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The reason for this is to clear up the story and make it far more solid, giving me enough to work with to avoid it feeling like the plot is constantly changing. The overall content shouldn’t be different, although the way it’s told and the sequence of events will change a bit.


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Leo looked around the area trying to find anything to improve his chances of killing the golem. There was absolutely nothing here, not even a single rock to hide behind. His only option was a head on fight.

He went completely silent, browsing through everything he knew about golems. Golems are normally slow moving and attack in a predictive pattern. Level 5 monsters usually only have two skills, with a leader class possessing a unique skill in addition.

Default skills would be one area of effect (AOE) attack and one single target attack. Assuming normal range on the AOE, the only thing to worry about is the single target skill and the unique skill.

Considering he was allowed to accept the quest, it should not be impossible to complete. He can practically ignore the level difference if he fights in free mode. The problem is how to deal enough damage to negate its natural health regeneration.

With 1500 health, it would heal at a rate of 15 health per second. Its armor should also be fairly decent, further decreasing overall damage.

An alternative would be to lure it away from the door and allow Liana to pass through unhindered. The problem would then be whether the golem starts ignoring him and charge towards Liana before she can get through the door.

Even if the golem doesn’t ignore him, there’s no guarantee that the door can be opened before killing its Guardian. Worse yet if there are more monsters on the inside.

Leo ran the simulation in his head over and over again to no avail. He concluded that the only way to know if its kill-able at this stage of the game is to give it a try.
Leo lifted his spear and slowly walked towards the giant golem.

50 meters
40 meters
30 meters

He slowly walked closer and closer.

20 meters
15 meters

The golem still hadn’t reacted to his movements.

“What’s going on? It should at least have a 30-meter detection range.”

Leo was confused by the golem’s action, or lack there of.

He soon stood a mere 5-meter away from the golem, yet it did not react to him at all.

“Are you blind or something?” Leo shouted loudly.

Suddenly the golem turned its head towards him, a red light in his eye.

Leo was once again sent into disbelief at the golem’s action. A blind golem, now that’s something else.

He quickly moved position and observed the golem. It had walked to where he stood and swung one of his swords down.

The attack was slow but still made a huge boom sound when the sword hit the stone floor. A small crater forming where the sword hit down.

Leo was once more confused by the golem's action. He had clearly moved away before the attack, yet the golem did not hear him move at all.

As he said the words aloud in his head, he instantly noticed the reason why the golem could not find him. He sub-consciously walked without making a sound. Most high level monsters can detect a player purely based on sound and their range is often twice their sight range.

Moving without making a sound was a basic ability any mediocre player could do. It was so ingrained in his movements that he did not even realize he was doing it.

The golem stood still after attacking, moving its head side to side. After not hearing anyone, it once more went back to the door.

Leo quietly moved behind the golem, striking its blue colored core.


Leo activated [Basic Spear Thrust] and immediately followed up with a double stab using his personal technique. This way of chaining together skills and techniques significantly boosted his attack power. It is just a shame that his attack speed is artificially limited by his character’s attack speed.

He can currently output a basic attack every 0.85 seconds. His [Basic Spear Thrust] skill is instantly activated, with a 4-second cooldown. This means he can output five instances of attacks at once, then use his personal technique in between.

The golem screamed in pain as its core was brutally assaulted.

It slowly turned around and immediately attacked with a wide sweep of his sword. Unfortunately Leo had already moved away, waiting for this exact moment.

Leo once again let loose on its core.


The golem became furious that he was attacked again. As it slowly turned around yet again, Leo took the opportunity to deliver a second attack before moving away.


The golem continuously attacked with its swords, either sweeping a large area or creating a crater in the stone floor. No matter how much it tried, it could not attack fast enough to pose any danger to Leo at all.

This dance back and forth continued until the golem hit 5% of its health left. The golem shouted with a loud voice, its red eye turning a dark blue. The golem instantly locked eyes with Leo before quickly hunting him down.

With its eye now functioning, Leo could no longer afford to casually barrage the golem with attacks.
“Not going to be so easy huh?” Leo helplessly let out a sigh.

The golem attacked faster and with much more precision than before.

Although faster, to Leo this attack speed was still incredibly slow.

He quickly dashed straight at the golem, its sword coming down towards him. Before the sword could hit him, he had already run between the golems legs and started unleashing a flurry of attacks on its core.


The golem’s core shattered as it fell to the ground in multiple pieces. The golem's body fell to its knees before face-planting on the stone floor.

Leo let out a relieved sigh. Luckily the golem died before it could use its unique skill. Who knows how the battle would have ended if it possessed a skill that can stun a player. At such a close distance, he would hardly have any time to react at all.

Guardian Golem [Leader] defeated! Awarding 150 EXP!
(650% bonus for killing a [Leader] monster 4 levels above your own level!)

Leo looked at the amount of EXP with a smile on his face. Normally you would have to kill 75 level 0 monsters or 38 level 1 monsters to get that high. Until the average healers can get their hand on a healing skill book, the only way to heal up is to wait, eat food or drink a health potion.

Considering how expensive healing potions are, most players currently avoid using them at all cost. Food is a lot cheaper, but requires several minutes to fully heal a player up.

To save as many coins as possible most players choose to level on monsters at their own level or more commonly a level or two below their level. This allows them to fight a lot longer before needing to heal up, but it also takes significantly longer to level.

Then add that the game is still in its first 24-hours of operation and you can imagine how long gaining levels currently takes.

If an average player saw how fast Leo gets EXP, they would probably go green with envy.

Leo bent down and picked up the loot.

[Basic Warrior’s Leggings (Copper Quality)]
Level requirement: 1
Class restriction: Lancer, Knight, Gladiator, Raptor
Armor type: Mail
Item category: Legs
Defense: 3
Magic defense: 1

VIT +1
RES +1

[Door key (Special)]
Unlocks the door leading to Saint Lumios’ hidden armory.

System announcement: 33 copper has been added to your coin pouch.

Leo immediately equipped the leggings. Mail armor is the default armor type for Lancers. Although Leo’s class is a Creator which can use any type of equipment as well as skills, he has still chosen to play primarily as a Lancer with supportive skills from other classes.

The Lancer class is the closest to his original Spearman class from the past. The main difference is that Spearman uses leather armor while a Lancer uses mail armor.

He picked up the door key and inserted it into the door’s lock. The door opened with a soft click sound and cold air rushed out.

As the door slowly opened, Leo suddenly saw a deep red light. Sure enough, there was another monster guarding the armory.

Leo was not surprised by the emergence of another Guardian. This place was created by a Saint, there’s no way killing a simple level 5 golem would be enough to acquire the treasures in the armory.

Leo inspected the new Guardian.

Lumios’ Sacred Guardian [Emperor]
Level ???
Health ???

Leo looked at the Guardian's stats, shock filling his face. He prepared himself then and there to be sent back graveyard. Just thinking about losing an entire level pained his heart.

Suddenly a blue light shot past him and a gigantic explosion filled his vision with a bright light, completely blinding him for a few seconds.

He regained his vision and saw the Guardian laying on the ground, not moving at all. It had been killed instantly.

Leo quickly turned around to see who killed the Guardian. Standing behind him was Liana, her elegant staff still raised and a satisfied smile on her face. He did not know if he should laugh or cry. What was the point of having him kill the golem if she could just instantly kill it herself.

“You knew that the golem was blind and that another Guardian was waiting behind the door didn’t you?” Leo asked hopelessly.

“Well it wouldn’t be a trial if I did all the work now would it?” Liana responded with a giggle.

“A trial? A trial for what?”

“Hmm, who knows?”

Liana walked past him and into the armory. Leo could only follow and try to figure out what she meant by those words later.

The Guardian, a 20-meter tall golem clad in dark metal armor lay motionless on the floor. Unfortunately it did not drop any loot at all, which is common when a monster is killed by an NPC.

After walking for a few minutes they arrived in front of another massive door with the sign “Armory” written at the top.

Liana pushed the door opened and walked in. Left with no other choice, Leo quickly followed.

The armory had mountains of weapons and armor on racks and shelves. Every piece of equipment was at the very least Gold Quality.

At the very end of the room stood a beautiful stone table with intricate carvings. Laying on the table was a dark black dagger with golden inscriptions. The dagger gave of an evil aura as if to warn everyone to stay back.

Liana casually walked over to the dagger, raised her hand and chanted a complicated magic spell. Tens of light blue rings appeared around the dagger, spinning in circles before disappearing.

Liana picked up the dagger with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Thank you for helping me recover this dagger.” Liana said with a slightly smug face.

“You’re welcome.” Leo answered back, smiling wryly.

“As a reward for helping me I’ll let you chose one of two rewards!”

Leo immediately became excited. A bonus reward, how nice.

Liana took out two items. One was a beautiful spear with runic carvings and a blood-red spearhead, the other was an ordinary looking cloak. Leo inspected both items.

[Black Cloak (Bronze Quality)]
Level requirement: 0
Class restriction: none
Armor type: Cloth
Item category: Back
Attack power: +1
Defense: 1
Magic defense: 2

DEX +1

Special trait:
Can be activated to hide player’s name, level and class.

A fairly good item. Its stats are not anything to write home about, but the special trait is perfect for when you want to stay low-key.

When Leo saw the information for the spear he almost laughed himself to death.

[Lumios’ Sacred Spear (Celestial Quality)]
Level requirement: 1 (300)
Class restriction: Lancer
Item category: Main-weapon
Attack Power: 46 500

STR +2800
DEX +2200

[Heaven Reaching Pierce (Special)]
Pierce the Heaven and deliver an attack with 1000% of attack power.
Ignores armor.
Ignores resilience.

Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 20 sec

Leo looked at Liana and instantly chose his reward.

“I’ll take the cloak.”

“Really? You don’t want the spear? Are you sure~?!” Liana asked, clearly disappointed by his answer.

“I’m quite happy with the cloak.”

“Hmm, you don’t want a Celestial weapon? I’m not joking you know, I’ll really give it to you.” Liana said with a sincere voice.

“I don’t doubt that you’ll give me the weapon.” Leo said truthfully.

“You believe me, yet you choose to not take it?”

Leo let out a smirk before answering her question.

“We both know that the second you stop suppressing the spear’s Celestial power I’ll instantly die.”

Leo was no fool, he knew perfectly well that a Celestial weapon was far beyond any normal player’s capability. Just the pure pressure a Celestial item extrudes is enough to kill a level 200 player, not to mention a mere level 1.

Had it not been for Liana suppressing the pressure he would not even be able to stand within 1000 meters of the spear. Not to mention holding the spear.

He also would not be able to just store it in his inventory. The only way to accept an item from an NPC is to physically touch it and wait a short while for the item to register as yours. If you die during this short period, you will drop the item.

“You’re no fun.” Liana said with a cute pouting mouth.

“You really want me dead don’t you?” Leo responded jokingly.

“It’s not like you Immortal Wanderers die forever.” Liana retorted, clearly not happy with Leo’s decision.

Leo could only laugh. What’s wrong with this sadistic woman?

System announcement: Congratulations on completing [Lumios’ lost dagger (Silver Rank)]!
(Rewarding: 2 silver coins, [Black Cloak (Bronze Quality)], [Spear Counter skill book], 20 EXP + 100 bonus EXP.)

Leo looked at the rewards approvingly. The bonus EXP was probably for not taking the spear.

[Basic Spear Counter Skill Book (Rare)]
Level requirement: 0
Class restriction: Lancer
Item category: Skill book

Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 120 seconds
Cost: 2 rage

Description: Use your spear to completely negate one instance of physical damage.

[Basic Spear Counter] is one of the best lifesaving skills for Lancers. Although blocking one attack every 2 minutes appears to be insignificant, if used at the right time it can save your life and even change the flow of the battle.

Liana quickly cleaned out the armory before opening a portal back to the Elorian Empire.

No matter how you look at it, Liana is far from an ordinary NPC.

“Looks like I have to make my way to the Elorian Empire in the future.” Leo said while letting out a long sigh.

With everything settled he casually walked out of the cave, readying himself for a long night of grinding.


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vkg313 @vkg313 ago

Weird that she wouldn't let him take any one item from the entire treasury, but instead made him choose between two items. Also, I don't understand the point of this hidden quest, as she didn't actually need him, but hopefully it'll come to light soon.

CyclopsSlayer @CyclopsSlayer ago

I saw the Spear as a trap, not for the Celestial power, but because it would instantly attract every PK in the game. Leo would be constantly fighting off armies to keep it.