Leo walked through the market towards the temple. He wanted to see his full character information at least once before heading back out to level. Although players can see most of their character’s information at any time, they still need to visit a temple to see secondary stats, reputation and titles. Hidden stats do not show even at the temple.

Leo walked up the small hill and saw a stone building with red-brick roof at the top. He could vaguely make out an old white-haired priest watering a small flower garden.

“Greetings Padre!”

“Welcome to my humble temple Sir Knight.”

Leo was taken aback for a split-second before remembering he indeed held such a title. Leomar Town is in Ferima Province, which makes his title valid here.

“I want to access my full character information.” Leo said casually. With his title of Knight he far outstripped a simple temple priest. There are many hidden elements in Ekalius Online. If he talked to the priest as equals, he might end up causing more trouble than good.

NPCs take titles very seriously and players have to adapt their speech and behavior according to status.

There have been many players unaware of this, causing great trouble for themselves. Some even got themselves locked up in jail for a few days for insulting a noble above their rank. With how difficult progression is, not to mention how difficult it will become, a few days in jail definitely puts them behind significantly.

This also works the other way around. If a high ranking player talks to a commoner as equals in front of other nobles or guards, they might end up causing the NPC to be fined or thrown in jail.

A soft blue light appeared before his eyes with a holographic window with all his stats.

Player information
Name: Zero
Race: Human
Class: Creator (Hidden Class, Unique)
Guild: None
Titles: Hidden Expert (Unique), Untouchable, Ferima’s Representative (Unique), Knight (Ferima Province)

General stats
Level: 1 (334 / 600)
Health: 14 → 30
Mana: 21
Spirit: 23 → 26
Rage: 11
Attack power: 18 → 20
Attack speed: 0.9 → 0.85
Spell power: 3
Cast speed: 1.0

Main attributes
Strength (STR): 13 → 14
Intelligence (INT): 5
Dexterity (DEX): 11 → 17
Piety (PIT): 5
Vitality (VIT): 6 → 7
Resilience (RES): 6 → 13
Movement speed: 7.5 m/s → 10.0 m/s

Secondary attributes
Perception: low
Charm: low

Other information
Attribute points: 1 per level per attribute
Free attribute points: 11 per level

Main hand: [Basic Spear (Iron Quality)]
Off-hand: None
Head: None
Torso: [Warrior’s Chestplate (Bronze Quality)]
Legs: [Basic Pants (Trash Quality)]
Feet: [Featherweight Boots (Silver Quality {Special})]
Shoulders: [Basic Shoulderpads (Bronze Quality)]
Belt: [Basic Belt (Copper Quality)]
Back: None

Necklace: [Soldier’s Necklace of Hope (Iron Quality)]
Earrings: None | None
Rings: [Ring of Saint Ferima (Legendary Quality {Locked})] | None

[Basic Spear Thrust (Common)]
[Ferima’s Protection (Special)]

Active Quests:

Leo let out a long sigh. If someone saw these stats they might very well drop dead then and there.

Leo could not help look at the screen slightly dumbfounded. His stats were several times higher than any other player; not to mentioned his equipment. Even discounting his locked legendary ring, his other equipment is far above the average player.

Most players still struggle with acquiring Copper Quality gear, yet he has five pieces of Bronze Quality or higher equipment on him.

Leo closed the information panel and walked to the market. The market area was buzzing with commotion. Players sitting everywhere on carpets with all kinds of items spread out.

Most players prefer to sell their loot directly to avoid the 5% auction house fee. They normally would only sell on the auction house if the item was popular enough to start a bidding war or simply to expensive for the players in the town.

The auction house in a town connects every other town and the main city within the territory. The auction house in a city connect all other cities in the Kingdom, including all towns under the specific city’s jurisdiction.

The processing fee of a city auction house is a whopping 10%, double that of a simple town. Selling between Kingdoms is even more expensive with a processing fee of 20%. Normally you would only sell extremely rare items with such a high fee.

The last option is to sell to different continents. The processing fee will then be 35%, but the market will include every player in the game.

Leo opened the auction house interface and searched for Copper Quality belts. There were 15 listings with prices ranging from 15 copper to 35 copper. He listed his extra belt with a starting bid of 12 copper and a buyout of 20 copper with a standard time of 12 hours.

Leo then quickly browsed through every current listing to gauge the current market. With 1240 listings it took him about 15 minutes to look through it all. He then closed his eyes and concentrated on organizing the information in his head.

Leo opened his eyes again feeling confident in his understanding of the current market. This is something very few people could do. His brain works very similar to a computer where he can instantly store massive amounts of information, but he still needs to process it and look up what he needs.

Although very convenient for analytical work, it also makes processing emotions difficult. There is no such thing as a perfect human. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Unfortunately browsing through every item listed can’t be done constantly. When more items are added and especially when he enters a city, the amount of information will increase exponentially.

The only option he has is to select specific categories to stay updated on. If a bit more than 1200 listings took him 15 minutes, imagine how long sorting through hundreds of thousands of listing would take. Then add that prices change constantly and there’s just no hope of constantly understanding the price of every item sold.

Leo walked towards the north gate when he suddenly spotted a woman in a white dress with a deep purple necklace. On the surface of the necklace were carvings of a blue orb with white runic symbols around it.

Leo was taken aback by the necklace. The symbol on it represents the Luminar Disciples. The Luminar Disciples dedicate their entire lives to research and explore the life and actions of Saint Lumios.

Although they are not that rare, seeing a Disciple in Leomar is strange. Saint Lumios was a dwarf and one would normally find most Disciples in the Elorian Empire. The Elorian Empire is situated at the completely opposite side of the world. For a Disciple to be here has to have a special meaning.

Leo thought of different possibilities for why she was in this small town. The woman suddenly stood up and walked towards Leo.

“Greetings Saint Representative Zero. My name is Liana Cherwoll.”

The woman lifted her dress slightly and bowed her head elegantly. Leo looked at the woman and gave her a sincere smile before replying.

“Greetings Luminar Disciple Liana.”

Liana lifted her head, showing a slightly surprised expression.

“I am impressed that you would know that.” Liana said in a happy voice.

“Of course, as the representative of Saint Ferima I naturally have to recognize devoted Disciples of the other Saints.” Leo said, completely winging it like a boss.

Liana looked at him with inspecting eyes. She seemed to be pondering about something. She then opened her mouth before he could ask her anything.

“Seeing as you know of Saint Lumios, maybe you could help me?”

System announcement: Hidden Quest “Lumios’ lost dagger” [Silver Rank].

Leo looked at the announcement with a bright smile. A hidden quest was difficult to find. Normally you could only acquire one by luck. Even then, most of the hidden quest would either be copper or bronze ranked.

A hidden quest will be unavailable to anyone else after its accepted, regardless of whether the quest is successfully completed or not. Leo quickly opened the quest log and read the description.

Quest: Lumios’ lost dagger [Silver Rank]
Luminar Disciple Liana has searched for clues about the lost dagger for years. She surprisingly found a clue about its whereabouts six months ago. Following the clue led her to the seemingly unrelated Leomar Town. After searching for weeks she accidentally found a cave hidden in Tuliun Forest.

Along the cave walls were scriptures related to Lumios. She walked through the narrow cave and entered a vast open area deep within the cave. Standing in front of a massive door was a huge stone golem. The golem wielded two swords and diligently patrolled around the open area, constantly searching for intruders.

Help Liana get through the door and retrieved the lost dagger.

Leo looked at Liana after reading the quest description. With a smile on his face he politely accepted the quest.

The two of them walked to Tuliun Forest. They walked across the old stone bridge and followed the dirt road towards a large mountain. The area around the mountain was devoid of life.

Leo could spot a cave entrance slightly hidden behind some dead trees. He recognized it as the entrance to the first dungeon Wasted Mines. Every territory has its own dungeons. The type of monsters, boss mechanics and environment differs greatly. Generally the loot obtained is of similar quantity and quality, the exception to this rule is for materials.

A dungeon in a mountain like the Wasted Mines has a significantly higher chance of dropping ore and forging recipes compared to a dungeon in a forest for example. After walking through the wasteland a green scenery once again showed itself.

They walked through a thick forest and up a hill. They followed a small river, ending in a magnificent waterfall. Right before the waterfall was a hidden cave. They walked through the cave until they discovered a vast open area in the otherwise narrow cave corridors.

A massive golem stood in front of a gigantic metal door. Leo quickly used [Identify] to see what he was dealing with.

Guardian Golem [Leader]
Level 5
Health: 1 500


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Didn't he get 300 exp x10 (1000%)?

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Luck? Is that a visible stat? I guess I’m confused as you mentioned hidden stats and don’t know f the priest would show some or all of them.

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