Druidic Cultivation

by Laevo

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead Supernatural Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A young druid boy was betrayed by humanity and, after losing all that he held close to his heart, discarded his humanity to reincarnate as a tree. Using the potent magic he'd learned within his grove of druids, he was able to skip through the cycle of samsara, a feat only possible due to his outstanding talent in magic. Unforutately for him, however, the heavens do not like it when humans encroach on their territory.

After being smited, the young boy was once again reborn as a human and forced to walk the road he'd been assigned. Without knowing why, Feng Jiao was born with the determination to resist the heavens. This time, however, he was going to do it as a cultivator who strived for immortality and the atainment of godhood.



1. Many of the tags I clicked may not come into effect for some time, or ever, but are something I am considering heavily when it comes to adding to the story.

2. I wear many hats and do not always write frequently. I'm sure this will get regular updates during the new story high, but I do not know where it will go from there. This is my first time attempting to write xianxia and I am doing so to practice my writing craft and expand my skillset.

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A Brilliant Start But Lacking in Various Aspects

Beginning with what is likely my all-time favorite prologue and hook, this is a novel that prides itself on its character interactions in a world of Xianxia rather than action or power ups. 


My Quick Review:

Would I Recommend As A Read? Yes—the prologue at the least. 



Strong character interactions

Great world-building

Interesting premise



A recipe that has been tried and tried again. 

Too much focus on building a harem—too damn early on.

No real action as of chapter 17.

No clear power-ranking structure as of chapter 17 (it’s a Xianxia!)


Mighty Moushie
  • Overall Score

Like the title says, it has an interesting start. I have only read up to chapter 2, as that is all that has been posted, but I have noticed some good things.

  • Excellent worldbuilding. Especially with the prologue to hook you in, the world and events are vibrant.
  • Good grammar. I think in the chapters posted there was one missed word. Hands down better than a lot of cultivator novels.
  • Plot is setting up nicely. We are getting an abbreviated view of early life, which is fine. Especially since it is being used to give background on the world system without being dull.

This is one I will be following, and looking forward to reading.

carl mason
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My favorite new story

This story is off to a nice start, it does have a few spelling and grammar errors per chapter, not offensive unless you are hyper sensitive to that type of thing like I am and the author does edit them when called out.

The story so far is quite well thought out and arranged, if "infantile" sounds harsher than I mean, it is fairly transparent and simple so far, then again it is just beginning. Keeps in line with the concept of many other cultivation novels, but adds an interesting twist.

The characters are reasonable for such young characters in such a young story. Their actions and motivations are well within reason and character.

On the whole, quite an enjoyable story.

  • Overall Score

Up to chap 3 .. as long as you keep same level will def buy when publish

  • Overall Score

Very interesting, very solid writing few grammar problems and an interesting plot.


Can't wait for more!

Paul Sheenius
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Really liking the start. Interesting premise; A druid in a xianxia with Knowledge about Mana and a flaming tree as Spirit. Nothing much to say about the story for now since its just starting, a few deathflags here and there, your Sect on the rise with some forseeable conflicts and your female rival with a mysterious background. Really looking forward how his personality will shape up with his little bird telling all the wrong stuff and beeing the most handsome dude in a sect full of females. Hope its going to be funny and doesnt feature as much Cliches, gonna be hard to not make our a mc a magnet for jellousy and haters...:D Hope his power wont just focus on flora and, like a real druid, he also gets control over fauna and can 'flaming bearslap' all those dudes away who wanna try out anal :D

  • Overall Score

Only 14 chapters in right now but this story is showing a lot of promise and has an intense and promisng future.

  • Overall Score

I like it, i'm not used to seeing this in novels, so it's a breath of fresh air for me, I wish you the best of luck writing this, thanks btw


  • Overall Score

Not as edgy as it first seems

A story about a guy who was a tree

in the first chapter things seem a bit like a typical I hate all humans story but that gets discarded pretty quickly.

A personal suggestion is that the main character tries to make his own cultivation technique as that would allow him to explore the cultivation system.

  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable, 50 character minimum limit here I come.