After continuously slaughtering boars left and right, along with the occasional elite boar, Leo finally leveled up. A golden light surrounded his body as a pleasant jingle sounded in his ear with a system announcement appearing.

System announcement: Congratulations on advancing to level 1!

Leo quickly allocated his free ability points into STR and DEX, with 5 points to DEX while the remaining 6 went to STR. By using a spear he naturally had an advantage in range compared to most physical based monsters. By increasing his dexterity he can both increase attack speed and movement speed, making dodging and using his technique more convenient.

This way of allocating attribute points would make almost every player laugh till they fell on the ground. He was primarily a physical based DPS, strength and resilience would be the obvious choices with vitality now and then. To them the concept of dodging attacks was still foreign.

Skills level up based on the number of times they were used and what situation they were used in. The main system calculates all the variables when deciding how much EXP each skill get when used.

Leo opened his character’s information after completing the allocation of his free attribute points.

Player information:

General Stats
Level: 1 (4 / 600)
Health: 10 → 14
Mana: 20 → 21
Spirit: 20 → 23

Rage: 10 → 11
Attack power: 12 → 18
Attack speed: 1.0 → 0.9

Main attributes
Strength (STR): 6 → 13
Intelligence (INT): 4 → 5
Dexterity (DEX): 5 → 11
Piety (PIT): 4 → 5
Vitality (VIT): 5 → 6
Resilience (RES): 5 → 6
Movement speed: 7.1 m/s → 7.5 m/s

Alex had already reached level 2, the increased EXP requirement was beginning to show itself.

After playing for 8 hours Alex decided to log out. Unlike Leo, he still had work to do and could not spend all his time playing.

With the advanced technology used for the game capsule you would not have to get out for a long time. The capsule would constantly monitor your body condition and take appropriate actions. The capsule would also stimulate your muscles making sure your body stays in top condition even after countless hours of playing.

In the near future martial artists and the military would use the game to train their bodies in addition to normal exercise. Truly a revolutionary invention.

Leo discovered a certain monster he never thought he would see after killing boars for hours. He quickly inspected the monster, not daring to believe his eyes otherwise.

Golden Boar [Special]
Level: 0
Health: 50 000

A Golden Special monster was so rare that even in his 15 years of playing he had only heard about them. Until now, he hardly believed they actually existed, yet here one stands.

The monster is special in the way that it has an insane amount of health compared to its level. Although not that strong, one hit would still make his health go down to critical levels. Normally a level 1 player could never solo a monster with 50 000 health, the health regeneration alone would be 500 per second. If he used [Basic Spear Thrust] on a vital spot with a critical hit, he still would be lucky to even hit 50 damage.

Luckily, the monster in front of him does not have health regeneration. As longs as he attacks carefully he should be able to take it down. Although it would be a very, very long battle.

Leo thought deeply about whether to attack. Even if he made Alex come back it would still be a several-hour-long battle. Considering he was currently in a level 2 zone it should only take the current players 10-or so hours before they catch up. Considering everything Leo decided to take the chance and attack. The potential loot was too great of an incentive.

Leo slowly made his way towards the Golden Boar. When he reached 50 meters the Boar noticed his presence and charge forward.

“What a terrifying range!”

Luckily the boar was only level 0 and therefore had no skills. With a simple attack pattern of charging and using its sharp tusks to attack, he had an easy time dodging. Although easy now, after a few hours he would definitely be exhausted beyond belief.

Leo aimed at the boar’s neck with and activated [Basic Spear Thrust]. Knowing that the neck would be exposed far more often than its eyes, he decided to break through its though defenses by repeatedly stabbing one specific area.


Leo frowned while looking at the damage he dealt. Its defense was not to be looked down on. He continuously moved around the boar striking the same spot over and over again. 30 minutes later the boar still had 70% of its health remaining.


After being repeatedly struck at the same spot for half an hour the boar could no longer rely on its high defense.


Leo continued on striking its neck.

-30! Chain Critical

Leo looked at the last hit dumbfounded. The critical hit was twice as strong as his normal critical using the [Basic Spear Thrust] skill. Could this be a hidden trait?

With no time to check his hypothesis, he continued on for hours before finally laying the Boar to eternal rest.

Golden Boar [Special] defeated! Awarding 330 EXP!
(1000% additional bonus EXP for killing a Special grade monster!)

System announcement: Congratulation on receiving the title [Untouchable] for successfully dodging 3 000 times in a row without taking damage in a single fight!

[Untouchable (Title)]
+10 maximum health
+2 RES
+5% movement speed bonus

System announcement: You are eligible for a world announcement! Do you wish to include your name in the announcement?

Leo once more chose to not display his name.

World announcement: Congratulation to player [Anonymous] for successfully killing the first Golden Special monster in the world! Awarding 200% bonus loot and 5 silver!

System announcement: Reputation in all human settlements increased by 10!

The players went crazy after the world announcement.

[Unimportant person #1] Amazing! Two world announcements on the first day!

[Unimportant person #2] What’s so special about killing a single monster? If I had found it I would kill it with ease. This announcement means nothing.

[Dave] I bet the loot is amazing! Even getting 5 silver! What a God! I can’t even get a single silver after countless hours of leveling. Developers please reduce the price of potions!

Golden Boar Corpse [Special]
55 copper
[Featherweight Boots (Silver Quality)]
[Ring of Saint Ferima (Legendary Quality {Locked})]

Leo could not believe his own eyes. A legendary item and a ring at that. The lowest drop rate item in existence. Leo could not contain his excitement as he looked at the ring’s information.

[Ring of Saint Ferima (Legendary Quality {Locked})]
Level requirement: 1 (50)
Class restriction: None
Item category: Accessory
Attack power: 4 (at level 1)

STR + 1 (at level 1)
DEX +1 (at level 1)
Movement speed + 25%
Luck + 2

Special skill [Ferima’s Protection]
Activate to completely negate all damage for 5 seconds.

Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 48 hours

Forged by Saint Blacksmith Liana with Legendary Quality Dragon Scale as its core. The Ring was used by Saint Ferima in the Battle of Saints before falling to Earth, remaining hidden for a thousand years.
The ring is locked and needs a Grandmaster Blacksmith along with the required materials to be repaired.

Unlock requirement
Soul Stone (0 / 50)
Violet Gold Ore (0 / 300)
Dragon’s Blessing

Leo stood with his mouth wide open still trying to wrap his mind around his heaven-defying luck. Although a locked legendary item, it’s still a legendary item. One of the rarest quality items in the game.

The stats on the ring are amazing, not to mention it comes with a lifesaving skill. It’s even a growth item. If he can’t unlock it he would still be able to use it all the way to level 50, given it’s a locked legendary item using it well past level 100 would still be possible.

After taking in all the information his smile faded as he looked at requirements for unlocking it. Not even mentioning the Dragon’s Blessing, the Soul Stone alone would take months, if not years to find. Even if he had all the money in the world he still might not be able to buy them.

Violet Gold Ore although more common than Soul stone, is still rare enough that a single ore sold for more than 100 gold in his past life. Even if you had the money, there would be few players selling it.

Leo was brought back from his thoughts when a system announcement sounded in his ear.

System announcement: By obtaining the Ring of Ferima, you have gained insight about the Battle of Saints. Visit the Royal Library in Ferima City to learn more.

System announcement: Reputation in Ferima City increased by 50.

System announcement: Congratulation on obtaining the title [Ferima’s Representative]. You will be invited to participate in the Saints Trials when the time comes.

[Ferima’s Representative (Title)]
Reputation in all settlements increased by 15.
Granting title of [Knight] in Ferima Province.

The system keeps on giving him more and more of a shock. Not only has his reputation increased dramatically, he even got the title of [Knight] directly in the Ferima Province. Reputation is not normally something you can get this easily. In the later parts of the game reputation will become one of the most important resource for any top tier player.

Not only will different titles grant discounts in shops and hidden quests, but they will also give a player the opportunity to buy a house, mansion, guild residence, shops, create settlements and more.

The title of Knight is the lowest required title to be given the right to construct a guild residence. Leo might be the only person able to directly build a guild residence in the city the moment he reaches level 10. That is assuming he can gather enough money to do so.

The different titles follow a pyramid structure where the higher you get the more rights you have, but you also need an enormous amount of reputation to advance.

Titles in ascending order (all rights include the rights of any title below):

50 Reputation
10% discount in NPC shops
Unlock hidden quests

100 Reputation
20% discount in NPC shops
Ability to purchase a personal house
Unlock special quests

The following titles automatically apply to any village or town in the corresponding City’s province.

[Knight / Dame]
300 Reputation
30% discount in NPC shops
2% reduced tax for any transaction in the auction house
Ability to purchase a Guild house
Ability to purchase a personal mansion

[Baronet / Baronetess]
700 Reputation
Additional rights based on the specific city the title originates from
5% reduction in tax from the auction house

[Baron / Baroness]
1200 Reputation
Ability to set up a shop

[Viscount / Viscountess]
3000 Reputation + Letter of Recommendation from an NPC Earl / Countess or higher
Ability to purchase land in the golden districts of a city
7% reduction in tax from the auction house
50% discount in NPC shops

[Earl / Countess]
6000 Reputation + Letter of Recommendation from an NPC Marquess / Marchioness or higher
Ability to conquer a hostile Village

[Marquess / Marchioness]
15 000 Reputation + Letter of Recommendation from an NPC Duke / Duchess or higher
+ Notable Contributions to the Kingdom/Empire
Establish a Village

[Duke / Duchess]
50 000 Reputation + Letter of Recommendation from an NPC Grand Duke / Grand Duchess or higher
+ Notable Contributions to the Kingdom/Empire
Conquer a hostile Town

[Grand Duke / Grand Duchess]
150 000 Reputation + The support of an NPC Archduke / Archduchess or higher
+ Notable Contributions to the Kingdom/Empire
Establish a Town
75% discount in NPC shops

Players and especially guilds have to decide on where to settle down long before they actually have the means to do so. If you start farming reputation in one city and decide to change city, depending on circumstances, you might have to start all over again.

This is especially true for Guilds. In his past life many Guilds were forced out of their starting city due to guild wars. Although some managed to recover, mostly the super guilds with multiple guild branches in many cities, most fell never to stand again.


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Bio: I am a hobby writer way in over his head. Seriously, send help! This is not following the simulations.

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The Infinice @The Infinice ago

My gods, this novel is gonn be good. And you, my dear author, seem like a very proffessional person. Minor grammar errors are excusable, for unless you are the perfect polyglot, you will never be able to get all sentences and words right.

But the plot, oh my gods the plot. Only 5 chapters in, and every thing is so damned juicy already. And this covers only the first day of what shoild be a 15 year journey in the novel, no doubts that this will turn out to be marvelous, as long as the layout of the middlegame is handled correctly.

Kudos for the work, and kudos for the dedication.


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Thank you for your kind words!

    I am happy that I seem to have completed my goal of introducing this series in a positive light. To be honest I have been a bit nervous about whether or not the plot makes sense. As I know the general plotline it is far to easy to forget about properly managing the clues I leave behind in my writing. This, if not handled properly can make the reader feel like things happen out of the blue when in reality they have a meaning behind them.

    As for grammar issues although I will definitely do my best to keep them to a minimum, at the end of the day I am no scholar. Until writing this novel I had no idea how often I use commas. I mean my God I use a lot of commas. You have no idea how many commas I removed in the readthrough before publishing.

Lilalith @Lilalith ago

Like my comrade up there said, the story seems very appealing. Hope to see more soon as promised. You have my support ! Fight ! o/

Notsosneekyninja22 @Notsosneekyninja22 ago

from the short taste of the novel you have given us so far it looks very promising, I am very much looking forward to what you do with it espically since it is not uncommon for similar stories to skip over the reasons why the MC went back in time and got a second chance, whereas you are looking to make it an important plot point.

Also thank you so very much for not doing the commonly used sent back and knows everything about the game so super easy progression, always felt that those take away from the story. With you instead making his second chance him being something akin to the only Veteran Virtual Reality MMORPG player in regards to everybody else than an absolute pubstomp I cant wait to see how you progress the story including how the other players start to match up with the MC as they get used to the new game style.

I sincerely look forward to this story.

tyes77 @tyes77 ago

This world announcement thing is a bitch. Is there literally no way to keep yourself hidden or something? Because the MC is painting a huge target on his back


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Hello tyes77!

    The first 14 or so chapters are currently being slightly rewritten to address many issues and this specific one is already changed in the new draft. I recommended you to read the author’s notes at the end of chapter 14 and maybe wait a day or two before continuing reading the novel.

    The rework is taking slightly longer than I expected, but should be released either tomorrow or on wednesday.

Ageless Charade @Ageless Charade ago

Looking good so far, still have to read the rest. Thought it'd be a good idea to point out the attribute increases are off. He adds six points to strength, but even including the +1 to all per level, it only jumps from six to nine, when it should be thirteen.


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Thank you for pointing that out!


    I recently did a rework of Chapter 1-14 and many numbers were moved around. I still have nightmares about it.


    In the original edit 9 is right, but it should indeed be 13 with the new and currently active version of the chapter.

PouchCotato @PouchCotato ago

hey, just quickly its corpse* corps refers to like, a military regiment or whatever


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Thank you for pointing out the typo. It seems like I've forgotten to add the 'e' twice throughout the novel and will fix it right now.