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The song in use is Damien Dawn Selfish (acoustic)

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I was falling to the planet after I jettisoned from the airlock. During the fall, I was humming a song in my mind that I heard a while ago and enjoy. It helped me lose track of time because the next thing I knew, I was close to hitting the ground. This was also another planet that didn't like technology, shit, that means I am stuck with my blades and my fist because I can't use magic yet. When I landed, I rolled and sprung back to my feet and was alert for enemy movement.

There was no movement around me, I am concerned. From what I learned, they are just mindless creatures, yet they are nowhere to be seen. That means that they are either smarter than they look or they do have a beastmaster. I scanned the whole planet and found them all in one section and it looks like a cavern with many air holes. Definately a beastmaster then.

I started walking that way while keeping an eye out for any movement whatsoever. Unfortunatly, there was no movement and I kept that up for 50 miles with no sleep. Two guards were in front of the cave, they are easy to deal with as long as I don't kill them. I snuck up on them and knocked them out and moved them farther from the cave and entered.

The first floor was covered with a strange red organic matter. no one or thing in sight yet. I moved on to the second level and there are dead animals with their stomachs torn open, probably used for reproduction, but nothing alive. When I got on the third and last level, women were strewn all over the place. They were kept alive so that those creatures could survive. They were swollen so bad that they couldn't move. In the center of the floor (it is one big cavern more like a room) there was a throne and a woman was sitting in it and looked straight at me.

"Greetings, little one, have you come to free all of these people?" She asked.

I walked out, as there was no point in hiding anymore, and said "Yes, this world won't be able to support them anymore and I came to kill every one of those abominations."

"Now now, you can't kill my children, they haven't had their growth completed." She said.

"I don't care. You killed half of the worlds population and now use the remaining as slaves. Time for this to end once and for all." I shout back.

"If you wish, but you will face all of my children and me at the same time." She said.

"Bring it" I say. I pulled out my swords and charged forward. The creatures all left the wombs through the vagina and charged at me. Their "mother" just stood up and started to walk to me. The first of those abominations arrived in front of me and were cut in half as my training kicked in. I ducked down and swung my arms like a tornado and kept that up until I couldn't move freely in that spot anymore. I then stood up and ran to the side for better ground as I carved my way through the hoards of enemies.

I was starting to get overwhelmed and knew that if this continued, I would be the one to either die or be used for something. I didn't realize this, but my eyes changed shape and looked more like a dragons eye. Scales popped all over my body and I felt strength flood my body. Everything seemed to slow down around me but there were still god knows how many. Even the best warrior would be overwhelmed at this sight.

"You have dragons blood in you. We should make you a part of our pack." The lady said.

"I will never be a part of your pack" I growled out.

"So be it. Don't kill him, just bring him to me and I will teach him some manners children." She said. I started to focus less on my task and more on killing these things. They felt my defense weakening and became bolder thinking that they overwhelmed me, but I didn't care about that at the moment. All I focused on was killing everything in this room. This continued for a few hours until I killed that last abomination.

"You-you killed all of my children. You will pay for that!!" She screamed out. Now the fight truely begins. I switched my stance to one on one and braced for impact. She didn't ram me, instead she jumped up over my head. At that moment, I realized that she was naked and she was similar to Beth. When she landed on me, my head entered her womb. I was trapped. All I could do was resist her and pull myself back out, but she was too strong. I was pulled farther and farther into her.

"Now you can stay in me and soon you will have the company of these fine ladies with you soon." She said and that was the last thing I heard before everything got dark.


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