“Huh? What’s up with my eyes? Now that I think about it, who were those 2 girls before that were responsible in locking me up in that shed?” I wondered to myself.

Remembering about my ability, I was curious what was already inside but realized that I had no clue on how to use the ability. While thinking on how to use the ability, my stomach growled in protest.

“Urgh…. Wish I could have a snicker bar right now..” I groaned but just as I voiced out my thought, a kiwi green ripple in the air appeared and a snicker bar was slowly pushed out of it, half of it still stuck in the ripple.

“Huh? Is that my ability to store items in a pocket dimension? But why did a snicker bar appear? I doubt this world has something like that..” I wondered before pulling out the bar and the ripple disappeared.

After opening the seal on the bar, I took a sniff before taking a small bite. It certainly tasted like the real thing! Hunger took over me and I practically inhaled the bar down. I threw the wrapper into the waste bin but didn’t notice it breaking down into small particles and disappearing as well.

“Maybe my ability is not storing but summoning anything I think of?!” I excitedly thought before thinking of a car which I always wished I had but nothing happened sadly.

Before I could test my ability out more, the room door opened and Charlotte came in.

“Why haven’t you still taken a shower?” Charlotte asked while narrowing her eyes at me, noticing that I was half naked with a messy bed hair.

“I was too busy trying out my ability.” I replied in an embarrassed tone, fiddling with my hair.

“Well, I came back to get something I forgot and it’s in your storage. It’s my set of armor.” Charlotte explained while looking apologetic.

“Okay here goes, come out Charlotte armor!” I proclaimed out loud expecting something to happen.



“Oh right, you need to have a clear image to take things out from your pocket dimension.” Charlotte apologetically said before taking out a black and white picture.

After looking at the picture and imagining taking it out, the same ripple appeared before the armor got thrown out of it and into Charlotte, knocking her over.

“Awahh … HEY! What did you do that for!”

“I don’t know! It just acted on it’s own!” I exclaimed, trying to defend myself.

“Well, I will be going.” Charlotte huffed before picking herself off the floor and leaving before saying a word of thanks.

“Hmm, I see. So that’s how my ability works. I need to have seen it visually then I can pull it out from the dimension. Normally, this won’t be an issue but I ain’t Rica and I don’t have her memories so I don’t have a clue what she stored in it.” I thought depressingly.

“But that snicker came out when I wished for it … could it be that my stuff from my world was transferred into the dimension as well?” I stood up excitedly.

Wishing for my cooking pan to appear, the ripple appeared once again with the pan coming out half way, waiting for me to pull it out.

“Wow! It really is mine!” I exclaimed out loud, jumping up and down. “This is amazing!”

After willing it to disappear, the pan dissolved into small particles before disappearing. I continued to experiment with this new ability of mine and before long, the sky soon turned dark.

“... Hey wake up!” someone asserted.

Someone was shaking me awake from my deep slumber.

“Urgh … just 5 more minutes..” I mumbled before attempting to fall asleep again.

“You’re going to be late for class! Wake up!” someone screeched into my ears before jolting me awake.

“Class? What class? I already graduated.” I said in my sleep stupor.

“Graduated? What graduated? You are only in your second year!” Charlotte impatiently said before pulling me out of my bed.

“Nooo I don’t want to go to class again … I want to drop out!”

“Stop speaking nonsense and let’s go!” Charlotte huffed.

The classroom was design was like that of a mini auditorium. Various students was already seated inside. I could feel their stare as I walked into the classroom. I followed Charlotte to the back of the classroom before sitting down next to her.

Before I could ask Charlotte something, an adult, most likely the teacher barged into the class before slamming down a thick stack of papers onto his desk.

“It’s time for your midterms. You will have 30 minutes to complete this 5 page essay.” the teacher drawled on while distributing the papers by flying each of them to every student via some ability.

“..... Huh?” I sat there dumbfounded as the paper landed in front of me, on my desk.

“Your midterm starts now!” the teacher announced and the sound of scribbling filled the air.

“Excuse me…” I raised my hands and tried to explain my situation but was shot down immediately by the teacher.

“No talking during midterms! I don’t care if you had a fatal injury or whatsoever, you will sit down and you will complete this essay!”

I turned the paper over slowly, reading the topic of the essay. I could not even read this writing!

“Oh god…. I am so screwed…” I groaned.

“Alright, time’s up! Put your writing utensils down now or get zero for your midterms!” the teacher boomed before all the papers collected neatly on his desk. After collecting them, he left the class in a hurry.

“Charlotte….” I said depressingly to the person next to me.


“I can’t read….” I mumbled.

“... I always assumed you could read since you could talk. This amnesia is pretty serious.” Charlotte confirmed.

“Come on, let’s go for our next lesson. It’s at the other block.” Charlotte said as she dragged my depressed self out of the class.

Next lesson turned out to be our ability training with many instructors on the field. As I walked past the field, I could see various scenes that would have been impossible in my previous world. Various chunks of ice were flying around or the ground wobbling and the blue electricity that crackled through the field.

“There are support classes and offensive classes. Each have 5 levels with level 5 being the strongest for offensive and being the most versatile and useful for supports.” Charlotte explained since I had the amnesia.

“Mine is level 4. Levels are not permanent and can increase or in some rare cases, decrease.” Charlotte continued.

“I see, what’s my level?” I prodded.

“Yours is level 2. Even though you can carry more things ordinary people, that’s the most you can do apparently compared to lets say, a healer which would be level 4. Don’t worry, I am sure it will increase in the future.” Charlotte said while making the effort to sound reassuring.

“Oh... only level 2…”

“Hey! It’s Charlotte!” someone shouted out and before long, people started gathering around her, pushing me away and trying to befriend her or praise her, trying to get her attention.

“Jeez, I had no idea she was this popular.” I grumbled before something caught my eye.

Walking towards it, I left practice field and towards another field which had another set of participants on it. Most notable difference was that there was no strange magical ability being performed here. Instead, there were rows of targets with people holding what appeared to be bolt action rifles.

“Guns? I thought I was in a fantasy world but with medieval knights from movies I watched before. This is amazing!” I jumped up and down with joy in my mind as I walked towards them briskly.

“Excuse me but can I try them out?” I asked politely, noticing that the guns were the Lee-Enfield rifles.

“Huh? Girls should not be playing around with dangerous weapons. Shoo shoo.” one of them waved me off while the others laughed.

“Hmph, I could probably aim better than you oaf.” I fumed.

“You little shi-” before he could finish his sentence, the alarms blared out.

“Shit, todays your lucky day brat.” he growled before running off with his buddies.

“Rica! Come back!” Charlotte’s voice echoed through the field.

I quickly ran back to her. The people that was around her was now gone. Before I could say anything, numerous numbers of WW2 era fighter planes flew overhead.

“What’s happening?” I asked uncertainly.

“The Daemons are approaching and they are headed straight here.” Charlotte said with a burgeoning excitement, her hands tightening around mine as she pulled me towards a a set of stairs that went underground. “Go and hide at the underground bunker.”

“What about you?” I asked, already knowing the answer that she will give.

“I will be meeting them head on.” she said with a ferocious grin before running off with an incredible speed towards the direction that the planes went.

Of course I did not go into the underground bunker. I looked around for the highest point in the campus. It seemed to be a clock tower that stretched up high into the sky, overshadowing everything.

Making my way to the clock tower, I opened the door to the tower and surprisingly, found it unlocked and what was behind the door made me grumble. Seems like elevators are not invented yet as long spiraling stairs could be seen all the way to the top.

As I was halfway through climbing the stairs to the top, I could hear faint explosions in the background while there was occasional weak tremors. My entire body was screaming in pain as this body was unfit and seemed to have never exercised or something. Enduring the pain, I continued onwards to the top.

After what seemed to be a lifetime, I finally reached the top. Now, only a ladder remained to the top with a hatch. Catching my breath for a bit and after drinking a small bottle of ion supply drink, I climbed up the ladder and out of the hatch.

Finally, I had reached the roof of the clock tower. The top of the tower was flat luckily and not rounded. As I viewed around, I was pretty shocked. I expected other buildings or even forests around the campus as I haven’t gone out yet but it was a barren wasteland all around.

To the south was where the battle was currently being held. I took out a binoculars and looked at the battle through it. Calculating the distance, the frontline was around 2 kilometers away only from here! How did they sneak up so much in this barren wasteland?

I got to see what a Daemon looked like finally. The ones at the front looked like hunchbacked humanoid creatures with long claws. They were rushing towards a line of infantry with a mix of guns such as the Lee-Enfield and even machine guns like MG34. They were firing away at the creatures, tearing them apart but anyone with a brain could see that they were just cannon fodders. Those that were wearing armors seemed to be staying back and only those without were rushing in to their deaths.

The rest of the creatures at the back were wearing full body armor with horns protruding from various body parts. Even larger creatures were at the back. Maximising my zoom, at the far end, I could see several humongous worms that seemed to came out of the ground and Daemons were coming out of their mouths. Did those worm like creatures tunneled and avoided detection and carried troops? There were plenty of other huge creatures about the size of elephants and wait, is that a dragon?!

We had tanks which looked like the Shermans and Tigers at the frontline, blasting away at any incoming enemies. But that was nothing compared to the skies. There were dense cloud walls but I could see something ginormous hiding in the clouds. The skies were filled with fighter planes and the Daemons seemed to be using fighter planes as well but I could see no propellor on them and it was covered with disgusting stuff on it with tentacles producing out of the plane shaped thing.


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