A note from SchattenFeuer

This chapter will be shorter, only about 100-200 words


The world has changed without me realizing it. When I look around during the times that he isn't focused on talking to me, I look around. His wife-to-be has a pretty good figure. Her breasts are around an I or a J. Her waist is more of a hour glass instead of a rectangle. While she does have a bit of a stomach, it is enough to accentuate the rest of her body.

His demon wife on the other hand, has the biggest breasts in the region and her body isn't too muscular and has slightly more fat to balance her looks out. I know that there will be 8 more wives in the future, six of the races I do not know. There will be one more human and demon. I will find out in the near future.

A note from SchattenFeuer

Sorry guys, I took a break to clear my head. You never realize what is truly going through your mind until you either write it down or sit for a few days. I also took this opportunity to reorganize my story in my mind from the point where I finished writing the drafts. I think I'm on draft 13 or 14, so I have plenty of material left for another few chapters. I will post two chapters in two days from now as a apology.

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