A note from SchattenFeuer

This will be the start of the multiple lead characters. What I do is different point of views about information for certain characters or creatures that have a meaning later on. There is also graphic scenes.

The day was just going like any other. School for 8 hours (magic school), personal study, and hanging out with friends. After school ended though, I saw a vision that I needed to tell the counsel. I hurried to the door only to find that it already started. My teacher ran up to my house with 20 other of his students and opened the door.

"Damn freaks. Don't they know that they will die soon." He grumbled.

"What is happening teach?" I asked.

"The race that our scientists discovered decided to rebel. Over half of the military is dealing with them, so we need to stay together until we are given a signal. So let us enter already." He said. I forgot that everyone was jsut standing there and I let them enter.

"T-teacher, what are they? When I looked, I saw a monster." Someone from the back said.

"Those are creatures that will use anything they can get their hands on. No I will not tell you more before you ask." He said angrily.

Fast travel - One day later.

It has been a day since it began and it looked like our military is failing. Everyone that is captured just disappear from the scans the government does. The food will not last long as we can't go out to gather anything.

This is when the scratching first started. Everyone that heard it started to freak out and if it wasn't for the teachers presence, they would've lost it. There was just too much pressure on each persons mind.

"Alright everyone, do not go near the windows and see if you can find a emergency passage to the government or something useful." he said. Everyone liked that idea so we looked around the house and after several hours found what we were looking for. "Alright, lets try to figure out the lock."

It took 10 days of constant study to find out that the lock was magical and the combination was the blood of the family. Luckily, we only needed a drop of blood for it to work. As the door opened, we heard the windows breaking and screeching. Everyone tried to rush in at once and pushed 10 students and the teacher out of the tunnel and it closed leaving them behind with the teacher.

I ran up to the door about to open it when I heard the screaming and it fading to be replaced with a moan. When I looked around the door, I noticed a slot for my eyes next to it and when I looked in, I was horrified. The men were ripped apart and eaten while the women were cornered. When they finished eating, they ran to the women and dove into their vagina after ripping the clothes off.

I watched as creature after creature forced themselves into 7 women, and I mean litterally crawled into their wombs. When they finished doing that, one creature appeared and took them to wherever they came from. When I looked away, the others asked what I saw and I just ignored them and walked on.

The others followed me and after 3 hours of walking, we found the end of the tunnel that lead to the bunker that held everyone. There were soldiers waiting at the entrance and when they saw us, they scanned us before letting us enter. We were guided to the room that we were sharing with another class. They asked us where our teacher was and saw our looks of sorrow at the mention, there was the look of fear on my face that the teacher saw.

They guided us to the beds and told us to rest. When I fell asleep, I didn't wake up until three days later. I heard fighting going on outside of the door. I saw the teacher of the other class, but no one else was there. The teacher said "There is a way for you to escape alive, but are you willing to live for another person?"

"If there is a way, I am willing to live, even for another person." I said confidently.

"Good, I will reveal what I am to you and then we will start the escape." She said. After she said that, she then stripped her pants, shirt, and underwear off. "It will take a while so get under me. It would be better if you would sit straight. It would help me situate myself better. Also what is your name?"

When I did what she asked, She sat down fast. I paniced as I felt my head enter her vagina. "Oof, you have a good body, I can't get farther down your body easily." She said "Don't fight me, I am trying to save you." I thought otherwise but let her finish the task anyway. Right as she got her cloths on, she ran out the door as fast as she could and got to a ship. From there, I don't know, it feels like I have been in here for a few hours. The next moment I can remember was meeting someone and falling in love right away.

A note from SchattenFeuer

God damn, I didn't realize that I was this dirty minded. Problem of watching to many shows and hanging out with certain friends I guess.

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