I spent 30 minutes in acquiring the materials for Morgana's new body.


After I got home with Karla, I realized that the day was far from over. I faced my 'Mom' who's calmly sitting on the sofa while drinking tea. I sat opposite her, with Karla standing by my side.


"My, what a beautiful pet you've found." My 'Mom' said as she took a sip on her tea.


"Thanks. Now then, mind explaining who you are?" I asked the one who's pretending to be my Mom. Yes, that's right. There's no way I would mistake my Mom for someone else.


The impersonator smiled cheerfully at my question.


"Would you believe me if I told you I am Death itself?"


"Maybe I would."


Otherwise, I cannot accept any other explanation after seeing that vast amount of death elements surrounding you. It even looks like the elements are fawning over her.


Damn. I never would've expected that there really is an actual embodiment of Death.


"So, where is my Mom?" Even so, I composed myself while asking.


"She's in my realm, safe and sound. I'm keeping her for now." Death calmly replied.


"Is the reason why you're doing this is that I used your name?"


"No. Of course not." She chuckled before continuing her sentence. "I've been watching you for a long time now. I'm especially overwhelmed at how you became a Demon Lord and destroyed a whole world all by yourself."

Of course she would know my previous life, she governs death. Crap.


"Then why kidnap my Mom?" I asked the most important question to me right now.


"She's the one stopping you, isn't it? Because of her, you restrained yourself. Because of her, you..."


A strong malevolent aura suddenly seeped out of Death. As soon as that aura burst out, Karla immediately fainted. I thought that she was dead but I realized that she was simply overwhelmed by the force that her mind instantly shut down.


There's no way that I can beat that. Even I myself am barely conscious just by relying on my pure experience in handling this kind of energy.


When the aura got to the point of endangering Karla's life, I continuously laid out defensive barriers to protect both of us. In just a matter of minutes, the barriers reached the number of hundreds. Only then that I've heaved a sigh of relief.


However, note that this is only her aura we're talking about. She hadn't even started attacking for real yet.


"You've grown weak."


"It might be so." I smiled bitterly at the first insult I've received that is actually true. "But I promise you: I will get my Mom back and I'll make you pay tenfold for what you did."


"Yes, my love! That's it!" Death suddenly cheered. It was not the reaction that I was expecting so I was quite surprised. "You need a motivation. A stimulant! Rule this world, and Rule death itself! Prove that you're worthy! Worthy of my love!"


"I don't even want your goddamn love."


Death chuckled at my sentence. At that moment, she finally revealed her true form. The illusion that she casted to look like my Mom was dispelled. She took the form of a female skeleton wearing a black mantle. 'Death' is a really fitting name for her.


Death slowly walked towards me. The barriers that I've erected all broke with just one swipe of her hand. She then stretched out both of her hands and grasped my cheeks. I couldn't move even my pinkie fingers with the force that she was exerting.


"You're on the right path. Just continue what you're planning to do, and you'll eventually reach me. Remember, I'll always be watching you." Death kissed my forehead.


After saying that last line, she evaporated into a black mist and vanished. I finally took control of my body once more. I just realized that my back was already drenched in sweat a long time ago.




After I thought deeply about it for a moment, the dots finally connected. The reason why I have the curse of Immortality in my past life was because of her. She deprived me of death, so that I could earn her love.


When I blew up that magical world, I now know the reason why my soul didn't enter the cycle of reincarnation immediately. Her curse at that time was still working. That's why even though the world is destroyed; my consciousness is still alive while drifting in space. She must've removed it and sent my soul back to my original body here. That's also the reason why I don't have the curse right now.


I tucked Karla in bed and opened my Xbox console. I need something to cool off my head without blowing things up and think carefully on what she said.




Several months later.


In a facility somewhere in Mojave Desert.


[All workers on site, the evacuation orders have been confirmed. Proceed to your designated vehicles for all campus evacuation. This is not a drill. I repeat.] An intercom voice repeatedly announced.

Scientists, agents, and workers can be seen busy evacuating the facility. The trucks are being loaded while the loaded ones have already left. On the building's wall was the name of the facility: S.H.I.E.L.D/NASA facility, Joint Dark Energy Mission.




On the lower levels of the facility.


A perfect cube, emitting a blue light from its inside. Sparks are being produced around it from time to time.


This is a room with several people watching the cause of the evacuation orders: the Tesseract.


Nick Fury was one of the people watching this abnormality unfold. By his side was Agent Barton or more commonly known as Hawkeye. He was S.H.I.E.L.D's best marksman, specializing in the arts of the bow.


A scientist reported that the energy levels coming from the Cube reached a dangerous level. If Finn is here, he would notice that the scientist is somehow familiar. It was one of the human friends of Thor, Dr. Selvig.


Dr. Selvig, Hawkeye, and Nick Fury watched as the Tesseract unleashed an unknown form of energy.


Then, a beam of light suddenly shot out from the Tesseract. This powerful beam of light opened a portal to another dimension, showing a boundless space beyond it.


However, the portal was proved to be unstable.


Just a few seconds after being opened, the portal exploded.


In the place where the portal was once in, a half-kneeling man appeared.


The man was dressed in a way that can make you feel an otherworldly vibe. You will know that he's certainly not cosplaying because his attire suits the aura that he was currently emitting.


The man, Loki, held a golden scepter in his hand as he grinned sinisterly at the people in front of him.


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