Druidic Cultivation

by Laevo

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A young druid boy was betrayed by humanity and, after losing all that he held close to his heart, discarded his humanity to reincarnate as a tree. Using the potent magic he'd learned within his grove of druids, he was able to skip through the cycle of samsara, a feat only possible due to his outstanding talent in magic. Unforutately for him, however, the heavens do not like it when humans encroach on their territory.

After being smited, the young boy was once again reborn as a human and forced to walk the road he'd been assigned. Without knowing why, Feng Jiao was born with the determination to resist the heavens. This time, however, he was going to do it as a cultivator who strived for immortality and the atainment of godhood.


DISCLAIMERS (In order of trigger alert I guess.):

1. This story is more Slice of Life than most xiaxias, if you are looking for non-stop action and face slapping, wrong story for you.

2. In addition, MC is trap(ish) while young *maybe later as well. If that's going to make you puke in your mouth because you can't appreciate the fact that it's supposed to be funny, then don't stop reading.

That being said, I appreciate all readers including the ones who just complain on every chapter, love yall.

3. Many of the tags I clicked may not come into effect for some time, or ever, but are something I am considering heavily when it comes to adding to the story.

4. I usually have one to two grammatical errors per upload, minimum. It's not because of my lack of command over the english language, but because my editing program, microsoft word (I know, I know) is equally bad at detecting my grammatical blunders as I am. I patch them as I see them (comments are cool, enjoy the +rep) but sometimes I am a little slow.).

5. I wear many hats and do not always write frequently. I'm sure this will get regular updates during the new story high, but I do not know where it will go from there. This is my first time attempting to write xianxia and I am doing so to practice my writing craft and expand my skillset. Will attempt to update story twice a week (probably a double upload) as well as as I write on my patreon (1 dollar gets you everything ATM, not that I'm selling out [okay maybe i'm a little bit of a sellout, oops,])

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A Brilliant Start But Lacking in Various Aspects

Beginning with what is likely my all-time favorite prologue and hook, this is a novel that prides itself on its character interactions in a world of Xianxia rather than action or power ups. 


My Quick Review:

Would I Recommend As A Read? Yes—the prologue at the least. 



Strong character interactions

Great world-building

Interesting premise



A recipe that has been tried and tried again. 

Too much focus on building a harem—too damn early on.

No real action as of chapter 17.

No clear power-ranking structure as of chapter 17 (it’s a Xianxia!)



A good story wasted on wish fufillment.

The premise, A druid who has been both human and tree becoming an OP cultivator is unique enough to be worth reading, even if the tropes are the same old same old. But then just as we see the main characters getting intergrated into the new world

Spoiler: Spoiler


Ben Ornau

Why so much sexualization of children !?

I stop at chapter 15 and I don't think I will go any further.

I think it's hard to justify an OP character and stay original because it's a very used theme but the choice of this novel was not bad.

Spoiler: Spoiler

The tree resurection inside a baby is funny and avoid  the akwardness of a full grown conscious in the body of a child and the potential creapiness attach to it. It's cool because the MC learn what it's mean to be human like every one did so even with his knowledge he has potential character growth.

So I like the beginning for that, until the author decide to be obcess with the way of the adults look at ten year old (during the "tournamnet"). I understand that the describing of flawless beauty and crap like that is a wuxia/xanxia things, a characteristique of the genre, but it's not enough to justify it (it's never enough).

First I thought it was a way for the author to charaterize the adult and the powerfull of his world ("corrupt" as the gods the hero will stand against) but he became too much to use that excuse.

The "tournament/test" is a tiping point of what I describe but it's always more or less here.

I don't accuse the author of anything and he has the right to abord any subject he want but without certain counterpoint of the narration against some characters, what they say become law and as a reader you feel like an accessory and not a spectator of it because nobody, not even the MC, come to counterbalance that by just saying that it is wrong to sexualize children (their is too much description to be just considered implied).

Once again my comment is not an attack of the intention of the author and maybe I'm the only one who saw some part of the story that way but I doubt it.

I hope that in the future what I said will be obsolete and the confusion arround the appareance of the MC will be not used to justify a harem of mindless beauty only here to fulfill a prebuscent fantasy... but I doubt it too.

Have a good read.


A slightly different cultivation tale

Reviewed at: 50

Same same but different.

Extremely well written. MC struggles to empathise with other people. But the story is carried by its great action scenes and detailed world-building. 
Updates are fairly slow but chunky when they arrive.


Put this on your read list!


Good xianxia (so far)

Making this review as of chapter 17.

To put it simply this is a good xianxia, it doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything, but it damm sure made it run smooth.

Its still early plotwise for a xianxia story (mc still hasn't even gone to the sect), but so far the tropes present in the story have been well handled.

This is a dense OP mc story (well he was a tree sooo...), he looks like a girl ( a trap) but that made for some very comical moments, he shows signs of building a harem (although he hasn't realised it), and he has a waifu bound to his soul... saying it like that makes it sound like your generic trash xianxia story, but trust me it's not, everything was well handled so far, in a concise manner, grammar is impeccable, and it's an enjoyable read.

Mighty Moushie

Like the title says, it has an interesting start. I have only read up to chapter 2, as that is all that has been posted, but I have noticed some good things.

  • Excellent worldbuilding. Especially with the prologue to hook you in, the world and events are vibrant.
  • Good grammar. I think in the chapters posted there was one missed word. Hands down better than a lot of cultivator novels.
  • Plot is setting up nicely. We are getting an abbreviated view of early life, which is fine. Especially since it is being used to give background on the world system without being dull.

This is one I will be following, and looking forward to reading.


Good start, hope it continues

I quite like what's  here so far.

The definite high point is how all characters are quite well done. The main ones have a pretty well defined personality, though I must admit that I didn't pay enough attention to say whether or not the secondary characters share in that.

The story is pretty generic for a xianxia, though those are usually separated by their setting more than anything else. In that case, it's a little early to be able to say if this is a good one or not, though it does have a solid foundation. It does suffer from a common issue with xianxia, that being the slow nature of the genre.

A bit of a sticky point for me is the grammar. It's not bad by any means, but there are a few issues. A misspelled word here, a missed word there. Nothing drastic, but just enough to distract me from the actual story. It is definitely something pretty much everyone can live with though, so I guess I just have a high standard for that.

As for the style, hard to say. The story definitely reads well, and the atmosphere that the writing creates is pretty warm and inviting. Aside from that, I can't really say anything else. I have problems judging style, it's a personal fault. 

Tldr: it's a fun story for what is there at the time of writing, my only issues are with the nature of the genre, largely the slow pacing that xianxia seems to necessitate,  and with the grammar, which is not bad by any means, I just have rather high standards for it.


As of 18| Two Pills


Druidic Cultivation talks about a young boy who was gone through two lives -one as a human, and another as a tree- and his interactions in a new world where the laws are dominated by Qi, using said energy to strengthen their bodies.

I for one enjoy the character development that is happening. Unlike many Xianxia novels I've seen, the slow pacing and world building gives off a stronger pull than what I usually feel. Interactions between Feng Jiao and the people of Crouching Grass Village are fun to read, especially the one between him and his cousin in 17| Feng Lou

Of course, other than the characters, no real action has happened, and might not happen for a few chapters. Aideen having him flirt with the girls unbeknownst to him like that is also slightly unnerving, and cringy.

Still, this is definitely something that I'd recommend for someone to read, especially if they're tired of the usual MC in normal Xianxia novels.


Great Read, Well thought out.

An interesting take on the cultivation genre and an understandably dense lead makes this story fun and interesting. Druidic Cultivation has so far successfully avoided many of the garbage points of cultivation novels and the characters serm to have genuine motivations for most of their actions. Overall worth the read, it’s only a few chapters so far so give it a try!

carl mason

My favorite new story

This story is off to a nice start, it does have a few spelling and grammar errors per chapter, not offensive unless you are hyper sensitive to that type of thing like I am and the author does edit them when called out.

The story so far is quite well thought out and arranged, if "infantile" sounds harsher than I mean, it is fairly transparent and simple so far, then again it is just beginning. Keeps in line with the concept of many other cultivation novels, but adds an interesting twist.

The characters are reasonable for such young characters in such a young story. Their actions and motivations are well within reason and character.

On the whole, quite an enjoyable story.