Ekalius Online

by Etzuerm

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Romance Sci-fi LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

[This web-novel has been rewritten as of the 27th of May 2019 and reviews, ratings and followers may not reflect the current novel (both positive and negative).]


Leo found himself thrown out of the Guild he helped elevate to the top in the popular VRMMORPG Garius Online. His contract forced him to reset his character back to level 0. He had worked on a questline for 8 years to earn his spot in the Saint Trials, yet this sudden development forced him to give up his spot. As if that wasn’t enough, he even managed to get himself murdered.


Leo awoke seemingly 15 years in the past. The game he knew was no more, yet another had taken its place. He did not know why he was still alive but became determined to seek out the truth behind his murder and compete in the Saint Trials.


With the game and the world itself so similar, yet still so different, how will he use his second chance at life?

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Jay Corridor
  • Overall Score

In short: The story is good. Read it and enjoy.

In long: Grammar is decent and does not retract from the story. The few slipups noticed have already been forgotten. There is a bit of annoyance with the isolated perspective and rapid power gain in the beginning (this is pre-rewrite), but the character is not ridiculously OP like in some translated chinese novels of similar genre. 

The story itself is enjoyable, and besides the slight bump in the beginning there is very little to retract from the experience that alot of VR and cultivation novels have. (i.e Random arrogant bad guys, useless extra women, almighty but useless advice giver, every other character being trash, etc etc)

Thumbs up to author man. (and good luck with the numbers)


  • Overall Score

Disappointing. The novel seems to give the mc everything from a top tier one of a kind special class to unique drops that fit his present situation. Developers seem to be okay with the dude breaking records left and right alongside the server pretty much announcing "broken character alert!".


I wouldn't mind so much if the mc worked for it or did anything new yet despite being from the "future", he doesn't do anything that anyone else in his position not from the future would do. Dude is straight up cookie cutter with nothing special about him at all.


I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone actually looking for a decent novel that doesn't seem like it's written like an automated type writer with it checking in boxes of common cliches of any other gaming novel.

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Noting New but still enjoyable

Clearly draws inspiration from other web novels and admittedly doesn't do anything really new. But it's not unreadable, it isn't plagiarizing, and you can see a sincere effort and passion put into the  work. Honestly it's about as good as a LOT of published works that are coming out. An enjoyable read for an afternoon.

  • Overall Score

 The story line is kind of new to me , but is very interesting. Waiting to see how the story goes from here.

Cody Obannon
  • Overall Score

I enjoyed it so far.  It keeps my attention quite well, even with knowing that I'll blow through the amount of chapters posted in less than 2 hours.  I tend to read much slower when I know this, but I still flew through this one, shows just how well done it is so far.

  • Overall Score

Much better!at the rewrite

Personally I think that the rewrite has gone really well so far, the story is much more focused and I know that was something the author was trying to accomplish. 

  • Overall Score

Heavily influenced

I read some of you complaining about the interaction between characters and how it feels like a xianxia novel.
Well you are right.
The author has clearly been HEAVILY influenced by the webnovel Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God and i mean Heavily.

I won't be reading this unless the author starts to make alot of changes.

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A very promising work of Fiction

Dear Etzuerm,

I thank you for this promising piece of literature. Your story has promise and I will follow it with rapt attention. laughing
The only things amiss about this story are that a reader in a really rare case could stumble upon some grammatical errors. But those are rare und not really worth anything in the long run.

I wish you good luck and no writer's blog because your story will go far.

  • Overall Score

The quality of writting is really good, let’s start with that. But the main character is simple af. He’s smart sure but he’s not defined by his intelligence, he’s a good person sure but that’s just cause he don’t care, he wants to make money sure but he’s not even the slightest bit greedy. 

This is the first time I’ve read a character that’s solid but uninteresting af. He’s not unique and neither are his actions/goal. Personally I just prefer a main character that has a single trait/goal so overwhelming that he is defined by it. Makes it simpler to understand and sympathize with. This main character just feels like his traits were double dipped, well maybe tripple or even quatruppled dipped.

I also really dislike stories where potential companions constantly pops up and wants to follow the MC and oh what a coincidence they have a trait that would work perfectly with the MC, who would’ve guessed.