The Man who knew no Limits

by MrScabbyCreature

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


The story follows the life of a man who gets teleported to another world with a strange power. And that is where the cliches end.

Common morals do not apply to the man. He is crude. He will do what he wants: he will not shy from using cheap tricks if it leads to a situation favourable to him. He will not save a damsel in distress if he doesn't want to, even if it is as easy as lifting a finger. He may even cause the distress himself if he finds it amusing. He may reward those who please him, while trampling those who are annoying. 

But the man's life, by no means, will be easy. He shall be OP, but it will not be enough, for some things just cannot be controlled. 


Warning: Gore, profanity, explicit sexual content.



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  • Overall Score

Solid, damn solid. But with a caviat.

Let's get it out of the way : the protagonist is a garbage piece of shit. At least in the beginning.

After that he magically becomes a pragmatist, and a solid one at that. Embodiment of live free and fuck you all. Refreshing to see someone take the "hero call", douse it in kerosene, and have a barbecue over it's screaming, burning body.

The Guy is clearly disturbed, but not so much that it's grating. Solid SOLID world building and reactions. One thing I hate is how people tend to transmigrate modern sensibilities in a medieval setting. This doesn't. 

It is retrograde, it is dirty, it's unsanitary and people are generally morons. Good heart, but morons. 


LOVE this work, keep it steady! 

  • Overall Score

Op mc, check.

Realist mc, check.

No insta-learning a language, check.

Very nice character interactions, check.

Solid characters, check.

Good style and storyline, check.

I demand more of this.

  • Overall Score

Pragmatically realistic

Most of these sorts of stories have the protagonist encountering waifus due to PLOT! here he makes his own plot.  He plots so well people go away thinking "does he have plot armor?", but nope, he's just that good at plotting. 


So basically, take a slice-of-life isekai and then strip away all the bullshit, all the cliches and put in a protagonist that doesn't give a damn.  That's this story. 

  • Overall Score

I think the author is walking great to a amazing story! 5 stars in my book.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Twist on the isekai genre I loved it 

Mc isn't stupid so a plus

Enjoying the style and story so far I want to know how this develops 

Joshua Resendez
  • Overall Score
I like the writing but the "protagonist" if you can call him that is a psychopath... maybe later you could add a real protagonist and kill this guy off?