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The reason for this is to clear up the story and make it far more solid, giving me enough to work with to avoid it feeling like the plot is constantly changing. The overall content shouldn’t be different, although the way it’s told and the sequence of events will change a bit.


I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


Leo finally managed to accept his current predicament after arriving home. Seeing his small old apartment brought back memories of his intense study sessions. In his past life all he did was study. He only had a few friends and no lover to speak of. Although he could not be considered particularly handsome, he was still above average looking.

He decided that this time he would not be his old lonely self. He would be more open and try his best to make friends and not shut himself in and work all day and night.

His apartment was specifically designed to be lived in by a single person. It consisted of a single large room with a door leading to the bathroom. The open area contained his workstation, bed and kitchen.

He compared the apartment to his mansion in his past life. Although the apartment was tiny, it still held a special place in his heart. It reminded him of a simpler time.

He sat down on his one and only chair and brought up the system interface. A holographic interface appeared before him with a white light. He immediately found Ekalius Online’s official website after a simple search.

Ekalius Online officially launching 3rd of March 2215!

Below were several sections with directions to information about the different aspects of the game. The website contained a lot of information, but it still only accounted for a fraction of the game’s full value. The information on the website is controlled by the main system called Ekalius. Ekalius also controls the entire game from the simplest monster to the location of legendary items. Even the game company is only along for the ride and have limited control over the game.

Leo found that almost none of the information was similar to his past life. After hours of research he concluded that aside from the combat, game rules and fantasy setting, everything else was different.

The nine continents had different names, biomes were shifted and even NPC names were different. His plan of cruising through hidden quests and obtaining legendary weapons with ease had been completely crushed.

Quickly adapting to this sudden change, Leo started planning his actions leading up to the official release. With the game’s core still being the same, he had full confidence that he could still be able to make a name for himself in the game.

He first started by taking out a loan to buy the necessary hardware to play. Although it pained him to do this, he knew it had to be done.

A sudden buzzing noise jolted him back to reality. He stood up from his chair and walked to the front door. Standing outside was his best and quite frankly only friend, Alex.

“Yo! Did I wake you? You look like you haven’t slept in a week.”

Alex looked at Leo with worried eyes. He knew that this brother of his continuously absorbed himself in studying, forgetting to both eat and sleep for days.

“Hah, I guess it has been a few days.”

Leo suddenly realized that his bad habit was showing itself again. While working for Elecur he had assistants dedicated to reminding him of taking breaks and eating. At this moment he silently gave a thumbs up to those diligent assistants of his.

“I thought so. You know staying alone all day will kill you one of these days.”

Alex has always been a thoughtful friend. Alex wanted to play with him when he first started playing Garius Online, but Leo refused him, saying he was only playing for his work. It was only several months later after the first system update that they started playing together. This was also the point in time when Leo slowly started drifting away from his almost robotic personality to a more normal one.

Alex invited himself into the apartment and sat down on the bed. He opened his mouth after sighing loudly.

“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to buy an extra chair you know?”


Leo had no good response to this brother of his.

“So how did your interview go? I heard they specifically sought you out among the tens of thousands of graduates this year.”

“I was offered a job, but declined.”

Leo had no reason to hide anything from his brother. They may not have the same mother, but they are brothers nonetheless. Having secrets between them would only lead to trouble in the future.

“I see. So what will you do from now on?”

“I’ve decided to become a professional gamer. I heard that with the launch of Ekalius Online there will be more opportunities to earn money playing games.”

Alex looked at him in confusion. When did Leo start playing games? He was practically born with a book in his hand and a “no fun allowed” sign around his neck.

“Professional gamer huh? I can’t say I believe there’s much of a future in the gaming industry, but knowing you, you wouldn’t choose something so out of character on a whim.”

Leo was unsure of how to answer. If he told him that he traveled back in time he might make his brother doubt his sanity.

“It is as you say, but after researching the game I believe there’s plenty of opportunities. This game is not like any other out there.”

Although still doubtful, Alex accepted his answer.

“If that’s how it will be, then I’ll join you. How much does the hardware cost?”

“The cheapest is 5000 Units.”

“5000?! How can you afford that?”

Alex shouted out in surprise. He knew better than anyone that Leo had spent all his money getting a degree.

“I took out a loan.” He answered truthfully.

“You should have come to me first. Here I’ll pay out your loan and you can pay me back whenever.”

Leo knew that Alex’s father owned a big clothing company and that Alex himself had no lack of money. He was not willing to depend on Alex for something like this.

“It’s okay, I will pay the loan back myself. Please allow me to do this myself.”

Alex could not understand Leo’s intention, but yielded nonetheless. If he could not pay back his loan he would lend him the money then.

They talked for several hours before Alex finally left. Now all that’s left is to wait until launch. Only then will he know if this second life will allow him to be happy or not.


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Scipio231 @Scipio231 ago

Okay, a couple problems, mostly circumstantial. I can kinda see why you changed the game up, even if it makes the 'went back in time' angle slightly moot. I have to ask though, why on earth would anyone in the year 2215 doubt that there is money to be made playing video games? Other than that and a few minor quibbles I like it, I'm going to keep reading.


    Etzuerm @Etzuerm ago

    It’s more that there’s so many more stable income sources than playing games. Similar to how games work today, although you can make money playing them, the amount of people making enough to sustain themselves is minuscule compared to the total amount of players.

    You also have to remember that the one saying there’s no money to be made is Alex. What Alex consider to be a modest income is significantly different from what normal people would consider a good income.