A note from SchattenFeuer

This first section will be the surprise that is hidden inside Jayden. He will find out about his true self. It is also a continuation of the previous chapter. so the same warning will be given here.

I have been waiting for the moment to come out of the protective shell. The moment I felt strength flood my body, I heard someone say 'Who is this?!!!' I don't respond but point to the sight of my body on the ground. There is silence again, and the time has come to emerge at last.

"Yes, but about half of the others here are not." She replied.

"Alright then." I stand up "Everyone that can still move, get the people that can move and get to our carrier. If you turn left and go down the passageway, then you will encounter our ship." I yell loud enough for everyone to hear.

I go out to the corridor and keep an eye out for uglies. When the last person carrying someone came out, I looked into the room and saw that two women were left. They were one of the ones that were almost impregnated. I ran to them and picked them up with ease. I was surprised at that and tried to run through the door when I heard the frame groan.

I jumped back with the women and formed a shield around us instinctively. Right when the shield went up, the doorway collapsed right there and there was a explosion. After I woke up, I was under the women and one had my dick in her vagina(lady one) while I was kissing the other one(lady 2). The shield was barely holding up and there was barely any room to move.

I tried to move an inch and the one with my dick started to groan in pleasure. As she groaned, there was a quiver down in her vagina and I almost lost it. 'Sparky, what the hell happened and how did I end up like this?' I ask.

He didn't respond at all. When I was about to ask again, I felt a tug on my soul. I felt like I was falling, but there was no air and I knew I wasn't moving. When I could see, there was a copy of me standing in front of me. He started speaking and said "I am you and you are me. Lets merge back into one being, we were seperated at birth to protect us from being killed."

I was concerned when I heard that as I didn't know about that. I felt that it was right though. It was odd, I replied "What are we though?"

"You will find out when we merge into one. All of my knowledge will become yours too." Other me said. He held out his hand and I did the same thing. When we touched, he started to vanish into me. When it finished, I felt like I needed to change but I still knew that I could not do that here until we got out.

"" came through the com.

"Yes." I send to them. "I am trapped with two women and can't move."

"........." The signal faded. The two ladies started to wake up and as soon as they did, they were surprised at their position. Both of them had a good size bust too, an E or a F size. They also had some swelling in their womb so I realized that they were impregnated. I don't know how I know, I just did. All of a sudden, I felt the breasts harden up enough that I lost control.

I felt a warm liquid (more like a cream) flow out of my dick into lady 1. She moaned in plessure and relief as she felt her swelling going down. When she realized that her swelling went down, she tried to get me to cum more. I, fortunately, regained control of my body before she tried.

I sent more energy to the shields and pushed them out a few feet to gain more room. When it settled, I moved them to the side and asked "Were you two impregnated a while ago?"

"Yes. 15 days ago." Lady two said. "by the very three that you killed."

"Wait!!!" Lady one says. "Your sperm lowered the swelling in my womb. Can you make it so that we aren't pregnant anymore?"

"Don't know." I say. "That was the first time it happened. I suppose that I could try again." 

Lady two says "Try it on me first. I have not been touched by your dick yet."

"Alright then." I say reluctantly. When we shift around so that I am ready to push in, the shield starts to shrink. I move forward to pull the other lady under me and I feel a vagina shaft around my lower regions.


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