The shield collapsed until there were only a few inches up and down to move. I heard lady two moan in plessure as my dick pulsed in her vagina, and I started to lose control of myself as I automatically moved it in and out hearing a nice smacking sound. After a few seconds, I went faster and faster until I could not hold it in anymore and let loose. I felt a great amount of sperm shoot out of me into her womb and felt it swell with the sudden amount of sperm. there was a slight stretching sound as her body was not used to it.

During the intercourse, she was screaming out in pleasure while her companion was watching in concern. When I was finished, she looked really pregnant. After a few seconds, the swelling went down and she looked like she was fine. "That...was interesting." I panted out.

"I feel fine" she panted out. "There isn't any trace that I was pregnant. Amazing!!!"

"Me next!!" Lady one shouts.

"Lets get it over with then" I say. Luckily she was laying down already so all I had to do was move over. "You ready?" I ask.

"Yes, shove it in all the way." She lets out. I ram my thing into her hard, hard enough that she grunts. I wasn't done though, I still needed to get my body to release a load into her. I decide to move in and out like before, but I add in the sucking of the breasts. I automatically received milk in my mouth and I decided to go harder and to suck harder. That got the reaction that I wanted and it still wasn't enough to get my balls to release anything yet.

I just decided to go to her mouth and started kissing her. After thirty seconds, I finally released all of the sperm that I could. She groaned in pleasure and swoll up just like lady two, but I didn't stop there. As soon as I was done, I removed my dick and moved around enough to stick it in her mouth. when I did, she choked at first, then started sucking on it. My body didn't plan for that and released the rest of what I had left.

She, surprisingly, took it all in. Not a drop was lost as she swallowed, it made me think whether or not she was human. I decided to not think about it yet as I felt some of the debris move. I push the shield up as hard as I could and managed to ma make a way through. When we climbed out, I saw that the battle was over.

There were enough scrapped ships that we could make 200 alone. "How long were we in there?" I ask.

"20 hours. What happened in there, all I could here from the com was a possible emergency. But when we get halfway down the pile, it goes flying and you three emerge unscathed." Emma asks.

"Long story" I say. I made a plan to check out what happened to me under there. We were escorted to the carrier and taken to the ship. When we arrived, I told the others that I was gonna go to my room. When I left, Emma and lady one followed me to the room. We entered and as I closed the door, Emma asked lady one, "Who are you and why did you follow us?"

 "I am the queen of the demons, Glysola, and I am following my husband, the demon king. " Glysola replied. That stunned us both, but she continued; "He needs to do his first transformation into his other true form. I will do it first to show him how easy it can be." As she finished speaking, she changed only slightly. Her bust went from an f to a z in a matter of seconds while she grew a inch of two. Her cloths also changed to match her current form.

"What the hell was that?" Emma asked.

"That was me turning into my other true form as I have already stated." Glysola told us.

"Yeah, but why did your breasts grow and why are you saying that Jarod is your husband and a demon?" Emma asked in a scared tone.

"It is part of my job to punish the criminals in our world. By the way, the demon realm is all female other than the demon king, strongest of us all. Jared is the reincarnation, if not the actual version, of my husband that I married by winning the competition. " Glysola stated.

I was starting to think what the rules of the demon world are like compared to earth. During the whole process, I started to feel an itch grow in my body to change. I was also starting to lose vision as I fell down. The last thing I heard was Emma and Glysola shout my name.


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