for [Basic Belt (Copper Quality)] has sold for the buyout price of 20 copper!

System: 20 copper has been added to your coin pouch.

Leo let out a smile and continued on. It looks like today will be a good day.


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The Infinice @The Infinice ago

I think it would be benificial for him if he didn't limit himself to Lancer-class stuff only, backed with skills from other classes. Sure, he is used to the Lancer equivalent, but being given a class that can use all other classes' gear and skills is such a big win. Being able to use different types of gear and skills for different situations is also OP, because in the case that he is being sniped, instead of dodging and running towards their position, he could instead countersnipe for effect.

Sorry for the rant, wanted to get it out of my system.

    vkg313 @vkg313 ago

    I agree.

    Also, I don't feel like the Developers would actually give out the solution for this quest, otherwise now all anyone has to do is choose the cloak to keep their ring.


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Thank you for your comment!

    I know that it can be easy to think so. I usually write several chapters before posting one so many of the details only reveal themselves later on. This very topic is actually covered in the next chapter (chapter 12, not release yet).

    As for why the developer responded to the hidden quest posts, it will become clear in chapter 14 (not yet released). But if you can’t wait then the reason is:

    Spoiler: Spoiler

    You can generally assume that events happen for a reason. Having said that, please do continue voicing your concerns or speculations in future chapters. I am only human and would not be surprised if I overlook something.


Monitor @Monitor ago

He closed the forum and continued walking. The rest of the night was somewhat uneventful. He killed several level 3 wolves before he leveled up. It did not take long to reach level 2 as he was already close to leveling before arriving here.

System announcement: Congratulations on advancing to level 2! ----- I thought he got level two when he hunted boars earlier with his friend...

ShadowSaint @ShadowSaint ago

Just a minor mistake but in the paragraph explaining the quest of lumius's staff U accidentally replaced staff with dagger.