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This novel will be undergoing a rewrite from today (21.05.2019) and no new chapters will be released during the process. I hope to have it done by (27.05.2019) but I will take the time it needs to be in line with my expectations. New chapters will be put on hold until then.


The reason for this is to clear up the story and make it far more solid, giving me enough to work with to avoid it feeling like the plot is constantly changing. The overall content shouldn’t be different, although the way it’s told and the sequence of events will change a bit.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


After 3 months of research and preparation the time had finally come. With the game capsule firmly installed and nutrients filled up full, Leo could finally realize his vision. The game capsule lit up and a sharp needle gently pinched the back of his neck.

Do you wish to perform a DNA-link?


Link establishing, please wait…
Link established, proceeding to character creation.
Please note that Ekalius Online will launch in 3 hours and 25 minutes.

With a bright light and a sharp noise the scene changed. He was now standing in an empty town. Suddenly several lights revealed 10 NPCs. They all looked different with different clothing and weapons.

System: Please select a class. Note that classes cannot be changed without first deleting the current account. Classes can however be advanced at certain levels.

The NPCs stood motionless, waiting for him to walk over and have them explain their class. Players can have the NPCs display their class in great detail to better pick the most suitable class. Players can also leave the decision up to the system and take a short test to find the most suitable class.

Leo walked up to the first NPC. A holographic interface appeared in front of him when he got close enough to the NPC. The interface had all the information about the class and its fighting style.

Class: Ranger
Primary attribute: Dexterity (DEX)
Secondary attribute: Resilience (RES)
Primary resource: Spirit (SP)
Armor type: Leather, Mail

Main weapon: Bow / crossbow
Secondary weapon: Knife

Fighting style: The Ranger specializes in ranged attacks and has many skills to create a distance between the target to fully utilize the class’ long range. The ranger can use a variety of immobilizing and heavy hitting single target skills, but suffer slightly when it comes to AOE attacks.

Primary role: Ranged Physical Damage (DPS)


Class: Mage
Primary attribute: Intelligence (INT)
Secondary attribute: Piety (PIT)
Primary resource: Mana (MP)
Armor type: Cloth

Main weapon: Staff / Wand
Secondary weapon: Orb

Fighting style: The Mage specializes in ranged magic attacks and has many skills to quickly burst down any foe. With high damage and slow attack speed the Mage is a force to be reckoned with. Mages can use either a Staff for slower, more powerful damage or Wand and Orb for faster, but less powerful damage.

Primary role: Ranged Magic Damage (DPS)


Class: Lancer
Primary attribute: Strength (STR)
Secondary attribute: Resilience (RES)
Primary resource: Rage
Armor type: Mail, Plate

Main weapon: Spear
Secondary weapon: None

Fighting style: The Lancer focuses on fast and precise attacks. The class specializes in single target attacks, but can still push out great AOE damage.

Primary role: Melee Physical Damage (DPS)


Class: Thief
Primary attribute: Dexterity (DEX)
Secondary attribute: Strength (STR)
Primary resource: Rage
Armor type: Leather, Mail

Main weapon: Dagger
Secondary weapon: Dagger

Fighting style: The Thief class specializes in fast single target burst damage and is the only class capable of using stealth. A thief can find and disable traps, making the class invaluable in certain dungeons.

Primary role: Melee Physical Damage (DPS)


Class: Knight
Primary attribute: Vitality (VIT)
Secondary attribute: Resilience (RES)
Primary resource: Rage
Armor type: Plate, Mail

Main weapon: Sword
Secondary weapon: Shield

Fighting style: The Knight class specializes in taking damage to ensure the less protected classes can do their job properly. The class uses several skills to increase its threat, making monster’s focus them. The class can mitigate damage using skills and its plate armor will make any monster break their nails trying to break it.

Primary role: Main Tank


Class: Gladiator
Primary attribute: Resilience (RES)
Secondary attribute: Strength (STR)
Primary resource: Rage
Armor type: Plate, Mail

Main weapon: Greatsword
Secondary weapon: None

Fighting style: The Gladiator class specializes in supporting the Knight class. The Gladiator sacrifices some of its ability to take damage in favor for greater attack damage. The class has multiple skills for interrupting enemies, mitigating damage and generating threat. Although not as sturdy as a Knight, the Gladiator can still lead a party through 5-man dungeons.

Primary role: Secondary Tank


Class: Raptor
Primary attribute: Resilience (RES)
Secondary attribute: Dexterity (DEX)
Primary resource: Rage
Armor type: Plate, Mail

Main weapon: Sword
Secondary weapon: Sword

Fighting style: The Raptor specializes in fast paced attacks and movement. The class can move throughout the battlefield with ease, despite wearing plate armor. Its unique skills completely negate the slow effect of plate armor, making the class perfect for moving where it is needed. The class can interrupt enemies, mitigate damage and generate threat. Although slightly more suited for 5-man dungeons than the Gladiator, it is still far away from the sturdiness of a Knight.

Primary role: Secondary Tank


Class: Priest
Primary attribute: Piety (PIT)
Secondary attribute: Intelligence (INT)
Primary resource: Mana (MP)
Armor type: Cloth

Main weapon: Staff
Secondary weapon: None

Fighting style: The Priest class is the main healer with both strong single target healing and AOE healing. The class suffers from lack of damage dealing skills, but more than make up for it through its unrivaled healing. A Priest is always welcomed in any party.

Primary role: Main Healer


Class: Holy Mage
Primary attribute: Intelligence (INT)
Secondary attribute: Piety (PIT)
Primary resource: Mana (MP)
Armor type: Cloth

Main weapon: Mace
Secondary weapon: Holy Book

Fighting style: The Holy Mage class specializes in healing through dealing damage. Almost all of its damage skills have a healing effect on them, making sure the party stays alive while also killing the boss. The class has significantly lower healing capabilities compared to the Priest class, but will still be invaluable as a support in any large dungeon.

Primary role: Secondary Healer


Class: Scholar
Primary attribute: Intelligence (INT)
Secondary attribute: Piety (PIT)
Primary resource: Mana (MP)
Armor type: Cloth

Main weapon: Scripture Wand
Secondary weapon: Scroll

Fighting style: The Scholar class specializes in preventing damage for its allies while dealing damage to any foe. The class has many skills focusing on shielding allies and is invaluable to any party.

Primary role: Secondary Healer

Leo read through the information about every class until he reached the 10th NPC. The NPC was an old man with a with hair and a long white beard. He sat in a beautiful wooden chair, reading a large book.

Leo walked up to the old man and sat down in the only available chair. The old man continued to read his book, completely ignoring him. Leo thought it was strange to have this NPC here in the character creation. The old man was clearly not representing any class, nor was he the one giving the class test for those unable to pick a class.

Leo picked up one of the books laying on the table to the right of him. It was a large leather book with golden letters inscribed on the cover.

[Book of Life — Part 1 (Special)]
The book of life was written by Ekalius to document his creation of the world. It contains information about every continent, specie, monster, plant life and more.

He was intrigued by the book’s description and quickly started reading through it. The book was written in great detail and Leo was captivated by its content. He sat in the chair reading the book for three hours before finally turning the last page.

The book vanished the moment he closed the last page. The old man sitting in front of him finally spoke.

“The Book of Life, is it? Not a bad choice.”

Leo wanted to respond to the man’s remark, but was interrupted by a holographic interface.

System announcement: Hidden class requirement fulfilled. Do you wish to select the [Creator] class?

Leo was taken by surprise. He never expected reading a book would be enough to unlock a hidden starter class. In his past life he had not heard about anyone discovering a hidden class for level 0. The most common type of hidden classes only appeared after the first class advancement quest at level 50.

He quickly opened up the class information.

Class: Creator
Primary attribute: All attributes
Primary resource: All resources
Armor type: All types
Special condition: Requires 3x the normal EXP to advance a level, but gains twice the amount of attribute points.

Main weapon: All types
Secondary weapon: All types

Fighting style: The Creator can do everything and is the only class capable of using any equipment, skill or item. The class is unrivaled in PVP against any other class of the same level, but suffers from significantly lower leveling speed. The class uses several skills to customize its fighting style to fit the player.

Leo was intrigued by the class’ information. The class was suited for any playstyle even opening up for mixing playstyles to further fit the player. He was however concerned about the increase in EXP needed to level.

The class will without a doubt be significantly stronger than any other class in the early-game, but will lag significantly behind in the mid-game. Leveling in Ekalius Online is a very slow process and can all be for naught if you die. The game was designed around the system upgrade, historically released 3 months after the game launched. The upgrade made the game more realistic and also managed to slow down the game world’s time to ¼ of the real world, making 1 day in-game equal 6 hours in the real world.

This was also the time that the government revealed that the game was actually not created on Earth. They only set up the servers to make it work and do not actually have any control over it. It was never revealed exactly who or what created the game, nor why the Alliance of Nations’ President agreed to set up the servers.

A player dying to a monster will lose one level at the very least, even more if they have recently killed another player. One exception is for dungeons which have no penalty for normal mode and significantly reduces penalty for higher difficulties.

Leo could easily become the best player in the game if he avoided dying, but that’s just not realistic. In his past life dropping a level or two was a very normal occurrence. Most players die when they are out leveling due to player killers (PK-ers) or from challenging a strong monster. Players in guilds die all the time in guild wars.

Leo knew that at some point he would die in the game. Either in a guild war, dungeon or just out leveling. He closed his eyes and calculated how far behind in terms of levels he would be if he chose the class.

If he leveled at the same pace as the fastest leveling player he would fall behind by 3 levels when he hit level 7. When the other player hit level 20, he would still be 3 levels behind. When the player hit 25, he would fall behind by 4 levels and be at level 21 with 79% to level 22. By level 35 he would fall even further behind and only be level 30 with 62.7% to 31.

The gap would only continue to widen more and more as the required experience increase. When the hypothetical player reach level 50 he would still be stuck at level 44 with 10.14% to next level.

At that point he would be two grades below that other player. Equipment gain significantly improved stats every 5 level. Level 50 is also when players can do their class advancement quest. A class advanced level 50 player can easily take on at least three non-class advanced players.

This is not even considering if he died. Dying at level 10 at 99% would lose him as much EXP as a normal player needs to level from 5 to 10. At level 50 at 99% it would be the equivalent of leveling from 47 at 52% to level 50.

Leo ran the calculations over and over again. He could not see if the class was worth choosing. He knew that the game system would not give any player a distinctive advantage or disadvantage for no reason.

He concluded that the class must have some sort of skills or other mechanics to assist in killing higher level monsters. He would need to kill monsters of a higher level to take advantage of the bonus EXP for killing a monster above his own level to keep up with the playerbase.

He selected the class with hesitation. The moment he accepted the class a system announcement popped up.

System announcement: Congratulations on selecting the [Creator] class!

The message was quickly followed up by a second announcement.

System announcement: Congratulations on unlocking the world’s first hidden class! Awarding 1 silver and 1 equipment box!

System announcement: Congratulations on obtaining the title [Hidden Expert]!

System announcement: You are eligible for a world announcement! Do you wish to include your name in the announcement?

Leo was taken aback by the world announcement and quickly chose to not display his name. He saw no reason to announce his class to everyone right now.

System: Please created a username. Note that the name cannot be changed.

He quickly entered “Zero” without any hesitation.

Leo stayed up all night to reserve this name. In his past life he had Elecur reserve it for him, but this time he had to do it himself. Luckily the game would not become mainstream for another three months or so if history repeats itself that is.

Garius Online only became popular when the Unit exchanged system was implemented. Players could then convert their in-game currency to Units and use the money in the real world. This also marked the start of the virtual reality revolution. Until then, although countless VR-games had been released, none were as realistic or groundbreaking as Garius Online.

System: The selected name is listed under reserved names.
System: Validating player information…
System: Player information confirmed.

Player information
Name: Zero
Race: Human
Class: Creator (Hidden Class, Unique)
Guild: None
Title: Hidden Expert (unique)

General stats
Level: 0 (0 / 300)
Health: 10
Mana: 20
Spirit: 20
Rage: 10
Attack power: 3
Attack speed: 1.0
Spell power: 3
Cast speed: 1.0

Main attributes
Strength (STR): 4
Intelligence (INT): 4
Dexterity (DEX): 4
Piety (PIT): 4
Vitality (VIT): 4
Resilience (RES): 4
Movement speed: 7 m/s

Secondary attributes
Perception: low
Charm: low

Other information
Attribute points: 1 per level per attribute
Free attribute points: 11 per level

He inspected his title to see if it gave any benefits.

[Hidden Expert (Title)]
Increase reputation in all human settlements by 5.
Luck +1
Gain 1 additional free attribute point per level

The title did indeed give quite the generous benefits. Leo looked at the title benefits approvingly. Especially the luck stat. Luck influences monster drops, the chance of triggering hidden quests, better treasure chest loot and so on. It is one of the few hidden stats.

System announcement: Server starting in 10 minutes.

System: Select starting continent:
Characs Kingdom (Human)
Liomar Kingdom (Human)
Lizur Empire (Human)

Kavur Kingdom (Elf)
Elorian Empire (Dwarf)
Cechur Independent Nation (Beastkin)

Urum’ar Empire (Undead)
Elor’Kar Kingdom (Orc)
Esrov Kingdom (Neutral)

Every Kingdom consists of 40 cities and roughly 200 towns and every Empire consists of 10 kingdoms at the very least. The map is extremely vast, all in preparation for when the game enters the first evolution stage. The game will become like a second home to Earth’s population of 15 billion after the system upgrade.

Leo decided to start in the human kingdom Characs Kingdom in Leomar Town due to his title giving him 5 reputation in all human settlements. He decided to play as a human and did not need to change anything.

The game automatically generate your character based on your real appearance, with slight changes to the face for privacy reasons. Players can also choose to play any of the other races, regardless of where they choose to start.

System announcement: Server opening in 5 … 4 …. 3… 2…. 1
System announcement: Welcome to Ekalius Online!


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tyes77 @tyes77 ago

Okay why would the devs allow such a game breaking class to be let in? Like hopefully the system identifies him as legitimate and they don't have any info is my best bet otherwise the devs are really shooting themselves in the foot letting him start like he is

    roceil @roceil ago

    Or only one person can have the class, that would prevent the uber rich tycoons from taking it and power leveling their way to power.

      tyes77 @tyes77 ago

      I wouldn't mind if he earned it but it seemed like it was just given to him not to mention anyone given his class could do the same thing he is doing later chapters and he hasn't indicated anything that makes him special as a person.


      Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

      This is one of the more difficult questions to answer without spoiling anything, but here I go.

      Although it might seem like he was given the class at random, there is a reason for it. Originally he was indeed given it at class selection, but it was then changed to him getting through reading a book.

      The change was specifically to go along with my philosophy of everything happens for a reason. Although getting the class directly would work in the overall story sense, it was simply to direct and you the readers would have to just accept it all the way until the last chapters when the story reveals itself.

      There is a reason why he gets a special class and it is connected to why he managed to get a certain ring early in the game. This is then connected to why he was reincarnated. I really cannot elaborate on that as it is important to the ending of the whole novel.

      As for anyone could do what he does with the class, not really. I do believe I have given plenty of reasons as to why the class is only OP in the right hands. In the later chapters it is specifically shown how time-consuming gearing the class can be. It is worth remembering that Ekalius Online is a game where leveling and getting gear is a slow process. Gear also gets a significant boost in stats at every 5-levels, making him requiring 3x more EXP, showing the downsides of the class in the mid-game chapters.

      Having said all that, I would not blame you for dropping the novel. Even if you take my word for it and believe there is a reason, that doesn’t mean you’ll agree with everything else in the novel. This is not a novel where the MC’s power is entirely made by himself and his effort. It is also not one where the MC is OP just for the sake of being OP.

      Even if the game has changed, he still has 15 years of experience playing a similar one. Considering how realistic (ish) the combat will become after chapter 22, this is further emphasized.

      Of course, you only have the chapters released to go on and that’s fine. If you want to drop the novel, then drop it. If you want to read on, then read on. You might find that you enjoy it much more than you thought, or you might find that you have wasted your time.

      If you are looking for a LitRPG where the MC fully works for every single thing he is given, then maybe this one is not for you, and that’s fine. We all have our own preferences and the current market for the LitRPG genre has plenty to chose from.

FirstDragon @FirstDragon ago

You might want to figure out and then implement some more disadvantages. The higher leveling mark and greater death penalty simple is nowhere near enough a “disadvantage”. Why make your character designed to be OP from the start when you can engineer some specific challenges and barriers into his class itself. You essentially handed him a super class and he didn’t do anything that special. He didn’t go through some hard intro test . He just wandered over to this weird old dude rather than choosing the 10 basic other classes. If the game isn’t cheating, several other characters will also be of this class. Perhaps 50% of all people might choose it. You have no barriers or rational why he only gets this class. So other folks should have access to it as well. And if only he gets this class than either others should be getting unique overpowered classes at semi random or you should have a good plot and background as to why he gets it first and only.

Also why human? Honestly humanity is kind of boring. Part of fantasy Sci allows authors to explore fantastic worlds and races directly rather than by proxy (e.g. a team member who is an elf). Tolkien is a good example. The heroes are hobbits and we learn and enjoy their culture and quirks as we go. We get humans via strider and Gandalf and other races via the other ring order members.

jlkc @jlkc ago

It's clear that he received his hidden class and was sent back in time because those people decided to bet on him.