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I am comming up with the names as I go along with the story. so if they are weird, then I was really tired during the creation. Thank you for sticking with the story and thank you those that answered the question last chapter.

In the sky, there were ships of all makes; The Flizbrizi, The Tadanorg, The Bomorn, and many more that I don't recognize. Some of them used a language that I couldn't read while some of them used the common language for the written names on the ships. What was most surprising was that I saw my ship sneaking through the fleets.

It arrived above me in one minute and sent a carrier down, though it looked like it could only hold 100 or so people including gear. When the carrier landed, the officers from the bunker arrived at the same time. They were confused as to why they were there, so I told them; "Get everyone in the bunker lining up to enter the carrier. If there are still people in there, bring them here."

They, unfortunately, just stood there. I just needed to give them some motivation, so I pulled out a blade and they scrambled to get it done.

"Bunch of scaredy cats. They must be new to this, if they aren't then they are weak willed to fight." I tell Emma.

"Does that include me?" She asks innocently. My god, that was way too cute.

"No and I feel lucky to have you." I reply.

"OK lovebirds, time for the big surprise, how are we going to get up to the ship?" Jacob asks

"Lets see for ourselves, shall we?" I reply mysteriously. When I do open it, we are all surprised by the space in there.

'There is magic at work here. The last person that worked on this ship paid for the enchantment to make it bigger on the inside to fit everyone that could be placed.' Sparky said.

Hm. Magic is real, now I wonder about whether and of the gods are real. Anyway, I need to focus on this.

"Get everyone in the bunker in this ship, it can handle it. Until then, I will keep an eye out for survivors." I tell them.

'Sparky, is there a way to search for survivors in this town from this spot' I ask Sparky.

'There is and I already ran the scan. There is two women surrounded by aliens in the house next to you. There is a enchantment that is stopping all sound from leaking out.' Sparky said.

"I need to go take care of something. I need you to wait here and guide people through the entrance dear. Can you do that for me?" I ask Emma.

"Sure thing. I like what you call me honey." She responds.

I chuckle at that and rushed to the house. When I entered, I found the aliens moved closer to them, though one of the women killed themself. I felt a pang of sadness, but I had to focus on the aliens that now noticed me. When they turned around, I saw what looked like lust in their eyes or is it compound eyes.

'Sparky, I need to know why they looked like they are lusting after those women' I tell him.

'I will try to look up what I know about that.' he tells me.

I suddenly moved to the side and swung my blade without realizing that. When I could focus on the battle again, I suddenly felt the urge to move back. I didn't follow that urge and felt a burning sensation in my chest where my heart should be. I then realized that those urges are important and followed them. After I dodged every strike thrown at me, I struck back and killed them one by one.

After the quick battle ended, I checked up on the survivor. Everything looked right on the scans I conducted and there was nothing foreign in her system. "Can you move?" I ask her.

"Y-yes." she replied.

"What is your name?" I ask.

"Ileana Day." she responded.

"Well, I got a ship waiting that you could hide in until the whole thing blows over. Would you like that?"

"Yes." After she said that, I lead her to my carrier and found that the loading was done and that all of the people in the bunker.

"Good. Everyone is here, we'll arrive at the main ship soon. First thing though, I need everyone that has some training in a battle ship to come by this exit." I shout out to let everyone hear. There is a slight shuffling and about 100-200 people come here.

"Alright, get ready to disembark and get to your stations. I will need one of every station we have here to come with me to the bridge." I tell them. When we feel the slight shake from landing, we started to disembark and everyone ran to the transporter pads in the bay.

"I did not know what it would look when I entered it." I said outloud in surprise while running to the pads.


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