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Chapter 6 — Learning the hard way


Leo picked up the last bit of loot after calming himself down.


[Featherweight Boots (Silver Quality {Special})]

Level 0

Restrictions: none

DEX +4

Movement speed +10%



Commissioned by General Lariff Ruvmeister for use by Griffin riders. Imbued with magical properties riders no longer have to fear falling of their Griffin. General Ruvmeister’s son died after his Griffin was hit by an arrow from a ballista.

After the incident General Ruvmeister gathered the best Engineers, Blacksmiths and Enchanters to construct the Featherweight Boots. Although too late for his own son it would still save countless lives.


Special skill [Slow Descend]

Activate to significantly reduce gravity around your body and slowly descend. Effect last for 20 minutes unless canceled.

Cooldown: 2 hours


“Not bad. Not bad at all.”


Leo smiled as he read through the information. With this he could reach hidden areas.


Two players in black leather clothing looked at each other with greedy eyes.


“Heheh, looks like we hit the jackpot.” The one speaking was called “Silent Killer” while the other’s name was “Bloody Death”. They were both experts in player killing.


They are both Red Players. Red Players specializes in killing other players and generally refrain from PVE content. They level up through killing and in Ekalius Online they are all part of the Syndicate.

The Syndicate is a dark organization specializing in everything illegal. They control several towns and small cities. Players can choose to align with the Syndicate if they plan on playing as a Red Player.


Players choosing to align with the Syndicate receives several benefits, but also several restrictions.


Syndicate [Faction]

Hiding in the shadows and disrupting the peace in every continent. The Syndicate controls the underworld and constantly causes righteous Players and NPCs trouble.



By aligning with the Syndicate a Player will be restricted from openly entering any Village, Town or City not controlled by the Syndicate. Players will be attacked on sight by most combat related NPCs and non-Syndicate aligned Players will receive no penalty for killing a Syndicate Player or NPC.



Syndicate Players will receive 250% EXP bonus for killing Players.

Syndicate Players will receive a reduced death penalty if killed by another Player.

Syndicate Players will suffer a random 100%-300% increase in equipment dropped on death, but will in return receive a 100% increase in equipment obtained from killing a Player.

Syndicate Players will receive special Kill Points for successfully killing Players which can be converted to coins, equipment, scrolls etc.


Silent Killer looked at the still unaware Leo, a cold glint flashing in his eyes. They had both heard the world announcement and could still see the Golden Boar lying on the ground in front of Leo.


Both of them being Thiefs gave them the confidence that they could take on a single Lancer. The Thief class specializes in quick and deadly attacks perfectly suited for any Syndicate Player.


They quickly entered [Stealth] and walked closer and closer to Leo.


The two Thiefs quickly entered 10 meters from Leo. At this moment Leo felt a peculiar feeling. It was as if freezing cold air went down his spine. He quickly realized what was happening. He could only hopelessly shake his head pitying those that think of him as an easy target.


Leo slowly started walking towards the Thiefs while pretending he hadn’t noticed them.


Bloody Death went around to his back while Silent Killer prepared to launch a frontal attack, opening up for Bloody to strike.


Silent Killer aimed his dagger directly at Leo’s neck. With a distance of only 2 meters there was no way to dodge his attack. The dagger flew through the air like a snake going in for the kill.


Leo calmly lifted his spear and positioned his body into a battle stance. In one smooth motion he went from walking to striking with his spear. Silent Killer had no time to react at all. No matter how fast Leo was he still shouldn’t be able to strike back at this distance.


Leo’s spear hit the Thief right in his neck twice instantly killing him.





System announcement: you killed player [Silent Killer]. The player belongs to the Syndicate Faction and no penalty will be applied.


Terrifyingly high damage numbers floated above the Thief’s head. He could not understand what happened at all. Every player he had killed so far had not even moved a finger before he ended their lives, yet now he had been instantly killed himself.


Bloody Death was utterly stupefied. All he saw was Leo lift his spear and in the next moment Silent was dead. It was so shocking that he even forgot to attack.


Leo swiftly turned around and activated [Spear Thrust]. With no suspense at all, three damage numbers floated above the cloaked Thief’s head.






System announcement: you killed player [Bloody Death]. The player belongs to the Syndicate Faction and no penalty will be applied.


Bloody Death looked at his health bar in disbelief. Not only was he instantly killed, he was even killed while in stealth.


Leo pitied the two Thiefs, shaking his head. They could only blame their horrendous luck for encountering him. Sometimes learning the difference in ability between a veteran like himself and a newbie can only be done the hard way.


In Ekalius stealth is not absolute. Stealth can be seen through, unless their cloaking ability is stupidly high or their level is significantly higher than their target, it’s just that players haven’t adapted to it yet. For someone like Leo, however, seeing through a newbie Thief’s stealth is almost too easy.


A Thief’s body appears to be a blur when in stealth. It is easy to spot this blur if you know what you’re looking for. Even in the later stages of the game a Thief’s cloaking ability is not invincible. The difference being that you have to use a skill or item to see through it.


In truth, Leo did not need to use a skill to kill the second Thief. The only reason he did so was to make them think that his first attack was a skill.


There are two ways of playing the game. The first, which everyone uses right now is to rely on the game system. Players activate the skills simply by thinking about it. The same goes for lifestyle players creating items.


The second option is free mode where every skill is activated by performing the corresponding actions manually. This method offers significantly more flexibility and will become the standard way of playing for everyone after the first evolution.


Some players have actually entered this mode accidentally while out leveling. Unfortunately for them they did not recognize this and switched back to the first method the second they activated a skill.


Leo knew that he would only have an advantage in the early game. With a significant part of the game being different from his past life he could not afford to advance the player's skill level too fast.


The slower they level up and the slower they understand how different this game is the better.


Back in the graveyard two lights suddenly appeared. Silent Killer started cursing the moment he revived even going as far as accusing Leo of cheating. Not only did he lose a level he also lost his two best pieces of equipment.


Bloody Death on the other hand was completely silent. He replayed what happened in his mind over and over again trying to figure out where it went wrong.


Leo picked up the four pieces of loot laying silently on the ground.


[Basic Shoulderpads (Bronze Quality)]

Level 1

Restriction: Leather class

DEX + 1

RES + 1

Health + 2


[Basic Belt (Copper Quality)]

Level 1

Restriction: None

VIT +1

RES +1


[Soldier’s Necklace of Hope (Iron Quality)]

Level 1

Restriction: None

Health + 3

RES + 3


[Basic Belt (Copper Quality)]

Level 1

Restriction: None

VIT +1


“Not bad at all.” Leo exclaimed, a bit surprised by the quality level.


“I should definitely be wary of those two in the future. Getting equipment like this so early on is no walk in the park.”


Leo equipped the newly acquired gear and headed back to town.


System warning: you have been online for 10 hours straight. It is advised to take a short break.


“10 hours already huh. I guess a short break would be in order.”


Leo found his way to the logout button and with a soft light his vision went dark.


The game capsule opened with a woosh sound and Leo stepped out.


Even after laying still for 10 hours straight he still felt energetic and not sluggish at all.


He headed out the door after having a short meal. He suddenly remembered that the mixed martial arts dojo near his apartment had its opening ceremony today.


The dojo would in celebration of their opening hold a fighting tournament for amateurs. If he took first place he would be given free membership for life at the dojo.


At this moment the thing he lacked the most was money. If he could secure himself a place to train for free obviously he would not let the chance slip by.


Although his body condition was nowhere near his peak in his past life, he should still be able to win purely using technique. Luckily this dojo is only one of dozens in the area. The more experienced fighters would naturally gather at the more established dojos. Even free membership for life was not enough incentive; after all they would have to sign a contract binding them to the dojo.


For Leo signing the contract would not be a problem. He knew perfectly well how big this newcomer dojo would become in the future.


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