My plans have never changed. I just had a new motivation to complete it and an additional goal to go beside it. If Death really knew me well, she would know that I hate dancing on someone's palm. As I said to her, I would return the favor a hundred times.

What the first course of action I took after cooling off my head was to complete Morgana's new body. Using Karla's dead mother as a material, I recreated her body using her soul as a reference. Thus, her looks were no different than what is seen in her soul form.

It took a few days before she finally got used to her new body and a few weeks more before she slowly recovered her magic. Morgana trained daily in the sub-dimension that I created along with Karla. Oh, in case you're wondering, I gave Thori a 'special mission' and I think he won't accomplish it anytime soon. That's why I focused my attention on Karla.

Speaking of Karla; that girl developed her powers beyond my expectations. Her powers were Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability, Agility, and Reflexes to name the few. She can also fly at a speed that can put American jets to shame. Furthermore, she can also phase through things. She can turn herself and other persons intangible by reducing her or the other person's body's specific gravity.

Lastly, she possessed the ability to manipulate light to a limited degree. She can generate a blinding luminescence from every inch of her body or generate blasts of concentrated photons from her fists that are powerful enough to blow a hole in a steel plate. We called it Photokinesis, the ability to shoot out photon blasts.

Basically, she's like an overpowered gifted child.

"Mister Death. I think I can make myself stronger by absorbing a crystal called Moonstone."

Well, isn't that just great? By the way, I stopped trying to fix the way that she addresses me so it was currently stuck with 'Mister Death'. Her reason was: if Mistress Death visited you, doesn't that make you Mister Death? I can't argue with that logic so I just stopped bothering.

"What is a Moongem?" I asked her, who's punching a steel golem the size of a 5-floor building. She easily blew up a hole in the steel golem's chest with her hands enveloped with photon energy.

"I don't know." Karla replied before facing another steel golem. There are a total of hundred steel golems, and Karla has only destroyed 1/4 of them ever since she started 10 minutes ago.

"Then where did you get that information?"

After Karla destroyed another steel golem, she suddenly found herself surrounded in every direction. She quickly took action and curled herself into a ball.

Just when I thought that she was preparing herself from an impact, she suddenly straightened her whole body in one fluid motion. Several beams of photon light burst out with her body as the center, immediately turning the steel golems into chunks and pieces. How clever.

"It's... in my dreams..." Karla replied while catching her breath.

'Another one, huh.'

After weeks of using her powers daily, Karla started having these dreams. Sometimes, she would dream of her lying in an operating table with multiple silhouettes surrounding her. There was also this one dream where she remembers some words that cannot be found even on the internet; the Moonstone is one of these examples. The conclusion is: these dreams reveals how and where she got her powers from.

As of now, we surmised that she was an experiment of some advanced civilization. She was also not alone as she sometimes sees other children in her dreams.

"From its name, I'm guessing it must be a mineral that can only be acquired from the moon." Morgana appeared out of nowhere and interjected.

"How's Lynn?" I asked Morgana while taking a glance to Lynn who's studying in a desk a little far away from here.

"It took quite a lot of time to teach her the language and pronunciation, but it paid off in the end. She can now pronounce easy words with four syllables and below. Right now, she's still learning how to combine two words in one magic."

"It's only a matter of time."

"Yes, I believe so..." Morgana then slightly bowed her head. "My lord, can I ask an impudent question?"

"Raise your head. What is it?"

Morgana hesistated a little, before finally asking the question.

"Why are you... focusing so much on that human? She's just an ordinary girl. I believe she's..."

I stopped Morgana from speaking further by raising my hand.

"She's got a special background, so from now on; I'd like you to treat her with a little care. Don't lump her in with those fleas, got that?"

"Yes, My lord! Forgive me for questioning you." Morgana bowed and said out loud.

"It's okay. As long as you understand." I spoke again after she raised her head. "Back to the Moongem; how are you certain that it is from the moon?"

"I am fairly sure." She then used illusion magic and projected a blue crystal. "This is a gemstone recorded in the ancient text I once read when I studied in the magical school of this world. The records said that it came from the moon, but the name was not precisely recorded. Thus, at that time, we called it by many names, with the most known one as the Moonstone."

"I see." I observed the gem for a while before ordering a stop to the steel golems. "Karla, come over here for a bit."

Karla flew towards us and I let her examine the Moonstone illusion. She confirmed that the gemstone in her dreams and the illusion was a little similar to each other.

"Alright, after you're done with the golems, we'll go to the moon to check it out. I really wanted to know if it will really power you up."

"Thank you, Mister Death!" Karla cheered and hugged me. I gently patted her back in response and told her to rest for a while before battling the steel golems again.

Don't get the wrong idea though. I'm not into little girls. It's just that Karla's a bit different from others. I'm guessing that it must be a downside of the experiment done to her that she's become a little... odd.

So, what's wrong with her, you ask? Well, her mind is unstable. Very unstable.

If a kid is left unchecked with a pistol in her hands in the middle of the street, what do you think will happen? Same case, same scenario. This child would be a threat someday. That's why I chose to put a leash on her while she's still a kid who can be easily manipulated and be molded into an obedient follower later on.

I and Morgana watched as Karla fought with the golems once more while she was laughing crazily. She's like a madman on the loose. I'm sure thousands of people will die if she lost her mind in the middle of New York City. I've been trying to fix that part of her so I can use her however I want in the future. She just needs time.

In the future, I hope to see a Karla without a twisted mind. This is the most important part. I only use complete products, you see. Defective trash is not to my liking.

A note from PG87 Mertens

I've decided. From here on out, this will be Earth 6199999 (Finn Universe). It's the combination of Earth 616 (where Marvel comics universe takes place) and Earth 199999 (where Marvel cinematic universe takes place, the movies we're watching). In Earth 6199999, everything exists except some other things, and the characters' histories are slightly different than the ones in 616. Meaning, in this Earth, we're free to edit the history of the superheroes we love

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