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In the world of New Dawn, the citizens seem to be suffering a divine punishment of some sort.

The monsters that plague them are worse then devils, demons, or depraved criminals.

The devils have their own twisted morality, demons are not intrinsically bad—they're just above humans in the food chain—and depraved criminals can at least be killed.

The undying, capricious monsters kill anything and everything, devouring all in their sights like a swarm of locusts. What's more, the lords and kings who should be protecting them seem to be working with these monsters.

When all seems lost, it falls to a young boy to save his people from these monsters… from the players.

In the players' eyes, he is a hidden boss—possibly even the final boss!

In the developers' eyes… what the heck is this bug?!

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HAHAHA! nice angle, good read so far!

decent read, great angle, kinda reminds me of Threadbear from a different perspective.

Recommended read.


Ani's Glance Review for 'Player Killer':


Style And Grammar:

Beautiful. Smooth. Attractive. It's one of the few stories that managed to get my elusive 4.5 rating. Each sentence makes me feel like I'm swimming on a clear, quiet river.

And let's not forget the grammar and vocabulary. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to place 'Player Killer' on the high-end of RR in terms of the technicalities of writing.

The only downside I noticed was the rapid changes of perspective. It got me confused for a few moments, but it's nothing big.

4.5 for both. Deserves every bit of pixel on each star.


Story and Character:

Reading from the perspective of a sentient NPC is certainly interesting, though the first chapter didn't give the MC any chance to at least show a shadow of his character. But then again, that's easily excusable, it's just the first chapter anyway...


While I dislike reading the MC's hair color on the first paragraph of first chapters, I also dislike MC-less first chapters. Sure, he was there, but really, all he was able to say was that fancy attack name... The only 'character' that I got out from that is he's some kind of chunii...

First chapters are as important as covers. We have to perfect them as good as we can~. So, I'll nitpick here. :p


That's all for my review. This empress gives you her blessing, LordArmyChicken. Good luck and have fun writing~.


You're gonna have bad time

For every player who's ever done a genocide run, the time of vengeance is upon you.

Jokes aside I like the concept, and while the changes in perspective are a little jarring at first I love hearing the players and then hearing what an npc hears. This looks like it's gonna be a fun ride.

Isaac Michaelis

It's shaping up to be something good, even with the low amount of chapters. Its got a fun idea that while i've seen happen a few times, they never realy fit with me. This one has. The grammar is good, and so far the characters have been sensible. There aren't enought chapters for me to really rate the story, or the charaters very well. Your style so far has been engaging enough for me to breeze throught all 5 chapters with no problems.

Keep going, you're doing good!


Stupid start, but maybe you can look past that

Bit of a dumb start because the key premise of this story is that of the npc rising up and becoming the titular 'Player Killer' but the way it happens is dumb 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Other than a really dumb start, It's really good!


NPC plays his own video game, but not very well

The author goes a little too overboard on different perspectives, which makes it hard to get into the story of a young NPC who seeks revenge on the 'players' for killing his family instance.

Our hero, when not overshadowed by the persepctive of a random player party, is gradually getting used to his new circumstances.  However on this review, he still doesn't understand how to assign stat points, and he's not smart enough to question if he can return to his home instance.  He's seen PC characters resurrect themselves to the point of spawn-camping them, but hasn't tried to find out if his parents are also recoverable.

The main character isn't as highly developed as he could be, given the author's enjoyment of writing from other perspectives.  Story flow was done ok, and I didn't spot that many grammar mistakes aside from wrong tenses here and there.