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Enemy view.

That kid didn't realize that I knew that he was here, laughable. I purposely left two weakened guards at the entrance because I knew that they won't last long. After a few hours, I felt their life fade and knew that he was here. I didn't have any of my children at the first two floors because they were still growing. They are almost done with the first stage.

By the time he got to this floor, they were ready and waiting for my command.

"Greetings, little one, have you come to free all of these people?" I asked.

He walked out and said "Yes, this world won't be able to support them anymore and I came to kill every one of these abominations." Really, you called my kids abominations, you will suffer for that.

"Now now, you can't kill my children, they haven't had their growth completed." I said. That was a complete lie, I could care less for these women but he called my kids abominations.

"I don't care. You killed half of the worlds population and now use that remaining as slaves. 'He has a point there' Time to end this once and for all." he said

"If you wish, but you will face all of my children and me at the same time." I said. what he didn't know is that I have more inside of me at the moment.

"Bring it" he said as he pulled out his blades. He charged and watched as all of my children left these womens womb ready for battle. The kids in my also left through the vagina and joined the attack. he was able to withstand a good chunk of my kids before he had to move to a different spot.

I was walking to him as I saw his eyes change and scales grow on his body. "You have dragons blood in you. We should make you part of our pack." I said.

"I will never be a part of your pack." He growled back.

"So be it. Don't kill him, just bring him to me and I will teach him some manners children." I told my kids. He took several more hits but didn't care as all he focused on was killing my children. After a few hours, all of my children was dead and I felt rage build up.

"You-you killed all of my children. You will pay for that!!" I screamed out. I ran and jumped at him. He didn't realize it, but my goal was to take him in me and make him wait there for a few centuries. When his head entered me, he started to resist. That only made it feel better and encouraged me. As he entered me, I said "Now you can stay in me and soon you will have the company of these fine ladies with you soon."

When he was in all the way, I started to pull all of them into me. It took 10 days as I had to stop for a breather and to calm my heart. I knew that I was at my limit of people that I could carry in me, so I went looking for a place to call home until I could get more children or find a ship to use. I will miss my throne and cavern, along with my children. I have to thank those foolish researchers for releasing us onto the world again.

I found a place to call home and laid low there for a few months. I could feel stress building up inside of me and I didn't know why. I should've released some of them as that brat almost burst out, he didn't succeed though. I heard a twig snap.

"Who are you?" I asked after spinning around and spotting someone.

"I am Beth Silva of the battleship THE ROGUE. Release everyone in you or perish." Beth said.

"I would rather die than let you steal from me." I shout out and started to run, but she was faster. She caught me and tied me up in a way that forces our species to release people. As the first person was about to leave me, she put her vagina up against mine and started taking them all away from me.

"NOOOOOO! RELEASE ME AND GIVE THEM BACK." I screamed out over and over again. She never listened, only took everyone away from me. When that was finished, she got up and started to walk away and had two security guards grab me and bring me along. We entered a carrier and went up into space, that was when I saw THE ROGUE. She was massive, bigger than any ship or planet could ever be.

When we docked, the guards pushed me out and dragged me to the brig. I was kicking and screaming the whole way there. When we arrived, they tossed me in there and put up the field. After 20 days, that brat came down and told me "Welcome to my ship. Hope you have a good time in there."


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