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Split views here between Jayden and Beth. Beth first

I laid down and waited for everyone to enter my womb. Cleo entered first and got stuck so Jayden pushed her in.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Tannyll asked.

"Waiting for all of you to enter my womb. Don't worry, it's safe." I said. Jayden was showing her what to do as I pulled Cleo in the rest of the way. Tannyll pushed her hands in and stopped because she was hesitating, so Jayden grabbed her and pushed her in. When the head and the shoulder was in, she stopped entering because she was stuck.

"What should we do?" Jayden asked.

"Stick your dick into her and grab my hands. When you're ready, start pulling me to you and I will do the same. He barely put his dick in her when she started to struggle, so he grabbed her and basically acted like a spear thrown. He quickly grabbed my hands and pulled so I did the same. Tannyll went in after a few moments, she is busty though. Now it was Jaydens turn to enter.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"No but I will never be ready for anything that is coming." He responded and pushed his way in. I am lucky that my race can hold anything and control the belly size at will. I got up and practiced walking for a hour to get used to it and entered the shuttle. I then activated the engine and launched off into space and jumped as close to our destination as I could. When the jump ended, we were only 6 months away and I felt someone having sex in me.

Now for Jaydens view

I could feel the whole ride in Beths womb and I could feel both Tannyll and Cleo on both sides. Cleo was asleep while Tannyll was awake and asked; 'Why did you put your dick in me?'

'It was the only way to get you to enter. We now have some time before we arrive so if you want something, just ask.' I replied via telepathy.

'I now need to bear your child or we will never have one for a few million years now.' She sent. When I heard that, I immediately realized that I made a mistake. I grabbed her and started to have sex with her.

10 hours later

I could feel that Tannyll was now pregnant with my child and she confirmed that she was pregnant. Elves get pregnant easily, which is useful when they are in the fertile stage, luckily they don't have to worry about being a slave for that purpose.

'What are you thinking about?' She asked.

'The childs name and whether or not they will live in a time of peace.' I replied (remember, telepathy in use)

'Think about that when our child is born in 1000 years. Until then, lets focus on survival.' she replied. When she finished that, we both fell asleep with my arms around both Tannyll and Cleo.

Many time skips. so 6 months later.

I woke up to find myself in my room with Glysola and Emma standing by the bed with concerned looks. I look around the room and see that Tannyll, Cleo, and Beth were all in my bed. Kinda explains why everything is dark... wait, how can I still see things?

'Because there is my abilities and your powers helping you out. How else are you still breathing even though your face is be smothered by six breasts.' Sparky said.

'It's been a while Sparky. What have you been doing?' I ask.

'Looking up stuff for you. You have every races DNA in you, but it is only the best strengths of those races. the universe is in deep shit if it made you like that. You also have your own language that was determined, I think you kept it as your secret language.' He said.

'Oooohhhh... Shit.' I cursed, that was suppose to stay secret for a reason.

"Jayden, are you awake?" Glysola asks. I couldn't do anything so I lifted my legs and Emma said that I was awake. "Ok do you think you can get out?" I lower my legs and stay still.

"Shit, he is stuck like that. we need to either make the bed bigger, or make a schedule of who can sleep with him." Emma said.

"We can do the schedule and make more beds here later. If we all want to sleep with him, then we need to make the room wider to handle it or remove the bed." Glysola said.

'You do know that you have the option to remove the bed and make the whole floor your bed right?' Sparky said.

'Good to know, thanks Sparky' I said.

'Just ask me for anything else when you need help.' he said.

'OK' I said. Glysola and Emma pick up Beth enough to let me slip out. When I get out, I take a deep breath and thank both of them.

"Alright. So what happened while I was gone?" I ask.

"Well the ships repair slowed down and finished half an hour ago, there was some skirmishes on the border, and we received word that a planet was in danger so we came to get you. Why are you in bed with three other women?" Emma asks. Shit, how will I explain that.

"I don't know honestly. I just remember falling asleep and waking up with them on me." I say. I told them part of the truth because they will learn later. "Do you know which planet was in danger?"

"Yes, it is one where there are human witches inhabiting it." Glysola pitches in.

"Thank you. I already know what happened, they uncovered a species that use females as a way to survive. I don't know if they have a master or not though." I explain.


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