Sorry guys, I have to drop the book. I have no idea when I will be able to work on this book but if your still interested in reading one of my fictions, I have another developing in my mind. As soon as I get a good general idea, then I'll post it. Until then, see you later.

Edit: I hate that there is now a limit to how many words can be in a chapter but I understand the need to do it. I might as well give you guys a brief summary of what it will be about;

On a world in the middle of nowhere, there is a boy surounded by people of all ages. Some were Devils, others were Angels, there were even some thought to be extinct races. The boy had a look of fear and deep in his eyes, rage, pure rage. The others were deciding which group will take him when they all heard a laugh.

When they looked around, they noticed that their world was gone and replacing it was a grey area. There were no colors at all and yet, there were colors at the same time. A voice then spoke "Those who dare provoke me will be destroyed."

Everyone freaked out except for the boy, his rage eliminated the fear inside him and told him to fight back. One second later, everyone disappeared while the boy sat there with a dark smile. "You managed to resist my power, impressive boy. What's your name?"

The boy looked around and spat "I have no name for the one given to me was given by a bunch of traitors and cowards."

"HAHAHAHA, I like you kid. I'll give you a choice, you can be reborn into a new existance or you can perish here and not worry about anything, what do you say?"


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