I awoke on top of Portia with my clothes burned off. I tried to get up, but felt something resisting. When I looked up with my senses, I saw part of the station on us. "Come on. we almost made it to the bridge." I say. Portia started to stir but looked pale now, so when I looked at her body to find what was wrong, she was bleeding.

"Portia, Portia. Wake up, is there something you can do to get us out of this mess?" I say.

"Wh-what happened?" She asked after waking up.

"Long story short, Explosion, falling debris, bleeding. I think that covers it." I say. She nodded and after a few minutes realized what I meant and look down her body. Her legs were crushed under some debris that I couldn't stop. "Do you know some healing spells?"

"I don't. If we can get to the bridge, then we can heal my legs there and you can talk to the ship outside." She said.

"Alright, I am gonna lift the debris off. Prepare for some possible pain." I say as I lift the debris off of us. She screamed in pain as everything was moved. I looked at her legs and saw that she couldn't walk until she recovered. So I picked her up and ran towards the bridge. "Where would I go after we get to the bridge?"

"Go to the right after entering and there should be a healing station. Place me in it and contact that ship." She said. I put her in the station after entering the bridge and tried to contact the battlecruiser. Of course they had to hit the antenna. I ran back to Portia and picked her up, she managed to stop the bleeding.

"They hit the antenna, I can't talk to anyone outside of this station. We need to run back to my ship and leave, now!" I say. That was when the door started to open and soldiers charged into the room. I hurried and put up a shield right on time as bullets were launched at us. I contacted my ship and told them to leave, I would find them later.

"In the name of our god, stand down and don't resist." someone said behind the soldiers.

"I would've talked to you guys if you didn't shoot at us. Next time wait before doing anything." I say angrily.

"You will come with us anyway, we just drugged you." they said. Wait wha------.

When I woke up, I had a massive headache and Portia was still in my hands. I looked around and saw that the whole room was emanating light. A guard passed by and said "Welcome to our dungeons. Hope you enjoy your stay." Oh haha, I said that to that crazy woman and now it is said to me. Another person came into view and stopped right in front of us.

"What is your name and why are you holding that angel in your arms?" He asked.

"You don't need to know my name and she is still unconcious. She did lose a bit of blood before we were drugged." I say.

"Good 'Sick bastard' I am their god and the demon lord to the demons." he said.

"Really, thats odd because I am their demon lord. I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FIGHT." I said knowing full well the honor that the demons value honor.

"Too bad, I am their god right now so that doesn't count---"

"Wait, the angels also value honor too." Portia said as she woke up.

"HA. Lets fight bastard. I also said it loud enough for everyone within 10 miles of this place to hear." I said. The look on his face was good, so good in fact that I asked Sparky to save that look.

"Fine. In two hours we will fight to the death. The winner can do whatever they want with both species." he said. This will be a good fight.

Two hours later.

I stood in the center of the arena and was waiting for 'god' to show up. I wanted to tear his fake face off of his head and show the world that he is just a mortal. I didn't wait long as he showed up in full armor.

"Where did you get the armor?" I asked.

"Just something that god gets. The armor chooses who can wear it." he said.

"Odd, it looks like it is screaming in agony right now." I said.

"Shut up and fight. I don't have all day you know." he said.

"But I do" I say before charging him with my blades. As I swung down, he grabbed a sword on his back and fought with that. He deflected my blow and tried to return it but had to block my other blade. We continued like that for several hours before we seperated and stood there panting with blood running down both of our bodies.

"One final hit and we both won't budge. We both hit each other as hard as we can and who can kill the other with that hit wins." the wannabe said.

"Deal" I agreed. I decided to let him go first and he swung his sword hard enough to break it on my scales.

"Where did you get scales?" he asked.

"Just a part of me." I said. I swung my blade and cut off his head. Everyone in the crowds were screaming their heads off with joy, those sick bastards, and I walked over to Portia and sat next to her.

"So, are we good to go?" I asked.

"Yes, you are the new ruler of our people or should I say the real god of our people. We have a legend that says our true god will be able to grow scales whenever he wants, espescially during a battle." she said. That was good to know.

"Alright, I need to know why they encouraged war though." I told her and beckoned a guard over. "Why did you guys go to war in the first place?"

"Our world is dying. In 10 months, we won't be able to live here anymore." the guard said. That sounded bad.

"Okay then why is everyone here a female?" I also asked.

"All of the males have dies in a battle. My lord now has the task of making babies to help support the race now." the guard said. Shit. I was about to ask another question when I felt the air change around me. I stood up and told the guard to gather everyone here and to tell the battleships to stand down and return to the planet. During the whole process, the air changed again and this time, I felt the world send the last of its energy to me.

"Jayden, you are glowing." Portia stated.

"No shit, I can see that." I said. Everyone saw that I was glowing and bowed in reverance. That freaks me out, I am not used to being respected. Everyone then heard the planet say 'THIS IS YOUR TRUE GOD. ALL OF YOU SHALL BEAR HIS CHILDREN AND RAISE THEM AS TRUE ANGELS.'


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