.:: Two days distance from New Ravenfort. ::.


I watched the horizon as the sun dipped, Illuminating the grasslands into a vast sea of orange and yellow. The dark clouds that hung overhead just accentuated the scene, making the setting sun seem like a beacon of light amidst the darkness for all those who are searching for a way forward. Another night to sleep, and another day to live.

I wanted to grasp it, but something told me that I would burn if I did so. Shadows danced as the trees and their branches swayed in the wind. I gazed at Nael as he got off from next to where I sat on the wagon.

We were making camp again. I saw people set up tents and preparing for the night while I just sat there, doing nothing. We had hitched a ride from a group of travellers heading to New Ravenfort, a Prominent Trade centre, which coincidentally, also had a prominent Adventurer's guild. I didn't help out at all. I just sat there. Call me Lazy and I know it’s true.

Rain started to come down in a light drizzle, and people started to make haste. Within a few minutes, It came pouring down in a torrent of water. Everyone took shelter, everyone but me.

I didn’t need it, I just stood in the rain.

It felt good.

Feeling the rain bounce off my skin, the cold water that ran down my hair, my clothes, my hands, the calm sound of the pattering around me.

It all felt good.

The cold didn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, it seemed to calm me a bit. My thoughts were clearer. My mind, slowly recounted all that had happened to me as I sat down by an old withered tree.

A great tree, huge, spread out, twisted and leafless. But still beautiful.

*Like me.*

{Why thank you, I’ll ignore the first part though.}

The tree did little to actually stop the rain, but that was never the point.

I let out a long sigh.

I ‘awoke’ nearly three weeks ago.

It felt like a long journey.

I fished for the sword in my bag of holding.

Ah, that by the way, was this neat pouch I found in the Mayor’s house, back in the burnt down town I woke up near. Just our luck, too, since his office was remarkably unburnt. Had a lot of books too, but I'm not a grave robber..

Well... not THAT big of a grave robber, was it even grave robbing? It's not like he was even buried there. Wait.. Is grave robbing actually robbing the Corpse's items or the corpse iself?

* Wow, that's very dumb of you.*

Although the voice in my head Did, protest a lot at leaving the book behind.

* I still did't like it that you just left them there. There was a lot of neat stuff in there.*

Already took something neat. I was no grave-robber. Since I was confused, I'll just go with the former untill I confirm it with someone. It's going to be an incredibly akward conversation to start. Can't just go around asking,

"Hey, what does it mean to be a grave robber?"


Or can I?

*I know what you're thinking and I tell you this; stop now.*


Then, back to my new pouch. It had this cool feature where it extended to a deeper space inside. you could put things several times it’s size inside of it. Way bigger, better, and sparkly than the one Nael had. I think he's jealous.

Looked kind of expensive too. It had a lot of intricate details carved into it’s leather surface, and some pretty gems imbedded on it’s side. That was actually the main reason I took it the first place, but then soon realized that I had found treasure. No-one was going to come looking for it anyways, so better to keep it than just letting it gather dust right?

I Pulled out the sword. It was nearly as long as I was tall. I wasn't that tall by the way. It was something akin to a Longsword. Too lean but was extremely strong and durable. weighed remarkably low for its size too. Nearly 10 pounds. Probably.

Not very convenient for me as a weapon but better than nothing. I laughed at the thought of how I would look like, swinging it around. I was a mage before, I think.

{Probably. Weren’t I?}

{ I  do know that you're listening to everything I'm thinking you know.}

Silence, huh.

{ Why are you so extremely picky with your remarks? }

Anyway, I felt like I never held a sword in my life. But that doesn’t matter now does it? It’s not important. Most of all, I adored it. It was sparkly. I loved it’s perfect form and how it’s silvery- yellow metal gleamed in the fading sunlight. It was the same sword I stole from Fluffy. Nael Kept telling me to toss it away to distract the bear, which was a pretty stupid idea. It was the only weapon we had! I kept it anyways, he seemed awfully enthusiastic to throw it away. I didn’t show it to him, It was mine now, and nothing’s going to convince me otherwise.

I saw myself on the blade. I Stared at my reflection as I touched my face. I really did look like a doll. Not human at all. Every day that passed by, I felt less and less like I was an undead monster, and more like I was never even alive in the first place. It all felt so… surreal, out of place.


I glanced up back at the setting sun. The rain blocked most of the view, but I could still see the tinge of orange in the sky. It was a wonderful moment for me. For others, I don’t know.

But for me?

Sitting in the rain, staring into at the beauty of nature, I felt at home. At peace.

{If Things are like this… I wouldn't mind staying here forever.}

Still no reply.

I closed my head and recollected the few memories I had left. Not that many to be honest, just some occasional bits of my sister, and my family. Then there was the clearing, and finally, lots of suffering.

The last part, especially, was really blurry. And what I Did, manage to see was fire. Lots and lots of fire.

{you're me right?}
I asked the voice.

*Of course.*

{You can feel my emotions right?}

The voice. My voice... Her voice, paused.

That answered some doubts I had. Mainly that she was indipendent of my own thoughts. She had her own feelings. Her own thoughts, her own being. I noticed when she reffered to me as 'you' every now and then. 

That's not who I would talk to myself, now would it?...

To be honest, I don't know. But I could Feel, that the voice... That she, was different from me. 

{ I can feel yours too apparently.}
She was silent.

{Why is it then that you seek death?} 

*I don’t know.*

{We both know that's a lie. It was because of you, that I jumped off the cliff. Your hated yourself so much you wished to die, And I responded to it.}

I felt a huge wave of guilt hit once again.

"Why" I spoke aloud.

"Why is it that you are in pain?"

*I can't tell you.*

{ You remember right? My memories. Our memories.}


{Tell me, Honestly.}


{is there a reason why you won't tell me?}

*Telling you is not the same as remembering. Even if you do remember all of it, you'd wish you never did. Any of it. I know it seems cruel, but it's for the best. And... I feel responsible for it.*

If it was anyone else, I would have protested. Made a ruckus. Force whoever it was to spill it out. But this was ME, we're talking about. My own mind, a part of me. And she would never do me harm voluntarily.
Well... Permanent harm.

*So much for trust.*

And I felt it, just as much as she knew it, that she was right. That I knew best. I sat there with an air of melancholy when I heard footsteps through the rain. The gentle, rhythmic splashing wasn’t mistakable.

Well... To me at least.

Really did manage to get better at distinguishing sounds over the course of the last few days. I saw an old man approaching me with an cheap paper umbrella held up to shield himself. He had white hair, A clean face, bright blue eyes, a malnourished frame, but still strong, tall. We wore a Grey cloak in addition to the umbrella as well.

A gale picked up, and blew the thing upwards, effectively breaking it, and the paper just flew away like a leaf in the wind. The wind receded and the rain returned with a vengeance, drenching him. He stared at the skeleton of the umbrella he once held, and just shook his head in disbelief. I noticed his shoulders drop for a moment in a sigh before perking up and coming towards me with a renewed vigour.

*Wow, that’s one optimistic old man.*

He sat beside me, below the Leafless tree.

“Good cover you have here, ain’t it?”

He said with a contagious smile. Yea, no kidding.

“Very nice if I say so myself, Not a single drop on me.” I laughed along.

“Well, girl, why you sitting here all alone? Your boyfriend giving you trouble? We gave him a good scolding ya’know? Doesn’t admit his mistake, that lad.”

I could barely contain my laughter.

{Oh, poor Nael. I’m so sorry.}



The old man seemed confused.

“He calls me by his dog’s name you know?”

I planned to give him a bit more trouble. I wanted to laugh but stopped halfway when I saw his face. The old man seemed infuriated at that, so I had to stop him before he thrashed the guy.

“It’s okay, I was joking, Wished to just give him some trouble. He always makes a lot of problems for me. Didn’t know you would have took things so seriously.”

I shook my head before continuing.

“Me and Nael aren’t in that kind of a relationship. He just agreed to help me with something.”

“Oh” said the old man, before leaning back against the tree again.

He seemed to be a bit uncomfortable in the biting cold.

“Why are ya out here then, lass?”

There was concern in his voice.

“Just enjoying the rain, mr-“


“Mr Zach, my constitution is a bit…. Unique at the moment. Neither the cold or the heat can really bother me much at this point. Neither can I get sick. Just me being reckless over it. I don't want you getting sick because of me.”

His eyes widened a bit in surprise, and he shook his head.

“Nah, It's not a problem. But that’s one hellofa condition to find yerself in, child, I wish I got something like that.”

I shook my head with a sad smile.

“I wouldn’t. This also comes with a good package full of really annoying bonuses.”

He stared at me.

“I don’t remember much of my past, Nael is just helping me with my quest of self-discovery. The one person that DOES know, isn’t very willing to share much since she said I was better off without them, and that Knowing would make me really, really sad. Now I'm hesitant on whether I should pursue that path or just turn a new leaf and just start anew.”

I didn’t know why I told this random stranger all that, but I just wanted someone…. Anyone (Except for maybe Nael) to tell me what to do.

The old man nodded sagely.

“That’s really a problematic situation ya got there lass, but remember this ; You can never run away from the ghosts of your past. they will always catch up. Always. And I’m not only saying this from me own personal experience. It’s the collective wisdom of every King, peon, knight, farmer and slave. Better be prepared when it comes back to hit you than not.”

“But I say this to you; Find your own path, ‘Tis your own life you’re playing with.”

I exploded with laughter.

“The last person I said this to gave me the same reply.”

Zach nodded again.

“Then he or she's a good person. Don’t be so trusting of this world, girl. It’ll let you down.”

I nodded. I knew.

“Yea, Zach, I know.”

“So what do you plan on doing?”

He asked.

“What do you?” I returned the question.

“Well, let’s get out of the rain, You should talk to people more. Go talk to the others.”

I nodded.


He flashed me a blinding smile, although it had a few holes in it.

“Let’s get back or your not-boyfriend will end up being screwed over.”

I glanced back the tent. Nael being backed into a corned by a crowd of people. I laughed as I got up and followed the old man.


Find my own path. Where do I start again?

*The adventurer’s guild*


{The adventurer’s guild.}



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