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The reason for this is to clear up the story and make it far more solid, giving me enough to work with to avoid it feeling like the plot is constantly changing. The overall content shouldn’t be different, although the way it’s told and the sequence of events will change a bit.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Hundreds of white lights lit up the peaceful town of Leomar as excited players spawned. Some immediately started heading towards NPCs to get quests while others ran into the fields north of the town to start leveling up.

World announcement: Congratulations to player [Anonymous] for unlocking the world’s first hidden class! Awarding 1 silver and 1 equipment box!


The sudden announcement caused an uproar in the town. There were all kinds of reactions, both positive and negative. Some players even wanted to delete their character and find a hidden class themselves.


System announcement: Incoming chat request from (Flower Priest)


“Ah, brother Leo where are you?”

“I’m next to the blacksmith on the north-west side”.

“Okay, I’m coming now.”

A few minutes later Alex came into view, looking around like he suddenly could see after being blind from birth.

“Over here!”

Leo waved at Alex, holding in his laughter.

“So what are we doing? Questing or killing monsters?”

“The NPCs will be busy for a while. Getting a quest is not as easy as other games. Not only do NPCs only talk to one player at a time, but you also have to ask the right questions to trigger the quest.”

“Seems awfully inconvenient does it not? I get that the game is more realistic than most, but still, where’s the player convenience?” Alex laughed while looking at Leo.

“Let’s go out of town and find a place to level first.”

“Sounds good to me. By the way, what class are you? You look different from the others around.”

Leo opened his class information and shared it with Alex. He had no reason to hide it from him. Alex let out a long sigh after a short moment.

“You really do surprise me more and more these days. A hidden starter class. Are you even going to give the rest of us a chance to play?” Alex smiled wryly.

Leo had no response at all, only smiling before continuing on.

“That reminds me, I still haven’t opened my equipment box.”

[Creator’s Equipment box (Bronze Quality)]

Randomly select a piece of armor or weapon appropriate for a Level 0 Creator. Equipment grade ranges from Copper to Silver.

Copper quality: 100%

Bronze quality: 40%

Iron quality: 5%

Steel quality: 1%

Silver quality: 0.01%


System: Please select either armor or weapon.


System: The Creator class has no fixed weapon, please select any class weapon.


System: Spear selected. Randomly generating attributes.


System announcement: Congratulations on receiving [Basic Spear (Iron Quality)]!

[Basic Spear (Iron Quality)]

Level requirement: 0

Class restriction: Lancer

Item category: Main-weapon

Attack power: 7

Attack speed: 1.0


STR +2
DEX +1

Description: A simple spear made out of sturdy wood with an iron tip.

Getting an Iron Quality weapon at the start of the game is basically cheating. Just the attack power alone is more than triple of a normal starter spear.

“What did you get?” Alex asked excitedly.

“Take a look yourself.”

Leo shared the stats of his new weapon.

“I swear Ekalius itself is favoring you!”

“Haha, maybe so.” Leo let out a soft laugh.

Leo opened his character’s information to see the changes after equipping the spear.


Player information

Attack power: 3 → 12

Strength (STR): 4 → 6

Dexterity (DEX): 4 → 5

Movement speed: 7 m/s → 7.1 m/s

Main Weapon: [Basic Spear (Iron Quality)]

Armor: [Basic Shirt (Trash Quality)], [Basic Pants (Trash Quality)], [Basic Shoes (Trash Quality)]

Ekalius Online, similar to Garius Online from his past life, has a mysterious way of calculating stats. Attack power which directly represents damage, attack speed and movement speed all change based on stat increase. Although they change, how much they change is unknown.

In his past life there were many hypotheses about the stats changes. Some believed that the player’s fitness and understanding of the game determined how much the stats increased, others believed that gear had hidden stats on them. Even after 15 years no one could say for certain.

Some tried to trade over a specific weapon between completely new players to see the change. Even choosing those of similar physique and game knowledge; without fail, every single one had different changes to their stats. Even those seemingly identical in physique, game knowledge, age, education and so on still had inconsistent stat changes.

The players gave up after several trials. The most accepted theory is that every player has unique hidden stats, besides the known Luck, Stamina and Concentration stats and every equipment has hidden stats that based on the player will change the overall stats.

Leo inspected Alex’s player information.

Player information:

Name: Flower Priest

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Guild: None

Title: None

General Stats

Level: 0 (0 / 100)

Health: 7

Mana: 20

Attack power: 1

Attack speed: 1.0

Spell power: 3

Cast speed: 1.0

Main attributes

Strength (STR): 1

Intelligence (INT): 2

Dexterity (DEX): 2

Piety (PIT): 4

Vitality (VIT): 1

Resilience (RES): 1

Movement speed: 7 m/s

Main Weapon: [Basic Staff (Copper Quality)]

Armor: [Basic Shirt (Trash Quality)], [Basic Pants (Trash Quality)], [Basic Shoes (Trash Quality)]

[Basic Staff (Copper Quality)]

Level requirement: 0

Class restriction: Priest

Spell power: 1

Cast speed: 1.0

Description: A simple staff given to all new Priests.


PIT +1

“Alright, time to head out. Let’s first stop by the general store.”


The two of them were greeted by a middle-aged man wearing simple linen clothing.

“Greetings adventurers! How may I help you this fine day?”

“Greetings shopkeeper. We would like to buy some potions and food.”

“Well of course, our store has a wide variety of products, please take your time.”

The shopkeeper walked back to his register and a typical store interface popped up, indicating the current products sold. What took Leo by surprise was the discount applied. He received a 10% discount on all items. Although reputation does indeed give certain discounts, with 5 reputations he should not be eligible for any discounts. Could his title have a hidden stat?

“So expensive!” Alex shouted out after taking a look at the potions.

A single [Basic Health Potion] capable of healing 3 HP costs 1 copper. Every player starts with 10 copper, 10% of their total wealth for a single potion is indeed expensive. Luckily Leo received 1 silver for unlocking his hidden class, that’s 100 copper, plus his initial 10 copper meant he now has 110 copper. Adding the discount for every 10 potions he would save 1 copper.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll buy them. I get a 10% discount here.” Leo said while laughing.

“Brother is so rich, I will depend on you today!” Alex said jokingly.

After buying 10x [Basic Health Potion] and 40x [Basic Mana Potion] along with 10x [Basic Bread], Leo had to pay out a total of 90 copper. 9 copper for health potions, 72 for mana potions and 9 for bread. He was left with more than double that of any other player, even after splurging so much.

Leo and Alex headed for the level 2 zone, Rainfall Forest after stocking up on supplies.

“Umm Leo. Are you lost? You do know we just entered a level 1 zone right?”

“Haha, I know what I’m doing. We’re going to level in Rainfall Forest.” Leo said confidently.

“Rainfall Forest is a level 2 zone right? You do know we are currently level 0, right? “ Alex asked half-jokingly, half confused.

“Don’t worry. Ekalius Online is not like other games. Even if the monsters have an advantage of a few levels we can still kill them if we play right.”

Leo didn’t bother explaining further. How could someone truly new to the game like Alex possible know how advanced the combat system is. In his past life it took weeks before players realized how much freedom they actually had in combat. Dodging using the terrain, attacking weak spots and much more decides the battle, not purely who has higher stats.

After walking for 30 minutes they finally arrived in Rainfall Forest. Leo took out his spear and searched for a lonely Boar. A short while later they spotted a young boar wandering around alone.

Leo inspected the Boar’s information.

Young Boar [Common]

Level: 2

Health: 40

Stats like movement speed, attack power, attack type and such would not be listed. This was the system’s way of telling the player to pay attention to the details and figure it out themselves. This system led many to despair after attacking seemingly weak monster with low health, only to find out their movement speed was thrice theirs and attack power several times their own.

Leo let out a relieved sigh. Luckily the monsters, although their name and appearance slightly different, still had the same level and health from his past.

“I’ll attack first and you can start attacking after I settle its threat.”

“Huh? I’m a priest you know, shouldn’t I be healing you?” Alex asked confused.

Leo let out a quiet laugh before smiling.

“You might be a Priest, but do you have a healing skill?”

“Ah, now that you mention it, I don’t.” Alex said in embarrassment. He had forgotten that healer classes had it the roughest in the beginning.

After approaching within 15 meters of the Boar, it noticed his presence and charged at him.

“What is that speed? He’s dead for sure.” Alex said worriedly.

Leo kept calm and swung his spear towards its neck while sidestepping. Everything happened in one smooth motion. The Boar fell down on its side from the impact, confusion, and disbelief appearing in its eyes.


A number appeared above the Boar’s head. In a single attack Leo had taken almost 20% of its total health. Even with the level suppression as well as its tough skin, Leo still managed to exert a significant portion of his raw damage potential.

He did not give the Boar any chance to retaliate and swiftly ran forward and stabbed the boar again at the same location.


-1 bleed damage

The boar finally managed to stand again only to be met by Leo’s spear once more. This time he stabbed the Boar twice in quick successions, seemingly breaking the rules of the game. He managed to attack twice in quick succession without the use of any skills.


-24! Critical

-1 bleed damage

System: Young Boar (Common) defeated! Awarding 3 EXP!

(200% bonus for killing an enemy 2 levels above the party’s average level!)

The boar would normally give 2 EXP, but with the level difference that increases by an additional 200%, making it 6 EXP. Experience is only awarded in whole numbers and considering Leo did most of the damage, he ended up with the extra point.

Alex stood with his mouth wide open. Before he could even react the boar lay motionless on the ground, killed almost instantly.

“Amazing brother! You are too amazing! What was that last skill you used? How did you get a skill book?!” Alex shouted out.

Leo casually shook his head before explaining.

“It’s not a skill, but a personal technique.”

“Personal technique? I can’t remember there being something like that on the information panel.”

“It’s a hidden feature of the game. Although still somewhat limited, with proper technique and training you can perform actions similar to simple skills without actually using a skill.”

Alex could not believe what his ears. The game suddenly became so much more than a game to him. He vowed in his heart to master a personal technique for himself.

“Brother is simply too amazing. To get a hidden class, an Iron Quality spear and even figuring out that real-world techniques can be used in combat is simply too much. You leave the rest of us speechless.” Alex praised Leo with all his heart. This brother of his truly has changed.

Leo only laughed before checking the dropped loot.

Young Boar Corpse [Common]

2 copper

[Basic Healing Skill Book (Common)]

Leo was flabbergasted when he discovered the skill book. The [Basic Healing Skill Book] is the most important skill book for any healer class early on. Before getting this book they have to rely on friends or hope that strangers wish to take them along to leach EXP until they can get a healing skill. To believe that the first kill gave such great loot. Maybe being the first to explore Rainfall Forest had something to do with it.

Leo looked at Alex, smiling.

“It seems you have some heaven-defying luck today. A healing skill book dropped.”

Leo threw the book to Alex. Alex looked at it, smiling from ear to ear before pushing the book to his chest learning the skill on the spot.

[Basic Healing Skill Book (common)]

Level requirement: 0

Class restriction: Priest, Scholar, Holy Mage

Item category: Skill book


Description: Heal a single target for 100%-200% of spell power.

Cast time: 1.5 seconds

Cooldown: 1.5 seconds

Cost: 1 mana

The two copper were automatically split between them by the system. They continued hunting around for two hours before Alex finally leveled up. Although he felt the speed was slow, in actuality, it was several times faster than any other player could achieve at this stage of the game. It only seemed slow because leveling is several times more difficult than any other game.

After searching for another 20 minutes they finally found another boar. The boar was slightly different from the previous one. It was slightly bigger and its fur was faded, making it look almost gray.

Wild Boar [Elite]

Level: 3

Health: 500

Elites are significantly stronger than their [Common] counterpart. Usually you would need at least 5 players of the same level to take down one [Elite] of the same level. When fighting elites, not only do they have higher health, their attack and speed are also stronger and even their skills differ from their common counterpart.

Leo slowly entered the Boar’s detection range. Compared to the common boar’s 15-meter range, the elite had a whole 30-meter range! The boar charged at him the moment he stepped into its range.

Leo elegantly dodged the charged and sent a quick double stab at its neck. The boar’s defense was significant and his attacks could only display half their full potential.


A pitiful amount of damage. The boar let out an angry roar before turning around and attacking again. Leo moved around the boar like a professional dancer, not a single unnecessary move and with deadly precision, he once more struck the boar, this time in its right eye.


A strike to a vital area and critical on top still only took the boar’s health down by nine. This will definitely be a hard fight. The boar’s natural health regeneration is 1% every 1 second, meaning 5 health every second. Leo had to give it his all just to keep up with the health regeneration.

“Alex, start casting spells!” Leo shouted.

Alex quickly started chanting spell after spell.







The battle continued on for 30 minutes. The Boar’s health declined at a snail’s pace. It entered a raged state after reaching 5% health remaining. Its fur became dark red and it increased in size. Leo knew that this was the most critical part of the fight.

With how long the battle lasted, Alex had already burned through 6 mana potions, his heart aching at the thought of how much money this battle had cost.

Damage values continued to float above the boar’s head.








The boar’s health slowly made is way towards zero. The boar suddenly changed its attack direction mid-charge, catching Leo of guard. The boar grazed his arm, a terrifying damage number floating above his head.


Leo was left with only one health remaining. Alex panicked and quickly started healing him.








Leo went in for the kill after getting healed up. He hit the boar in its right eye with a double stab.



A terrifying amount of damage appeared above the boar’s head before it finally fell down to the ground, never to walk again.

System: Wild Boar [Elite] defeated! Awarding 50 EXP!

(400% bonus for killing an Elite 3 levels above the party average!)

Wild Boar Corpse [Elite]

10 copper

Basic Spear Thrust Skill Book (common)]

Basic Warrior’s Chestplate (Bronze Quality)]

Leo smiled happily at the loot, finally something for himself!

Basic Spear Thrust Skill Book (common)]

Level requirement: 0

Class restriction: Lancer

Item category: Skill book

Cast time: Instant

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Cost: 3 rage

Description: Thrust your spear dealing physical damage equal to 65% of attack power 3x in quick succession.

[Basic Warrior’s Chestplate (Bronze Quality)]

Level requirement: 0

Class restriction: Lancer, Knight, Raptor, Gladiator

Armor type: Mail

Item category: Torso

Defense: 2

Magic defense: 1


RES + 1

VIT + 1

After just a few hours the pair of brothers had acquired two skill books, a piece of bronze quality armor and combined almost a silver worth of coins. Truly not a bad start.


A note from Etzuerm

The following system will be used when describing damage/healing in fights.


Friendly attack/heals

-4 - Damage

-3 - Bleed/Poison

-6! - Critical hit

+3 - Healing/absorb shield

+5! - Critical healing


Enemies will always have the values in parenthesis.




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jlkc @jlkc ago

Oh god, this chapter hurts. Why would you make them sound like they came out of one of the bad Chinese gaming novels. 😓

Shanktt @Shanktt ago

Good chapter length, however the characters sound...robotic...their personality does not come out through their words or actions almost at all. Other than that, decent chapter

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    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    Well I can say that it’s not bad writing. How you interpret that is up to you, but I can say that Chapter 32 expands on it a bit more.


    As for why they sound like they are from a Chinese novel, well there’s also a reason for that. You might have noticed that Alex is the only one who uses ‘Brother’ in direct speech while Leo never says it directly. I wanted to avoid the stereotype of having a Chinese person have a Chinese name. It could have been done better for sure.


    This is one of the finer details not expanded on so far. But just to clarify, Leo is not Chinese. The geographical layout of the population is also not the same as the real world. Again, something I’ve left for future chapters.

      jonfazliu @jonfazliu ago

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    There’s a 100% chance that the item will at least be of Copper Quality. It then has a relative 40% chance of being upgraded to Bronze Quality, then 5% for Iron and so on. The end result is then given to the player based on how far down the ladder they got. It’s a bit confusing for sure.

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