"We need to find something to plug her right now!" Neana said. I looked around and didn't find anything that would work. Neana saw that there was nothing until she looked at my dick. "Jayden, use your dick to plug her right now."

I looked down and realized that it will work so I walk up to Qenasis and stick my dick into her vagina and keep it there. I look over to Neana and give her a look that said 'What now?' She looked at me and started to cast a spell. She had to run out and grab some supplies because she didn't have any closeby. When she came back, she finished the spell. Qenasis stopped screaming and laid unconcious.

"Alright, we just need to keep her plugged for 2 years. That means you need to find a better position and get into it without leaving her." She said. I feel like she just cursed me. I had an idea so I started to fondle her. Means looked at me curiously but didn't say a word as I managed to get enough of a reaction to release some condensing sperm. Qenasis woke up and looked lost and confused. Then she remembered and looked down at her womb and found it distended enough to make her look like she was pregnant.

"Neana, I don't think your spell is working" Qenasis said.

"It is, but you either have another spell cast on you that cancels or change mine, or your body is trying to resist the spell. Jayden is currently stopping your body from leaking so you need to stay like that for 2 years before you can give birth." Neana said. Qenasis turned her head back around and saw me standing there, and when she looked down, she saw me holding her legs.

"Why are you holding me up?" Qenasis asked.

"Only way I could keep you plugged." I said and as I said it, she realized what that meant.

"No way, I have a meeting with the other gods of war. There is trouble brewing and we need to find a way to stop it." Qenasis said.

"Well, I can either stop it or go in your place and tell them that you are busy right now." Neana said. I looked over at her and nodded.

"Well, the only way you could go Qenasis, is if I come with you and I don't think that the others would like to see me holding you up and walking in to the meeting. Neana going for you would be better, we can have some of our warriors go with her to make sure." I said. Qenasis was looking around for a way out and saw that there was no other way.

"Fine, Neana you can go for me. In my bag, there is a token that you can use to enter the meeting. Just tell them that you are there in my stead, they will understand." Qenasis said.

"Alright, I will be back then." Neana said. When she left, I had someone gather Qenasis's clothes and put them away. When she left, I started to rub Qenasis's belly and whispered "Might as well get comfy, it will be a while." Laid down on the bed, and started to have fun. I fondled her boobs while she made these cute moans when someone interrupted us by saying that there is trouble.

I got up with Qenasis and walked out. I forgot to use my hands to hold her up so she was staying up by just my dick. Every time I moved, she would slightly bounce and would moan in pleasure. Oh it will be fun to break her.

A few hours later, the trouble was taken care of and I returned to the room and talked with her for a bit before she asked "What are you Jayden?"

"I am many things, so I don't have a clue." I replied.

"Hmm, then why do you feel so familiar?" She asked.

"Don't know. All I know is that I have some bloodlines that others don't or forgot about." I said.

After she processed that, she looked like she had an idea "What if you are the God of sex?"

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"In this universe, there is a god of sex. The God of sex was able to control what his sperm could do by will and make it so that no matter what, any position was enjoyable and didn't harm their partner. It was maybe 2 trillion years ago that the last God of sex died and no one else became the God of sex." She quickly explained.

"That makes no sense but I am in a realm that takes 100 million years for a day out there." I said. She looked at me strangly and looked like she wanted to say something. "What do you want to say?"

"It takes longer for a day out there to pass in this realm." She said nervously.

"How long?" I asked a little angry.

"About 3-5 trillion years for a day." She said.

"WHAT?!" I shouted. I looked at her to see if she was joking, sadly she wasn't. "Time to punish you for ruining my hopes." I started to make it so that every moment for her was full of pleasure and ecstacy.



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