Doonma stared at the winner and said "Are you sure, this is your chance to marry my daughter Evelyn?" The winner nodded and smirked up at me and I felt some anger at this action. I looked over helplessly and shrugged. I knew that there was no changing what they decided so there is no reason to convince them otherwise. Doonma saw my shrug and accepted that suggestion and told everyone that in ten days, the wedding will commence.

Everyone was cheering as a voice spoke and said "Oh, then how about we start the wedding now? I have time." Silence followed as everyone heard that and when we saw the source, the crowd backed away. My group stood up and were ready for combat should we need to fight. What we didn't expect was for everyone to start bowing to the person in question. When I asked Doonma, all he said was that he was a god and that we need to pay our respects to him.

I just stood there and watched as he came up to me and asked "Now what kind of asshole won Evelyn's hand?"

"Why do you want to know?" I asked back.

"I was going to make her my bride in 9 days when I heard that someone won the competition. I knew that someone not born on this world had to have won to shorten the days of the tournament." He said.

"Well, then we are the people you are looking for. I will appreciate it if you could leave us alone." I said and as I turned back to Doonma, I was launched into the wall across the room. Rage was burning as a inferno within me but I kept calm and got out of the rubble to find all of my men dead. Everyone, except for the wannabe god, saw me rise out of the rubble and were surprised, especially Evelyn who was watching from afar at the time. I looked at the person that caused it and rushed at him. He was surprised as a fist landed on his face and he was thrown to the wall.

I stood there and knelt by my men and wished them luck on their journey to a better life. When I was finished that, I looked over at the fool and saw he was standing and staring at me. I saw a heart in his hand and I just lost control. I rushed at him and threw a fist but he deflected the hit away from him. He, however, wasn't expecting another fist and a foot to follow after that. He couldn't dodge or block so he called his power forth and stopped the attacks that way.

I didn't care that he could use magic, I just wanted to kill him. I pulled my other fist back and swung hard, I could hear the barrier cracking and he was looking worried. I felt more courage seeing as I could force the barrier to crack so I started to attack more. After a few minutes of my arms blurring, the barrier cracked and I hit the idiot. He didn't go flying like last time, instead someone else actually interfered and stopped my punch.

I twisted my way out and was about to launch for another attack when I heard a voice say "STOP". I was actually frozen in place, my muscles didn't want to work no matter how much heat was going through my body. A light started to shine behind me and a person walked out of the light and asked "What is going on?"

The person that I was attacking looked behind me and said "This person attacked me for no reason, this was all self defense."

"He is lying my lady, I saw the whole thing. He acted like he owned the place and wanted the daughter of the local leader. He arrived as this gentleman's men finished fighting and won the contest. After asking who this person was, he didn't let him know his name and broke a common rule. The gentleman's name is Jayden and he was attacked and thrown at the wall over there. 'pointing across the room' Killed all of his men and was forced to defend as he was attacked savagely. I suggest that Queus be punished heavily for attacking and killing mortals." the person who blocked my punch said.

"In that case, Jayden I apologize for what Queus did. My name is Neana and I am the current leader of the local gods. All those that are training to be gods taught the rules that we made, but it appears that several of them don't listen to the rules. I wish to repay you for the damage done by Queus. Tyddur, stay with Jayden and when he would like payment, bring him to me no matter where I am." Neana said. "And bring Evelyn with him."

"As you wish my lady" Tyddur said. After that was done, Neana and Queus both disappeared in a flash of light and Tyddur told me to say his name out if I wanted payment and he will come out and help me then disappeared into the shadows.

"What the hell just happened?" I asked out loud.


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