Rise of the Midnight King

by whatsawhizzer

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Romance Female Lead Harem Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

The Midnight Queen has sat at the pinacle of the cultivation world for untold eons unable to take the final half-step into becoming a true god. After a divination, it's revealed to her what she must do to obtain true godhood, raise up and dual cultivate with a  particular mortal from the lowest of the low realms. However, little does she know her future man is the reincarnation of a famous pornstar, Brady "The Big D" Rockwell, with his own ideas on how the cultivation world ought to be. With the help of her former whore apprentice, the Midnight Queen is in for the greatest challenge of her life, turning the Big D into the strongest immortal of all time. 

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looking forward to the rest!

will have you hooked and begging to

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An interesting approach to the Xianxia genre, The Rise of the Midnight King features a reincarnated porn star with zero knowledge of Xianxia or even fantasy literature. Consequently, he mostly interprets the Xianxia cultivating as New-Age-y stuff - which is pretty novel, in my experience.

The MC is "covertly" looked after by the most godlike version of "the serious master's comic-relief apprentice" in recent memory. (Still, she has a fleshed-out personality and plenty of serious moments, which is nice.) Used to celestial environments, her common sense is as malplaced in a low-level cultivator setting as the MC's, and they are perhaps the only two people on the planet who wouldn't notice there's something seriously off with the other. They make an amusing couple of under-age adults.

Characterization is over-all pretty good - except for the bad guys, who are par-for-the-course for Xianxia novel MC-fodder, except more rape-y. 

Speaking of which, the story is definitely, flagrantly NSFW - full of sex and groping - but not erotically so, more like early Dragon Ball taken up a notch, with the occasional piece of squick thrown in. The sensitive should take note that when the author puts in a content warning, they mean it. Rife with abuse, the setting is "grim and gritty", but then again, pretty much all Xianxia settings are if you look closely enough. 

As for grammar, the author clearly prioritizes word flow over careful editing, which is an OK decision, honestly; a proofreader would have the story in tip-top shape easily since it's always clear what the author means. A bit like LoRG in that aspect. 

The novel is young but promising; the unconventional angle means it actually feels fresh for a Xianxia, something I hope the author can keep up when the MC grows up and gets his common sense better aligned to the setting. Good reading, as long as you can handle the NSFW and triggering content.

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I may be a bit biased but so far so great. Hope you'll never make me change my mind.