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As Satoshi was basking in his bafflement, the little girl returned about a minute later with a rectangular object in her hand. Placing it in front of the uncomprehending man, she plopped down on the bed next to him.


“Oh. A slate?”






“Nn? Chagak.”






A brief rudimentary exchange took place between the two of disparate ages and language and well... species, as they tried to teach each other words of their understanding. The man with the uncanny round ears decided it was better if he conceded and learned the language of his captors... Ahem, his saviors.. as he deemed it improbable that he would be able to leave this place any time soon, with one leg.


As the two came to a consensus on what the rectangular thing was called, the girl took out a piece of chalk, or whatever it was called in her language and started to draw. For a moment he thought to ask what the white thing in her hand was called, but he regressed his thoughts and considered his situation. He was on the bed with the little girl easily in arms reach, defenseless and oblivious to any kind of harm that the foreign man may cause. As much as it made the human in the room genuinely pleased of the unsaid imposition of trust, he felt a dark sense of foreboding as the exact situation could lead to his death if found out by the man with the bulging muscles who had introduced himself as Smirnie.


(But how do I get her to leave?)


It was a tough question. He could try to be rude to the girl, but that would definitely kill him. If he let the situation be and was to be discovered, that would probably kill him.


(Uhhh.. rock and a hard place?)


But nature wasn’t so charitable as to allow him respite to ponder. In whatever time he had been asleep, his body did not have a chance to relieve itself and he suddenly felt an incredible urge to pee.




What to do? His mind immediately working overdrive. Does he ask the girl for help? There was no way he could do that. For one, she wouldn’t even understand him, and secondly, and more importantly, there was no conceivable way the little girl would be able to aid him. And therein itself lay the biggest issue, he was one leg short of just waltzing and find a place to piss by himself. He certainly needed help to be carried, and there was no way the girl in front of him was up to the task. Should he shout for help after all?


(Ah, fuck god damn it!)


“EXCUSE ME!”, feeling himself close to the very limit, he shouted towards the door with his body bending and his hands surrounding his mouth on the sides, all in an effort to make his sound be as focused towards any entity outside.


The little girl was startled by the sudden noise but didn’t react further and just looked at the weird man, by no means helping his current predicament. As he heard hurried footsteps from multiple directions, he was almost stuck with a sense of relief but he consciously stopped himself from relishing in even the slightest bits of it as a crack in his concentration was equivalent to a crack in the dam. And though he lacked modesty by general standards, even he'd rather not piss himself in front of a little girl. It would certainly not make for an interesting story, should he need to relay it to his buddies in the afterlife, assuming this wasn’t already it. Because that would be one hell of an ironical smack to his butt.


The first to arrive was Smirnie and went wide-eyed when he saw his precious daughter near the potentially ruinous human. In the next moment, he was next to the bed, with the girl in her arms checking for any sign of harm. He held her jaw and turned her neck around and seemed to be satisfied at the absence of any perceivable injuries. The human did feel a little offended at the wolf-man's public display of scrutiny against the human's virtue, but he understood his predicament well, so he kept shut.


Finding no harm to her daughter, Smirnie turned to glare at the human. Surely, he was to blame for everything. He somehow must have lured his precious daughter, the cutest daughter in the world, so lovable that he would rip worlds apart for her. He expected to see his evil gaze. Yet, what he found was the human impatiently waiting with a hand up, holding his pinky, indicating something. Smirnie narrowed his eyes and thought for a while. What could a pinky pointed at the ceiling possibly mean? For the Gods of Primevals, he could not decipher what that action was supposed to implicate. There was that incomprehensible scream as well. Was this a human thing? Maybe something in their culture? But the human clearly looked impatient, his face a little scrunched and his body a little shaky.


His main concern of his daughter’s safety cleared, he looked on the bed to notice the slate and chalk and came to an understanding of the situation. The two elder children had understood not to go near the human, but his youngest daughter was too young to grasp such complicated concepts. Maybe it was his own fault to leave the door open, but he had done so with to be able to keep easy tabs on the human. He breifly reprimanded himself for his carelessness, but considering the undeniable safety of his daughter, shifted his view back to the human who remained in the same position but with an almost pained expression on his face with now his other hand on his crotch.


“Ah antoom oksu?”


At some point, all the family members had arrived at the scene, and the elder daughter announced those words which from the looks of it, had been the first thing on everyone’s mind when they noticed the human’s change in posture.


Smirnie immediately put his daughter on the bed, though at a distance from the human, and this time picked up the human in his arms and fast-walked out of the room, heading downstairs. Though it would’ve been a good opportunity to look around at the house, it was currently the last thing on Satoshi's mind as he was right on the verge of leaking. Each step taken by his transporter felt last as every movement threatened his perseverance and bared its fangs at his containment. On the verge of collapse, he missed whatever was happening around him and the only thing he knew was his self-control. It was his duty, his responsibility as a man, to stay strong in the face of hardships. Killing someone just because you didn’t like them was not the solution. Also, aren’t boobs the most amazing things in the universe? But that was irrelevant to the current issue at hand. The current issue was not even in his hand, it was in his bladder! And trying to think of something else did not seem to help. But didn’t a great man once say that thinking about it makes it worse!? Right, he didn’t say that not thinking about it would make it better. But doesn’t that mean that it would never get better!?


While everyone was oblivious to his internal struggles at philosophy, a minuscule amount of a watery substance leaked out of his fleshy tap. Smirnie felt the man in his arms shrink a little as Satoshi tightened his abdominal muscles. He was about to reach the washroom in a few long strides. But he was oblivious that every step of his, amounted to a lifetime for the pitiful man in his care. Satoshi had been subconsciously feeding his lungs with a forceful amount of air, and while it did allow him better control over his muscles, the side effect was his brain working in overdrive making the way to the washroom feel longer, much much longer than it should’ve been. The best way he could think of was to distract himself.


(What would happen if my bladder explodes? Would the piss mix back with his blood? That would be fine, wouldn’t it?)


Since, after all, the yellow liquid was a result of filtering the red one.


(So this would simply be the reunion of two lovers who had been forced apart. Yes, it is a noble thing to do. Yes, I have to stay strong for their sake.)


His thoughts were jumbled and another person would have certainly found something seriously wrong with his logic, but with his conscious efforts, they were calm and seemed to be working.




Or not.


Right as he was about to give up, he was put down but held upright by some force. What came into his eyes was a wooden seat with a hole in the middle and unbeknownst to him, his hands had already pulled down whatever he was wearing on his lower half and he finally let go. What he felt next as an eccentric mix of pain and pleasure with his soul shifting to the latter with every moment passed. Having held for so long, the amount of drainage was remarkable, while his pipe was limited in its capacity to expunge. Satoshi felt the agony as said pipe fought against the pressure. With the incredible pressure behind the constrictive hose, the fluid poured out in a horizontal line, as if the noble concept of gravity did not exist in this new world. The fireman had initial troubles to control the pressured fluid’s direction, with the haze over his mind causing his aim to worsen. Unable to balance his body by his own self certainly did not help his cause a single bit. Yet, the one-legged fireman stood strong and persevered through the disaster and as finally, the calamity was surmounted, Satoshi was overcome with the most incredible feeling he had ever felt in his life. In his initial burst, he had been unable to control the powerful liquid, causing splashes, but even in his agonizing ecstasy, with the last strand of attention, he managed to pour the rest inside the hole. And what he found beyond..


“Nirvana…”, he said out loud as he lost all strength in his body and let himself be overcome with ecstasy. With his brain in overdrive just a few moments ago, he felt the rush of dopamine and endorphins in all its glory, as his heartbeat slowed. It was a different pleasure than that one would experience at the end of sexual intercourse and if Satoshi was in a position to answer, he would have claimed that this sensation he was currently living through surpassed any orgasm. The sensuality of triumph; the climb of the Everest, the crossing of Oceans, victory with just 300 men. Surely this moment amounted to nothing less than those glorious tales.


Unfortunately, his brain was still suffering after-effects from the heavy oxygen administration so he had to witness his pants being pulled by Smirnie and carried back to the room. Even though he closed his eyes to escape from the world, the voices of the other family members were clearly audible. Not being able to understand the language did give him some respite as he filtered it out as background noise. Smirnie said something to the others and carried Satoshi up the stairs and to his bed.


Sensing their arrival, Satoshi opened his eyes to find the little girl still on the bed with the slate in her hand, looking at the two of them, oblivious to the hurdles surmounted.


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