Doonma walked up to me and asked if I was alright. I told him I was and wanted to rest in a spare room for a while. He led me to a guest room and I laid down for a while before I contacted the ship and told them that it will be a while before I return and to continue building the base. When that was finished, I went to go walk around. right as I opened the door however, Evelyn was outside the door and looked like she wanted to sleep with me. I asked her "What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to know if you are good with having sex." She said.

"Depends. Why are you asaking?"

"One of our traditions is to have sex with your fiance before the marriage. If the marriage is on the same day, then you have to have sex right after the ceremony."

"That is a tradition? That is one of the weirdest ones that I have heard of."

"Well, in any case, can we have sex right now? I just don't want to stay in this town anylonger than I have to."

When I heard that, I decided to respect their tradition. I allowed her in and closed the door and for the rest of the day and part of the night, we had sex.

In the morning, I got up and remembered that Evelyn was right next to me. When I looked towards her, she was awake with a happy look. I was curious about what race she was as everyone in the room during the tournament looked human while everyone outside was a mixture of bird or snake. I asked "Do you mind if I ask you what race are you?"

"Of course I don't and the answer is Nymph. To be more specific: Heavenly nymph. We can use greater amounts of magic and don't have to worry about aging or dying, unless we decide to fade away. We also have white hair." She said. I heard the legends about nymphs but didn't know that there were any nymphs. I wonder if there are any other planets that have nymphs on them.

"Do you want to come for a walk with me? I want to get used to this place and know my way around town." I asked her.

"Sure, just let me get dressed." She said. I watched as she got dressed and noticed that her cloths were different than the others. She wore cloths that hid more of her body than those outside, even the maids, and had some jewels around her neck, forearms, and legs. Her hair looked more platinum than white and matched the dress perfectly. We walked out of the house and chose a random direction and the first major place we saw happened to be that busy building.

"What building is that?" I asked her.

"Oh, that is where we can have sex with anyone we want. As long as you can pay, they won't mind if you have a person all day." She said. As I heard that, I felt anger bubble up and forced it down, didn't really work. "Don't worry, they are given the choice of having sex. This place still has to obey the rules of the town."

"Then lets go see if they are truely given a choice or not." I said as I moved to the shadows and blended in. I looked behind me and saw that Evelyn followed after me and used magic to hide her pressense. I followed the path to the back of the building and saw a cart with people walking out of it into the building. I felt a sense of dread as they entered the building and knew that they were being forced. I needed proof that they were forced to work there though.

I darted out and managed to catch the door as the last person entered and the cart left. I quickly scanned the interior and couldn't find anyone so I entered and shut the door behind me. What I didn't know was that Evelyn followed me and managed to enter the building too. She grabbed my sholder and whispered "We shouldn't be here." Of course I ignored her and continued on until I hit another door.

This door was open and I saw a big auditorium looking room. As I entered, I saw that people were in chains down there and some were being raped, or as they would call it "Trainin". Evelyn entered and gasped at what she saw. I managed to record a good deal of footage when I heard someone shout "Hey you, you shouldn't be here." I grabbed Evelyn and ran for the door out of the building. We got halfway there when the path was blocked by a wall.

I stopped and turned around right as Evelyn was knocked out with a tranq dart. So I picked her up and kicked the wall down and found myself in the lobby of the place. I ran towards the doors and got out before they could catch us. After I ran for a few minutes, I stopped and asked someone where the leader was. They responded and I took off and found my way towards the city hall. I barged in and found the mayor was in a meeting with someone that looked like a noble.

When Doonma saw Evelyn in my arms and a dart in her arm, he grew angry and asked who had done it. I showed a video of the Brothel, as I am gonna call it, and said where it was. He was shocked that something everyone in town enjoyed was now considered rape. He called the city watch and all the guards he could and marched towards the place. The next day, it was closed and everyone that worked there was killed and those forced there were freed.


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