Catgirls of GRIM

by Lord Astrea

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead GameLit Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Hovestile is a world of magic, dangerous monsters and conflict. Earth is a world of science, dominant humanity and endless strife.

Resources on Earth are scarce, and tensions escalate between nations. Mankind turned to the stars...and failed. Over time, they resorted to more grounded technology, and accessed the world of Hovestile. Hundreds were carefully chosen to enter this world with plans to prepare for colonization. But contact with the humans of Earth was immediately lost.

Over time, the people of Hovestile welcomed any assistance to defeat the monsters threatening their lands. Those from Earth were labeled as Outworld Adventurers, humans with the ability to increase their natural abilities through stats. Those born to Hovestile were referred to as Native Adventurers, original denizens with a natural competence for magic.

Alphonse Kneller is one Outworld Adventurer who dreams of making Hovestile his true home. But on his third dungeon foray, he is betrayed by his adventuring party and left for dead.

As he begins to abandon hope, two young catgirl demihumans appear before him named Kirie and Asa. Their mother, Rinka, offers Alphonse a precarious gift known as the Equivalence Contract. Using this gift, and with two catgirls as adventuring partners, Alphonse seeks to make further contracts and establish the guild known as GRIM.



A story delving into the dark sides of humans and monsters with plenty of light-hearted comedy to balance the scales. A building plot with complexity that delves deep into the world. Guilds, dungeons, conflict and adventure. A story I'm writing because I want to have some variety and fun.

Also, I like catgirls.


This story has a weekly schedule.

Cover by: Gabriela Figueroa




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Decide wether you want 1st or 3rd person

Narration, because as far as I can tell it looks terrible. You want to use both at the same time. Like this from the 1st chapter (not to look far for example).

Spoiler: Spoiler

Maybe in some circles it is permissable to do something like that, but I do not like it and want to write about it. Wether setting holds water... I guess I'm about to find out if I reach a bit further in.