A Journey Into Mario World

A Journey Into Mario World

by Yami Seeker

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Well I never expected myself to be writing about a story into the Mario World. It is really impressive how life makes you do things you never thought you would do. As for my previous stories I realized something. I made the character too OP and so on so blah. I will try again and this time I will try my best to reach at least 30 or so chapters with a decent or bad ending. If I go longer then may the god of authors be with me.

Each chapter will probably be around 1k words so its pretty short.

Moving on. My Synopsis for this story:

Abyss is once again thrown into a different world but this time is different. (Abyss is my favorite OC.) He is not in a world filled with magic spells, high tech, and all kinds of wonders such as dungeons. NO! He is thrown into the Mario World! Now lets read his journey into the Mario World!

Author's note: I think I did good. 

Negative side: No the synopsis is poor but whatever. You couldn't do better even if there were 100 of you. (Ignore him)

P.S. Thanks for reading this far!

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Is that a reference

doff is best character Current chapter 12

doff is nice

right now the latest chapter is 12  abyss is a fun loving prankster that may take things too far kinda annoying sometimes

The characters of the Mario world are different from what we normally see in games 

Also has some stuff that you don't normally have in the game like meat scale fish(yes I checked there isn't) but the changes are probably the author trying to spice things up  (this applies to the history as well? I'm not quite sure)

doff is someone I would love to meet so caring and Thoughtful and prudent so until something changes doff is the best fight me if you disagree